07-Ghost Character Lines and Quotes
--a collection--

"May God be with you."


Konnichiwa!! I've been in-loved with this anime/manga recently so I decided to make a collection of the unforgettable character lines from 07-Ghost. Here they are:


"A loveless justice lacks righteousness. A person who doesn't forgive is the same as darkness. Your justice is mistaken!"
>>Zehel to Bastien

"If ever you get a pinch over fighting, I will never abandon you!"
>>Mikage to Teito Klein

"Only a genuine wish makes one's own soul shine beautifully in this life. That light is a messenger from heaven lighting the way for our unwavering souls to be brought to the God's side."
>>Asst. Archbishop Bastien

"Whenever I start looking at those documents, it makes me want to go out and chop something up, it's so irritating."
>>Hyuuga on his paperwork

"If I'm going to become stronger to protect you, I want to become friends."
>>Teito Klein to Hakuren Oak

"Hakuren... you go through the winners door. You left your home and studied for how many years to come here, right? I took this exam to protect my friend, so I want to protect you. You should go! "
>>Teito Klein on the Bishops Exam

"True happiness is not something which is granted by another. It is within that which this child chooses for himself."
>>Mother Fyulong talking to Teito Klein

"God doesn't give us trials we can't surmount. So someday all your wounds will heal. And the day will come when you've surmounted all your pain."
>>Mikage Celestine

Thank you for reading!!