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Article by Cliff040479 posted over a year ago
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Being as curious as I was, I headed over to watch the 10 Things I Hate About You TV show to see how it would compare to the movie. I was actually pleasantly surprised and watched nine episodes (well, they're only 22 minutes long) in two days. (And I can't seem to find the tenth episode! I'm so mad!) I'm still a little confused about why they decided to make a TV show out of a teen movie that came out ten (and a half) years ago, even though said movie is totally awesome and the Best! High! School! /Teen! Movie! Ever! But, whatever. Of course, the movie is better, but I didn't hate the TV show like I thought I would. It's not bad and even has some LOL moments. I especially love the moments with Kat and Bianca and their dad (played by Larry Miller...again). I felt thought scenes were kept most true to the movie because their dad makes them take urine samples and breath analyzers after they've snuck out, and just like in the movie where he makes Bianca wear the pregnant belly, he makes Kat sit in a wheelchair after she has a fender-bender. He even measures their dresses and checks to make sure they're not see-through. So I thought they did a good job of keeping the father and daughters...