I’m here to give my personal favorite character list. This list was supposed to be “Top 24 Characters from 24” but I couldn’t decide because there are so many awesome characters! Here goes:

1. Jack Bauer -

Where in the world do you start with Jack Bauer? First of all he is the best TV character of all time, barring no one. He suffers tragic loss and extreme pain and torture (as well as inflicting some himself) takes out the bad guys and saves the world from horrific terror attacks, all in 24 hours, time after time! He is very loyal, shows no mercy and looks awesome with a gun and sunglasses. He is a modern superhero who is unforgettable. Plus he's the one character you never have to worry about dying, no matter how much danger he's in. In addition to everything else he had a wife Teri who was murdered by his partner and has a daughter Kim and granddaughter Teri.

Status: Alive, Widower

Family: Teri Bauer (wife), Kim Bauer (daughter), Graem Bauer (brother), Phillip Bauer (father), Josh Bauer (nephew), Marilyn Bauer (sister in-law), Carol (sister in-law), Stephen Wesley (son in-law), Teri Wesley (granddaughter) and possible grandson.

Occupations: Multitude of jobs at CTU, including director and field agent, worked for Sec. of Defense, fugitive, civilian, CIA, FBI, CTU provisional basis, prisoner of Chinese and Russians.

Days: All

Played by: Kiefer Sutherland

2. Tony Almeida-

Tony Almeida is a spectacular, tough and yet emotional character, who is tied in my opinion with my next listed character. He is awesome in his own way, but he isn't as uncaring and sacrificing like Jack. He cares for his family and friends more than anything and would go to jail to keep his wife safe (which he did) He was Director of CTU a few seasons as well as being an experienced agent, who hasn't always been so lucky in his personal life.  Tony is memorable in many ways, one of which being how he usually whispered (or muttered) his answers, "Yeah" or "Okay". Tony is a strong guy who has been Jack's right hand man and always had his back, although sometimes his personal issues took priority, especially when it concerned his wife Michelle.

Status: Alive, Widower

Family: Michelle Dessler (wife)

Occupations: CTU agent, director, provisional basis (FBI and CTU), owned private security firm, civilian, villain (now in jail?).

Days: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7

Played by: Carlos Bernard

(Also 2.) Chloe O'Brian-

Chloe O'Brian is another wonderful character who I think is just as good as Tony Almeida which is why she is tied with him in my opinion. She is a senior data analyst, the best and a total computer whiz as well as being someone you don't want to match wits with, because you will lose, no doubt about that. She is extremely loyal to Jack and would do just about anything to help him out. She is remarkable for being one of the few survivors and at the end of Season 8, she wasn't on the wrong side of the law and had a top-notch government job. She's married to Morris O' Brian and has one son. She is known for her grumpy 'Chloe face' and is one of the most loyal, most sarcastic characters you will ever meet.

Status: Alive, widow

Family: Morris O'Brian (husband) and Prescott O'Brian (son).

Occupations: CTU analyst and acting director, civilian, Open Cell member.

Days: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and Live Another Day.

Played by: Mary Lynn Rajskub.

3. David Palmer-

David Palmer is one of the most upright and moral characters who is President in Season 2 after multiple assassination attempts in Season 1 which were foiled by Jack Bauer with the rest of CTU assisting.He is also loyal to Jack and not only helped him fake his death but will always listen to Jack when the CTU agent needs assistance. He has two siblings, Wayne, who will also become president and Sandra Palmer. He also has a politically ambitious ex-wife Sherry Palmer and two children Keith and Nicole. He is a great guy who you know will make the right decisions, no matter how tough they can be.

Status: Deceased, Divorced.

Family: Sherry Palmer (ex-wife), Nicole Palmer (daughter), Keith Palmer (son), Wayne Palmer (brother) and Sandra (sister).

Occupations: Senator, President, civilian.

Days: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Played by: Dennis Haysbert

4.  Michelle Dessler-

Michelle was introduced in Season 2 as working for CTU and just got better, becoming one of Jack's closest and most trusted allies  as well as one of his closest friends outside of work in addition to being director of CTU for a while. She married Tony Almeida between Seasons 2 and 3 and both would go through many harrowing circumstances in which they had to make hard decisions for the other and for themselves. Eventually both left CTU to start a new life together, relatively free of stress and worry until Michelle's tragic death in season 5, launching her husband into action to get revenge for people who engineered the death of his beloved wife.

Status: Deceased, married.

Family: Tony Almeida (husband) and Danny Dessler (brother).

Occupations: CTU agent, CTU director, Division deputy director, owner of a private security company and civilian.

Days: 2, 3, 4, 5.

Played by: Reiko Aylesworth.

5. Morris O'Brian-

Morris O'Brian is married to Chloe O'Brian and is similar to her in many ways, also being a smart CTU data analyst and sarcasm being a strong point for the both of them. Morris O'Brian is a lovable guy, who might give his superiors a hard time, but is unwavering in his devotion to Chloe, even if he is skeptical of some of Jack's plans. Overall he is a great agent and good comedic relief for when the days become stressful.

Status: Deceased, married

Family: Chloe O'Brian (wife) and Prescott O'Brian (son)

Occupations: Civilian and CTU analyst.

Days 5, 6, 7.

Played by: Carlo Rota.

6. Renee Walker-

Although she is introduced later in the show (Season 7) FBI Special Agent Renee Walker quickly becomes a strong, unforgettable character. Although she disapproves of Jack's "the end justifies the means" tactics at first, she eventually goes as far as he does and has been referred to as the female Jack Bauer who will do what she needs to get the job done, which eventually got her fired from the FBI. She later resurfaces in Season 8 as broken woman who attempted to commit suicide and yet she is willing to work a dangerous undercover mission for her country. She and Jack have a special relationship and had each other's backs during the eventful days.

Status: Deceased, single

Family: Unknown

Occupations: FBI Special Agent, civilian, CTU provisional basis.

Days: 7 and 8.

Played by: Annie Wersching.

7. Edgar Stiles-

Edgar Stiles was a lovable tech analyst who was a big help to Chloe on multiple occasions  and became her best friend. In Day 4 when nuclear plants were melting down and his mother was at risk, he was willing to risk it all for her, being loyal to family and friends above all, such as Chloe who is also loyal to him, even when she lost her job when then director Erin Driscoll found out Chloe was assisting Jack, Chloe never implicated Edgar. Although he was a geek he knew what the right decisions were and you could count on him. Unfortunately all that made his death (called one of the most sad deaths in 24 history) all the more heartbreaking, when Sentox nerve gas came through the air conditioning of an infiltrated CTU and he was one of the agents not in an airtight room, leaving Chloe devastated and blaming herself for his demise.

Status: Deceased, single.

Family: Has a Mom (name unknown).

Occupation: CTU analyst.

Days: 4 and 5.

Played by: Louis Lombardi.

8. Bill Buchanan-

Bill Buchanan may not come in under the best circumstances or at the best time. But he becomes a great Director (Can you tell directors change a lot?!) and is a good moral compass. He trusts Jack implicitly and eventually gave his life for him and for his President. He is married to Karen Hayes who is involved with Homeland Security and then as a trusted adviser to President Wayne Palmer. He risks a lot, is committed to making sure his country stays safe and realizes Jack is usually the answer.

Status: Deceased, married.

Family: Karen Hayes (wife)

Occupations: Division agent, CTU Director, CTU adviser, civilian.

Days: 4, 5, 6, 7.

Played by: James Morrison

9. Nina Myers-

Ah, Nina the infamous mole who killed Jack Bauer's wife Teri and put his and Kim's life into a tailspin that they never fully recover from, Remember her? Oh yeah, and on top of all that she was selling classified information to the highest bidders, including plans of CTU so it could be blown up later. She starts out in Season 1 as second in command under Jack and being his partner and pretty much she is the only one he trusts. She helps him, was involved with him when he was separated from his wife, and seemed to care for his wife and daughter. Turns out she's been playing him, Tony (with which she was involved romantically) and everyone else at CTU for a long time and is really an evil traitor who tried to have Jack killed. After that she appears in various episodes throught the later seasons until Jack killed her in Season 3.

Status: Deceased, single.

Family: Unknown

Occupations: CTU second in charge (in jail), villain and traitor, independent (bad still) for hire, civilian.

Days: 1, 2, 3.

Played by: Sarah Clarke.

10. Curtis Manning-

Curtis Manning is a field agent like Jack and stuck around 3 seasons which is longer than most. He was a great agent, and although he doubted Jack's capabilities and was at times jealous of him, especially when Jack came back to CTU and was elevated to Curtis' place (Director of Field Operations) and Curtis was demoted. Eventually they learned to work together and were a great team until Curtis sort of lost it, when CTU was working with a former terrorist and Curtis tried to kill him, because this man, Hamri Al-Assad had engineered an attack that got his teammates (In a former operation) killed, but Curtis died instead.

Status: Deceased, single.

Family: Unknown.

Occupation: CTU field agent.

Days: 4, 5, 6.

Played by: Roger Cross.

11. Kate Morgan-

Kate Morgan is my favorite new character added in 24: Live Another Day, in addition to being the only one to make it on this list. She is also similar to Jack Bauer (she's a field agent too) and thinks like him. She almost catches him more than once as a capable CIA agent before she sides with Jack and gains his trust, and along with Chloe and Jack, she stops Margot Al-Harazi and Cheng Zhi from carrying out their nefarious designs and tries to save Audrey. She is a great character with a lot of depth, it looked as if her husband was a mole and when he went to jail, he committed suicide because Kate didn't believe him anymore (it really was Steve Navarro) and she blames herself. She is almost fired, but is like Jack in the way she stays on with a "I'm the only one who can do this" situation. She and Jack become trusted partners and risk their lives to keep London safe. She has the same great attributes of Renee and Jack and that's why I love her. (Even if she was just in a half season) Plus she's still alive!

Status: Alive, widow.

Family: Adam Morgan (husband).

Occupation: CIA agent.

Days: Live Another Day.

Played by: Yvonne Strahovski.

12. Sherry Palmer-

You never quite knew who Sherry was loyal to, except herself, maybe it was always just to herself. In Season 1 she is the wife of then Senator David Palmer and seems to be a beautiful and supporting wife and mother who had a great touch. Nope, she turns out to be a politically ambitious woman, who will put herself being in the White House and being a key staff member above all else. She was willing to destroy documents, go behind her husband's back, and put him and Jack in danger, all for power. At the end of that first stressful day, David divorces her, realizing he can't trust her, much to her mortification and anger. She doesn't leave the political realm though and comes back for revenge and power, although she does help Jack at one point, after all her mistakes (or crimes) have been revealed. Eventually Julia Milliken, whose husband Sherry let die, kills her before turning the gun on herself, all in front of Wayne Palmer's horrified eyes.

Status: Deceased, divorced

Family: David Palmer (ex-husband), Nicole Palmer (daughter) Keith Palmer (son), Wayne Palmer (brother in law), Sandra Palmer (sister in-law)

Occupations: Ex-wife of the President, shady dealer, civilian.

Days: 1, 2, 3.

Played by: Penny Jerald Johnson.

13. Wayne Palmer-

Wayne Palmer, brother of President David Palmer, first came on the scene in Season 3 as Chief of Staff, following Mike Novick's (I call him Turtleface) betrayal in Season 2. He is a somewhat different from his brother, being more reckless and willing to cover some things up, a bit like his sister in-law, the difference being he is loyal to David and will acquiesce to his decisions, whether he likes them or not. Based on that, you would have thought he would be more independent during his own presidency, but he relied too much on his advisers, one of the only good things he accomplished was negotiating Jack's release from the Chinese, whose embassy the agent had infiltrated. Overall he is a good character, his family being siblings David and Sandra, sister in-law Sherry and niece and nephew Nicole and Keith, respectively.

Status: Deceased? and single.

Family: David Palmer (brother), Sandra Palmer (sister), Sherry Palmer (sister in-law), Nicole Palmer (niece), Keith Palmer (nephew).

Occupations: Chief of Staff (to David), civilian, President.

Days: 3, 5, 6.

Played by: D.B. Woodside

14. George Mason-

Somewhat out for himself and being blackmailed twice by Jack, George Mason is a brilliant Director who has a nasty habit of doing the right thing in spite of himself. In Season 1, he is anti-Jack, especially after Jack shot him with a tranquilizer dart so he could get some information. In the beginning episodes of Season 2 George inhaled weapons grade plutonium and doesn't have long to live, becoming this great and memorable guy who gave his life instead of Jack, by piloting a nuclear bomb into the desert, a suicide mission after telling Jack one of the best 24 quotes (in my opinion) "Come on, Jack, you've had a death wish ever since Teri died. The way things have been going for you the past year and a half, this probably doesn't look like such a bad idea. You get to go out in a blaze of glory, one of the greatest heroes of all time, leave your troubles behind. You still have a life, Jack. You wanna be a real hero, here's what you do: you get back down there, and you put the pieces together. You find a way to forgive yourself for what happened to your wife. You make things right with your daughter, and you go on serving your country. That'd take some real guts." One of the most emotional scenes ever is where he brings his estranged son John into his office and tells him he's dying and how sorry he is that he wasn't always there for him. Later he also encourages Michelle to follow her dreams, all this while he is dying serving his country by trying to prevent a nuclear bomb from going off in LA.

Status: Deceased, divorced?

Family: Has a wife and John Mason (son).

Occupations: CTU director, civilian, Division worker.

Days: 1 and 2.

Played by: Xander Berkeley

15. Chase Edmunds-

Chase Edmunds is probably the most underrated 24 character ever. He only appeared in Season 3, although he was alive and went to on continue dating Kim Bauer, Jack's daughter who worked at CTU at the time. He has been described as a younger, more level-headed Jack. In Season 3 he is Jack's partner on the field and is a great assistance. When Jack broke Ramon Salazar out of prison in order to go back undercover, Chase was kept in the dark and went after Jack, only to be a part of a test in which Jack passed, willing to shoot his partner.  (Chase then thought Jack had gone over to the dark side) He then was tortured but escaped with Claudia and her family, he then tracked Jack and watched his meeting. Unfortunately, he was strapped to a bomb and had to have his hand cut off (it was reattached) and left to start a life with Kim and Angela (his daughter from a former relationship) his and Kim's relationship ended when he couldn't take Kim's grief when she assumed Jack dead. He is a strong, determined character and was like Batman's Robin. It is extremely regrettable 24 didn't keep him as he would have been a great permanent addition to the show.

Status: Alive, single?

Family: Angela Edmunds (daughter)

Occupations: CTU field agent, civillian

Day: 3

Played by: James Badge Dale.

16. Mike Novick-

'Turtleface' himself has also been around since Season 1 as David Palmer's original Chief of Staff. Even though he later betrayed David Palmer to accomplish what he thought was best for the country, he makes reappearances, such as being later President Charles Logan's chief of staff. He reminds you of a turtle, but he is overall a pretty good guy and advisor to multiple Presidents.

Status: Alive, single.

Family: Unknown

Occupations: Chief of Staff (twice?), adviser and civilian.

Days: 1, 2, 4, 5.

Played by: Jude Ciccolella.

17. Aaron Pierce-

Secret Service Agent Aaron Pierce is one of the best. He is conscientious and willing to protect all under his charge, usually at risk to his own life. He also first makes an appearance in Season 1 and is in charge of protecting David Palmer, then later the despicable President Charles Logan, whom he helps expose, later he was involved romantically with Charles Logan's now ex-wife Martha who hates her ex-husband venomously and helped implicate him and cause his arrest with the help of Aaron Pierce and Jack Bauer. Aaron's final appearance (although he doesn't die) is protecting Olivia Taylor and eventually bringing her to justice.

Status: Alive, single.

Family: Unknown

Occupations: Secret Service Agent, retired civilian

Days: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

Played by: Glenn Morshower.

18. Cole Ortiz-

Cole Ortiz is also a late comer, being an agent of CTU New York later after the original CTU based in LA had been disbanded. Season 8 is his first and only appearance but I think he was a good, engaging character, one to care about, but a little bit of a wild card which always spices things up. He was engaged to fellow co-worker Dana Walsh, but their relationship continued to be damaged as the action-packed day went on and then culminated in Dana's death at Jack's hands. Cole is a strong, capable agent who although emotional is not to be underestimated and played an important role in the day's events.

Status: Alive, engaged.

Family: Dana Walsh (fiancee)

Occupation: CTU New York field agent

Day: 8.

Played by: Freddie Prinze Jr.

19. Audrey Raines-

Audrey Raines is the daughter of Jack's boss in season 4 Secretary of Defense and later President James Heller. Jack was also romantically involved with her until the end of Season 6 when he learned she had tried to rescue him from the Chinese and had gotten captured herself, eventually he got her back at the end of Season 6, only to realize she was extremely traumatized after being severely tortured by the Chinese. She was a capable and very beautiful woman who assisted during Days 4 & 5. In Season 4 she  and her father had been kidnapped, to be rescued by Jack. She has an ex-husband Paul Raines, who took a bullet for Jack, her father (already mentioned) and a brother Richard. In the half season she is married to her father's Chief of Staff Mark Boudreau, after everyone thought she and Jack had a real chance.

Status: Deceased, married

Family: James Heller (father), Paul Raines (ex-husband), Mark Boudreau (husband), Richard Heller (brother) and Susan Heller (mom).

Occupations: DOD liaision to CTU, First daughter, Chinese prisoner, civilian.

Days: 4, 5, 6 and Live Another Day.

Played by: Kim Raver.

20. Kim Bauer-

Kim Bauer, who like Jack makes her own rules, is 24's own damsel in distress. She starts off in Season 1 by playing chess with her dad, Jack Bauer and then slighting her mother Teri Bauer. She sneaks out to go party with her friend and the guys kidnap Kim and her friend Janet York for a man named Ira Gaines, who is trying to get Jack to drop the case. Kim gets kidnapped multiple times and goes to jail because of a misunderstanding, all in a day. Her mother goes out looking for her and gets kidnapped too and eventually both are rescued and more bad things happen. In Season 2 she doesn't want anything to do with her father after her mother's murder, she rescues a little girl from her abusive father and tries to escape LA, only to be arrested and then escape, have a close shave with a cougar and...yeah you get the picture. In Season 3 she works for CTU and helps solve the days' events as well as date Chase Edmunds, a field operative under her father. At the end of the season she leaves to try to start a life with Chase, which fails. During season 7 she is married to a man named Paul Wesley with a daughter Teri (named after her mom) after pushing away her father for so long after she learned he faked his death, she reunites with him in Season 7 as it looks like he is dying. At the beginning of Season 8, Jack is about to move back to LA with Kim's family, but is sucked into the day's events. I like Kim because she is Jack's daughter and although she goes through a lot, she comes out on top in the end.

Status: Alive, married.

Family: Jack Bauer (Dad), Teri Bauer (Mom), Graem Bauer (uncle) Carol (aunt), Phillip Bauer (grandfather), Josh Bauer (cousin), Marilyn Bauer (aunt), Stephen Wesley (husband), Teri Wesley (daughter) and possible son.

Occupations: Nanny, CTU agent and civilian.

Days: 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8

Played by: Elisha Cuthbert

21. Dana Walsh-

Dana Walsh was also introduced in Season 8 and is a seemingly innocent senior data analyst, but nope, she's another planted mole working for the Russians who was behind the days' attacks. At first you feel sorry as she goes through a load of personal issues with her fiance Cole Ortiz. But soon you see her evil side, killing whomever was in her way, scheming, attempting to kill Jack and trying to get away with all her crimes. She proves no one is innocent until positively proven so (aka being around for a few seasons without trouble). This is a desperate criminal you don't want to mess with. I like her because she is an unpredictable woman who will stop at nothing, but somehow she can still invoke sympathy.

Status: Deceased, engaged.

Family: Cole Ortiz (fiance).

Occupations: CTU senior analyst, mole for the Russians, civilian.

Day: 8.

Played by: Katee Sackhoff.

22. James Heller-

We meet Secretary of Defense James Heller in Season 4 as Jack's boss who is later kidnapped and helps lead CTU to capturing Habib Marwan and foiling his nefarious plots. James Heller deals with his involved psycho son who hates him. His beautiful daughter Audrey helps him with Heller also assisting Jack, although he doesn't always agree with him. This is evidenced by his actions in Season 5 when Audrey asks for his help and he goes his own route, directly questions then President Logan and gets himself fired. In Season 6 he tells Jack that the the CTU agent is messed up and he doesn't want him ever near his daughter again because bad things happen to whomever is around or close to Jack. In the half season he is President with a degenerative disease and Audrey is mostly recovered from her trauma of Season 6.

Status: Alive with Alzheimers disease, widower.

Family: Audrey Raines Boudreau (daughter), Paul Raines (son in-law), Mark Boudreau (son in-law), Susan Heller (wife) and Richard Heller (son)

Occupations: Secretary of Defense, civilian, President.

Days: 4, 5, 6, Live Another Day.

Played by: William Devane.

23. Allison Taylor-

First 24 woman president Allison Taylor has her morals. She sent her daughter to jail for trying to have a federal witness killed (her daughter succeeded). Her daughter also leaked important information illegally. Her son was murdered, she's dealing with traitors and international crises in Season 7 and well as helping Jack. But in Season 8 she worked with President of Kamistan Omar Hassan (who was assassinated) for a peace agreement, but she brought in the evil Charles Logan and he swayed her to go against Jack and try to capture him (for trying to expose the Russians as being behind Omar Hassan's murder), she willingly ordered a witness tortured and then to be killed, threatening now President of Kamistan, Dalia Hassan (Omar's wife) and other cover up activities, just for her precious peace agreement. She relented before she signed the agreement and remanded herself to the attorney general after stopping Jack's murder and encouraging him to flee. She was to be an amazing moral Republican president at first but went over to the dark side. Her family is now ex-husband Henry Taylor, jailed daughter Olivia Taylor and deceased son Roger Taylor.

Status: Alive, divorced

Family: Henry Taylor (ex-husband), Roger Taylor (son) and Olivia Taylor (daughter)

Occupations: President, in custody of Attorney General.

Days: 7 and 8 (plus Redemption)

Played by: Cherry Jones.

24. Arlo Glass-

Arlo definitely has major issues, but is a good CTU worker and loyal to it. We meet him in Season 8 with kind of a weird obsession about engaged Dana Walsh but is later concerned that she is cheating on Cole Ortiz with a man from Dana's past. He has been the target of Chloe's sarcasm but is a capable agent, who tried to figure out what's wrong with Dana and tell Cole Ortiz so Cole could help his fiancée. In the end, although Arlo has problems, he is a great help unraveling the various problems during the day.

Status: Alive, single.

Family: Unknown.

Occupation: CTU New York agent

Day: 8.

Played by: John Boyd.

25. Teri Bauer-

Teri Bauer is Jack's Bauer's beloved wife and mother to wayward Kimberly Bauer who lasts for just Season 1 before she is cruelly murdered by evil traitor Nina Myers. She is worried continually about her husband and daughter. She is first shown sitting at her dining room table on a laptop when Kim slights her because of her anger at her mom having Jack move out temporarily because of their separation and even though Jack and Teri are back together, Kim is still unhappy. Jack and Teri decide to talk to her and find out she snuck out with a friend. Kim is kidnapped and Teri goes around all night with a man she thought was Kim's also kidnapped friend's father. Eventually, she is kidnapped and she and Kim are rescued by Jack and Rick (one of the boys who originally kidnapped Kim). She gets temporary amnesia and trusts Nina, only to follow her later when Nina attempts to escape, but before Nina leaves she murders Teri. The season ends with Jack cradling his dead wife and sobbing (Teri's death was called the 2nd most shocking death in TV history).

Status: Deceased, married.

Family: Jack Bauer (husband), Kim Bauer (daughter), Carol (sister) Graem Bauer (brother in-law), Phillip Bauer (father in-law), Josh Bauer (nephew), Marilyn Bauer (sister in-law), Stephen Wesley (son in-law), Teri Wesley (granddaughter) and possible grandson.

Occupation: Interior Designer?

Day: 1.

Played by: Leslie Hope.

26. Mandy

Mandy is super awesome, even if you didn't see her all that often, not to mention she is a professional assassin for hire that participated in trying to kill David Palmer, twice! She is smart, pretty and extremely deadly (Just look at Martin Belkin!) She helped Ira Gaines in Season 1 to try to assassinate David Palmer and then tried to kill David Palmer again in Season 2 and finally kidnapped Tony and killed another agent in Season 4, after being involved with Habib Marwan's schemes. She was making a deal last we saw her, but as far as we know she is still alive to return and cause more trouble for Jack Bauer and company! I love how relentless she is and she blew up a plane to kill a man (which was so freakin' cool!)

Status: Alive, single.

Family: Unknown.

Occupation: Professional Assassin.

Days: 1, 2, 4.

Played by: Mia Kirshner.

27. Omar Hassan-

President Omar Hassan of Kamistan is introduced in Season 8 and died later after he gave up his life to prevent a nuclear weapon from going off. He was involved in peace talks with President Taylor and  then news of an assassination attempts to occur is received at CTU (Season 1, anyone?) and a reporter, whom Hassan was having an affair with is arrested. Dalia Hassan leaves him and the reporter is proved to be innocent and Omar's own brother Farhad Hassan was proved to be behind the attacks. Fortunately the first assassination attempt failed thanks to Cole, Jack and Chloe. Hassan becomes paranoid and arrests any and everyone whom he thinks might be involved, invoking the anger of his daughter Kayla (pronounced Kila) when he arrests his head of security Tarin Faroush, whom she is dating. She runs off with him and gets kidnapped because Tarin was involved after all. President Hassan eventually lets himself be captured and gives his life to save others, leaving a bereaved wife and daughter.

Status: Deceased, married.

Family: Dalia Hassan (wife), Kayla (Kila) Hassan (daughter) and Farhad Hassan (brother).

Occupation: President of Kamistan.

Day: 8

Played by: Anil Kapoor.

28. Brian Hastings-

Brian Hastings comes on the scene during Season 8 as the new CTU director in New York. He is a committed guy, doing everything for the good of the country and almost always obeys his orders. Chloe and Jack sometimes are annoying him, but he realizes both of their importance and helps accordingly. He pushes all his employees to do their absolute best and expects no less of himself. Chloe replaces him later when he was removed.

Status: Alive, single.

Family: Unknown

Occupations: CTU New York director and civilian.

Day: 8

Played by: Mykelti Williamson.

29. Ethan Kanin-

Ethan Kanin is introduced along with President Taylor in season 7 as her conscientious chief of staff. He guides her on the right paths and she heavily relied on him. Olivia Taylor hates him and did everything to get him out although he helped implicate her and gained his place back. Later he resigned in Season 8 though because he couldn't be complicit in the terrible things Allison Taylor was doing at that point, leaving Charles Logan as her sole important adviser.

Status: Alive, single.

Family: Unknown

Occupations: Chief of Staff and civilian.

Days: 7 and 8 (also Redemption)

Played by: Bob Gunton.

30. Dalia Hassan-

Dalia Hassan is the wife of President Omar Hassan and mother to Kayla (Kila) Hassan, she left her husband because of an affair but came back to find her daughter. She is a strong woman who is willing to sacrifice everything for her family, although she did try to poison her daughter's mind against her husband. She becomes President after her husband's death to keep the peace agreement alive, but doesn't want to sign and is angry when she learns she will be shaking hands with her husband's murderer Russian President Yuri Suvarov, but is forced to by President Taylor whom she now hates, but used to trust. After the failed peace agreement she returned home with her daughter to Kamistan, powerful and yet a widow.

Status: Alive, widow.

Family: Omar Hassan (husband), Kayla (Kila) Hassan (daughter) and Farhad Hassan (brother in-law).

Occupations: First Lady of Kamistan, President of Kamistan.

Day: 8

Played by: Necar Zadegan.

31. Jamey Farrell-

Jamey Farrell is a more obscure traitor from Season 1 whom I liked. She was a very intelligent data analyst who was in cahoots with Nina (although they made it sound like Jamey was on her own) who was supposedly the only one Jack could trust. She spread the story that Nina was dead, but then Nina showed up and she and Tony tried to force her to tell what she knew, but Jamey was in tears, saying she wanted counsel, she didn't know anyone would get hurt and she had needed the money. They left and came back and it looked like Jamey had committed suicide, but we see later that Nina killed her, because she could talk and implicate her (Nina). She has a mother and a son, Kyle.

Status: Deceased, divorced.

Family: Derek Farrell (ex-husband), Kyle Farrell (son) and Erica Vasquez (mother).

Occupations: CTU programmer and mole.

Day: 1.

Played by: Karina Arroyave.

32. Martha Logan-

Martha Logan is the wife of President Charles Logan. She is extremely emotional and has mental issues. She was a really good friend of President David Palmer and can never forgive her now ex-husband for what he did. Charles also had beat up Aaron Pierce and almost killed, as well as trying to kill Jack and just aiding terrorists. She helped implicate him and tried to kill him in a later season (he was just put under house arrest) Worst of all though is he also gave Jack to Chinese torturers. He is the worst President in 24 and he tried to write off his wife, but she was determined to see him get justice for his multitude of crimes. During all this she also became good friends with the Suvarovs, who trusted her. Although she was seriously an emotional train wreck, she had her great moments!(No she's not my least favorite ever, just my least favorite of all my favorites).

Status: Alive, divorced.

Family: Charles Logan (ex-husband).

Occupations: First Lady and civilian.

Days: 5 and 6.

Played by: Jean Smart.

33. Milo Pressman-

Milo Pressman was briefly in Season 1 helping Jamey try to decode a keycard, but returned as a main character during Season 6. He is given a hard time by Morris, since he is very uptight. He wanted a relationship with co-worker Nadia Yassir and gives his life for her, He is very skilled and was instrumental in bringing to an end the terrors of the day. He is a smart analyst whose death was unexpected and a little shocking.

Status: Deceased, single.

Family: Unknown

Occupations: CTU agent and programmer and civilian.

Days: 1 and 6.

Played by: Eric Balfour.

34. Kayla Hassan-

Kayla (Kila) Hassan is the daughter of Omar and Dalia Hassan. She is more sheltered, but loves her father and her mother, but is unhappy when her mother leaves and her father refuses to see her. At the suggestion of her boyfriend Tarin Faroush, her father's head of security, she runs away with him, so they can have their own life. She learns he is a traitor too late though as he kidnaps her and he and his cohorts plan to have her murder broadcast all over the internet. It looked like Tarin had second thoughts because he helped her escape. Tarin was supposedly shot and supposedly killed during the escape. Kayla contacted CTU and they told her to come over. Little did any of them know that she was bringing in an EMP into CTU which would temporarily disable it. Fortunately, she and other main characters survived. I like her because she is strong and not super emotional and is one of the most loveliest female characters 24 has had.

Status: Alive, single.

Family: Omar Hassan (father), Dalia Hassan (mother) and Farhad Hassan (uncle).

Occupation: First daughter of Kamistan.

Day: 8.

Played by: Nazneen Contractor.

35. Dina Araz-

Dina Araz and her family were a cell of a terrorist group in Season 4 led by Habib Marwan. She was fully invested in the terrorist plot and making sure it worked, until her husband arranged to have their son Behrooz killed, because he didn't think Behrooz believed enough in their cause. But Behrooz got away and he and Dina ran off. Dina was in need of medical assistance because of an arm bullet wound which she got while escaping. Eventually, CTU found them and Dina told them everything in exchange for immunity for her son. She tried to help Jack undercover, but was tested and failed the test by not shooting Jack Bauer. She unfortunately died because of multiple bullet wounds after she failed the test. I will always remember her saying Behrooz though!

Status: Deceased, married.

Family: Navi Araz (husband), Behrooz Araz (son), Naseem (brother) and has a sister.

Occupations: Terrorist and CTU informant.

Day: 4

Played by: Shohreh Aghdashloo.

36. Olivia Taylor-

Olivia Taylor is the daughter of President Allison Taylor and is introduced to us in Season 7.  She was originally kicked off the campaign after leaking damaging information about her mother's rival. She's back in the game and comes to the White House and after the White House is taken over (which she wouldn't have survived without Aaron Pierce, Bill Buchanan and Jack Bauer) and her mother asks her back. Olivia agrees and successfully gets Ethan Kanin ousted, whom she hated. She then put herself as acting Chief of Staff. She leaks information to the press and arranges to have Jonas Hodges (who engineered her brother's murder) to be killed before he could be put into witness protection. She chickens out at the last second, but it was too late. She eventually pays the assassin. Aaron Pierce, whom she assigned as her personal agent, becomes suspicious and he Ethan Kanin (who is eventually restored back to his place) find her out and force her to tell her parents. She tells them and her father is all for covering it up, but her mother refuses and sends her to jail. Olivia's family are her mother Allison Taylor, dad Henry Taylor and deceased brother Roger Taylor.

Status: In jail and alive, single.

Family: Allison Taylor (mother), Henry Taylor (father) and Roger Taylor (brother).

Occupations: Chief of Staff, adviser and civilian.

Day: 7

Played by: Sprague Grayden.

Most hated 24 character ever!!!!!!!

Charles Logan-

Charles Logan is the most crooked, evil, idiotic, hateful, annoying, most despicable, dirty, rotten scumbag....yeah I think you get the picture. I hate Charles Logan!!!!!!!

Status: Unknown, divorced (may be dead or have severe brain damage after a suicide attempt).

Family: Martha Logan (ex-wife).

Occupations: President, traitor, adviser.

Days: 4, 5, 6, 8.

Played by: Gregory Itzin.

Honorable Mentions:

Lynne Kresge

Kate Warner

Nadia Yassir

Sarah Gavin

Ryan Chappelle

Rick Allen

Yusef Auda

Eric Ritter

Behrooz Araz

Karen Hayes

Tom Lennox

Paul Raines

Lee Castle

Evelyn Martin

Unhonorable Mentions:

(Hated or bad characters)

Cheng Zhi

Noah Daniels

Jason Pillar

Abu Fayed

Margot Al-Harazi

Simone Al-Harazi

Steve Navarro

Habib Marwan

Navi Araz

Hector Salazar

Marianne Taylor

Marie Warner

Kevin Carroll

Farhad Hassan

Tarin Faroush

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know what you thought in the comments!