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Bladewarrior said …
n if it wasn't hit would have already imploded on itself like many planets of such high orbit do n there are no solar flares in december n even so there isn't any that can destroy earth n thee mayans weren't really calculating teh end of the world they were calculating when the long count would end n since all mayan calenders end in december 21st if u do the math we're already past 2012 if u follow their calender so there is nothing to really worry about Posted over a year ago
Bladewarrior said …
alright like i was saying before the planet alignment in december happens every year n teh rotation wont change at all n the only things that affect the earth's rotation are the sun and the moon n there is no planet x there is no palent nibiru cuz it would be visible to teh naked eye all around the world n ive never seen it in trinidad n the planet of such orbit to rotate around the sun every 3600 yrs it would have already been struck by a shit load of huge asteroids that would destroy it Posted over a year ago
Bladewarrior said …
uh first here's the truth the mayan calender doesn't end in 2012 the mayan long count does they have terms for long periods of time like we do the long count lasts 5125 yrs n once that ends a new long count will start n there is no asteroid cuz the univese already out gre all teh ones taht can destroy earth the rest were calculated to fly past earth safely the magnetic field cant change n if it did there would be no harm at all but the next time that could happen is in 3600 yrs or so continue- Posted over a year ago