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Guide by logans posted over a year ago
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It wasn’t till after I attended the press conference for Clint Eastwood’s new biopic “J. Edgar” that the fun began for me. I was slightly lost, roaming the corridors of the vast Beverly Wilshire Hotel, looking for the correct elevator, when I bumped into uber-producer Brian Grazer to the TV series “24.” I pointed a tape recorder at him and asked how the feature film of “24” was coming along.

“We’re working on it,” he said. “We’re making the movie. We have a script, and the casting is going along great. We’re about to start casting the main antagonist, the person who plays against Jack Bauer. We have a really great role to play against Kiefer.”

I asked him when he thinks we’re going to see the film.

“I hope to have it out in the first quarter of 2012,” he said.*
(my thought he meant to say late 2012
Article by HuddyJoy0524 posted over a year ago
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So I was recently digging through some papers I had in one of my drawers and came across some old 24 stuff back from like '06. I was a HUGE member of the 24um and I had found a thread that fans started called "Why did the chicken cross the road? Responses characters in the show would have." I have NO idea why i printed it off the computer but I am so happy i did because obviously, it no longer exists.
I decided to share it here with you guys because I didn't want it to be lost forever :) Lemme know if any of you happened to be one of the people who came up with these answers, or if you were a 24umer and remember it!

Why did the Chicken Cross the Road?
Teri: What do you MEAN the chicken crossed the road??
Nina: Relax Teri, just because the chicken crossed the road doesn't mean we can't get him back.

Jamey: I needed the money, the chicken promised me $300,000 if i helped him cross the road.

Heller: But if the chicken crossed the road, that means he would be on the OTHER SIDE!
Opinion by jlhfan624 posted over a year ago
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These are the 24 greatest '24' characters in my personal opinion. I was originally going to do an article on the 24 most important characters to the show but I didn't want to work on something of such detail just yet. That would also be another list entirely as I am missing some very high profile characters of the show.

So...enjoy my list! :D

twenty four
Kim Bauer
Dead last in this ranking out of my tops because of how big of a major brat she was to Jack in the beginning of the series & 5. I don't particularly really enjoy her storylines or what she has to offer but Jack loves her and that's good enough for me. Plus, Elisha is one of my favorite actresses ever so I'm kind of required to like her because of that.

twenty three
Janis Gold
So hilarious! I loved her banter with Sean in the early part of season 7. "You're a little bitch, you know that?" - "You're a little bitch." Some simple dialogue like that could only be sarcastically pulled off by Janeane. As much as I don't like how she let her politics get in the way of initially taking the job, she did good with the role.