...'Dammit!' is the only word you know. make the Chloe!face in times of aggravation. know what a Chloe!face is. expect a major event to take place every hour in your life. are always in a hurry and screaming 'we're running out of time!' see a bit player in 24 on another show and go 'they were in 24!' want to have children only so you can name them after someone on the show. are always suspicious of your co-workers being the mole. expect every woman you see with Kiefer Sutherland to suffer after they sleep with him. can think of a thousand different ways to get someone to tell you what you want to know. will never look at a wet towel the same way again. are offended when people claim Obama was the first black president. Hello, PALMER! expect a split screen to pop up when you are on the phone with someone. get a little too excited when you hear a clock tick. trust NO ONE.

...Chloe taught you everything you know about computers. see a split screen done on any other film or tv project, you get annoyed.

...the number '24' is not just a number, it's a way of life for you.

...dramatic events happen in your life, you pretend there's a silent clock and weep. remember the exact place you were in & time that you first saw mention of 24. still mourn Edgar, and mimic Chloe's silent 'Edgar' when you think of him. are STILL talking about the season 1 finale and its impact on you - 10 years later. are always digging up dirt on people you know to use for blackmail. There's always something. make 'must worship 24' a requirement on your list of potential dates.

Special thanks to PF & my mom who helped me come up with a couple of these!