"What is Tony Planning to do?... We already know he's lost Jack as a friend"

Carlos Bernard (Tony Almeida) deserves credit for his ability to convince viewers that he has gone over to the bad side... if he was ever good at all.

Last week I wondered how they were going to explain Tony's sudden 'bad boy' turn and I must admit it was believable at that. It even turned out better than I'd imagined it would.
It wasn't a surprise that Tony shot himself; why would Galvez (The Shooter) kill Larry and leave Tony alive 'in good condition'!

Despite all the other plots; Hodges, Jack an Kim, I think this episode really dealt with Larry's death which was rather a graphic appeal when the camera was placed on his lifeless body, smothered to death (unknown to the Medics at the time)...

I really missed Larry here, I really didn't like him, but he was missed. His death was mercilessly committed, like he'd been stabbed in the back and blinded from one side. It was really Renee that made me let out a sigh of grief (Thumbs up to Annie Wersching for giving us a beautiful performance). I truly believed that she loved Larry, probably even more than a partner would. Though why shouldn't she be the one to alert his ex-wife of Larry sudden death, was it that she was too depressed or was it something more? How much did Larry mean to Renee and vice versa?

Another person we must give credit to is Kiefer Sutherland's performance as Jack Bauer. I clapped when Jack took charge again, I really loved watching him on the field; he has such on screen presence. Even though it was recognized that his health was diminishing, I believed that Jack had the will power to do anything he put his mind to.
It also looked like in less that 24 hours, Renee Walker has grown on Jack a bit. :)
Following her on the field, being her somewhat shoulder to lean on and extra eyes on the field.

Jack - "...that was why I always worked alone"

...because the people he worked with, the ones he were close to,was always hurt... because of his lifestyle, he lost everyone he's cared about... Bill Buchanan, Kim Bauer, Terri Bauer...

Hey, what did you think about Kim naming her daughter after her mother. Maybe the '...with age brings reason' theory was proven here. As Kim grew older, she realized that all she had in her life was family and that would mean forgiving her father, accepting her mother's death and moving on with her life by naming her baby after her mother... a sign of life and new beginnings... maybe. It seemed like Kim suffered just as much loss as Jack, but at least she learned to settle down... that baby did even look like Kim a bit :) didn't you think... maybe I'm reaching.

Elisha Cuthbert's presence somewhat gave Jack hope for his depreciating condition... well maybe his sanity. After Kim visited her dad he was able to function a bit more efficiently. That probably didn't work well for Tony who was trying to cover his tracks, and Jack knew how to work the field better that any of those FBI's.

Renee owed Jack a big one for detecting the trap... probably not in the nick of time, but no one else noticed the anomaly. Still Galvez managed to escape with the weapon with Tony's help.

I pondered on a question; "Would Tony have the guts to kill Jack if he 'got int he way?'", I guess Tony was ruthless enough to do so. Imagine he waited until Jack was most vulnerable.
Jack was already dying Tony, couldn't you be a bit sensitive!
He was actually going to kill a dying man, The Irony!

I cringed when Jack began seizing on the floor unable to cure himself, unable to speak. It looked as though Jack was trying to shout out the words, when the officers came to help Jack. (..wait Jack helped them, so they helped him in return, but for how long?) Like Jack was trying his best to scream or shout it out as Tony stood over him.


...but he couldn't. Instead, Tony stood above his vulnerable self with a smirk replacing what should have been concern for a friend.

President Allison Taylor had little scenes here, as well as Olivia. Strangely enough I loved Olivia's sneered stares towards Hodges, like she really hated him! "Don't think you're getting away with what you did to our country you smug b******!"

How about that Attorney switcharu, rendering Hodges' attorney on consious. (There's been a lot of that going around).
That conversation in Hodges' cell was well executed, but why kill Hodges alone what about his partner, didn't he pose a threat as well... maybe Hodges knew more.

24 has given us a few more twists than we should count, but this installment was well executed and well written. The Acting was flawless for such a brilliant cast.
I am still in awe, by Renee's tear that slid down her face when she received the news of Larry's death... she showed real strength.

Definitely not what I expected! (I mean that in the best way possible).



Four out of Five Stars

Grade B+

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