As you all probably already know, I live to put words on paper. My first words were "Can you sharpen my pencil?" Well, not really. lol. Anyway, here is what I have going on so far storywise.
I would like to tell you guys a little about Racing. I started it a few months ago and am currently on page 93. I am just starting part 2. It is about an island of wild cats that secretly protect the world from demons. I am so proud of it so far. I have put a lot of thought into that story, and I can only hope that it will be famous someday.
Howl of a Wolf is another book on my waiting list. I finished the original version over a year ago, but I am working on the re-write and I am remodeling. I haven't written it in months because I need to think of a good name, and I need to decide what is going to happen next. I dumped it to start Racing and have never gone back to it yet.
My sequel, Hunt Song, I have quit for good because it just isn't working out. Since I am fixing the first book, it is throwing everything out of whack, and to be honest I don't like the ideas I put in it. Yawn! Get real, Wanda!
I also quit the original Dolly. It is almost done, but that story really needs re-written so I don't see much of a point finishing the first one now, when I can write the ending on the second version.
Yes, every story needs a re-write. One version will never do it. There will always be mistakes, word pairings you don't like, or passages that sound like they were scribbled down by a 1st grader. In second grade I used to think I wrote stories good enough to be published. Wrong wrong wrong! They are awful!!! Even stories I have written about a year or two ago, I still look through and find little trinkets that can obviously be made better. The words have to flow like water down a stream, and somehow get past all the big rocks that jut out.
Besides, my major novels, I also write fanfictions. I have been focusing on my Maximum Ride one recently, but I have many warriors ones going on right now. I have been in the process of creating a new one tonight, but I wanted to wrote this instead, so I hope my time was well spent!
If you have any comments on any of these stories, the space is below. You know the drill.