Chapter One:

"Sasuke, you bastard."
He knew the Hokage would do something like this. Whether she didn't believe his intentions or was simply in a sadistic mood, he wasn't sure. Either way, the sight of his former mentor unnerved him more then he believed it would.
"Kakashi," he said with the same acknowledging nod.
Perhaps, thought Sasuke as Kakashi smiled and led him towards the Hokage tower, I should just be thankful she didn't send Naruto.
He didn't let his eyes stray from the path before him. Nostalgia wasn't something at all pleasant for Sasuke. Instead, he focused on the matter at hand and hoped everything went smoothly during this meeting.
Sasuke was thankful for Kakashi's silence as they walked through the winding hallway up to Tsunade's office. He didn't miss the subtle glances his way and though it bothered him, Sasuke found he couldn't blame his former sensei—the last time he'd seen Kakashi was when he told him he was about to make the biggest mistake of his life.
Walking into Tsunade's office after Kakashi, Sasuke noticed the faint chakra signatures staggered around the perimeter of the Hokage Tower. Sitting before Tsunade's desk—which was surprisingly clean of any paperwork—he met the older woman's scrutinizing look with one of practiced apathy.
"You don't trust me."
When Tsunade grinned, Sasuke couldn't help but raise a questioning brow—that wasn't exactly the reaction he expected.
"And you're a cocky little shit, you know that?" Leaning back in her chair, grin still in place, Tsunade said, "You send me a letter without actually asking for an audience, don't think I didn't miss that, and then you have the balls to tell me that you wish for me to sign a non-negotiable treaty between Konoha and Sound? After something like that, I don't not trust you, rather, I wish to punch you in the face."
"Fair enough." Plopping a thick stack of paper on Tsunade's desk Sasuke added a bit mockingly, "Here's the non-negotiable treaty."
"You really expect me to read all of that now?"
"No," said Sasuke. "At the back is a condensed version. I expect you to read that."
"And have you trick me into signing away the village? I'm not stupid boy," said Tsunade, wondering what the Uchiha was playing at.
Sasuke sighed. "I know. I just want to know whether, if after going over the damn thing and seeing that it makes good on all the points stated, you'll agree."
Tsunade stared at him for a few more minutes. He didn't waver. Rolling her eyes, Tsunade grabbed the encyclopedia-sized stack and flipped towards the last pages and began to read. Half way through her expression shifted from irritation to confusion.
Looking up at Sasuke, she said, "This would be more helpful to Konoha than Oto. What are you trying to get out of this?"
"Nothing, I simply want peace between Oto and Konoha. Also, if you could help negotiate the same standing between Oto and Sand, I'd appreciate it. The Kazekage and I don't exactly have the best past."
"Konoha and you don't exactly have the best past either," said Tsunade. Sasuke didn't respond.
Tsunade let out a loud sigh. "Fine. I'll bite. If all of this is true then I guarantee a signature, and I'll see what I can do to help you with getting Gaara's favor. Now, I assume that's everything?"
"No," said Sasuke and for the first time since he sat down, he became very aware of Kakashi's presence in the room. "I have one more request. One that, if you say no, will make that treaty null and void."
Tsunade glared at Sasuke now. "And here I was just beginning to believe all this crap you were spewing. What's the catch?"
"It's nothing major, but I felt it was best I ask you myself," said Sasuke before Tsunade interrupted.
"Just tell me what the hell you want, Uchiha, before I decide to throw you out of the damn village."
Without so much as one hint of emotion, Sasuke said, "Haruno Sakura."