Many 24 fans debate which season is best, truth is, they are all spectacular seasons. Some might just be a bit better than others. With that said, here are my opinions on the seasons of 24, from worst to best. (With Live Another Day). Fun fact: All even numbered seasons deal with nuclear weapons and all odd seasons deal with personal vendettas, among other things.

9. Day 6-

Season 6 is pretty much everyone's universal least favorite, but I love it, just like any other season of 24, just not as much as the others. Political correctness begins. Jack ends up shooting great agent Curtis Manning for the life of another terrorist, just as a nuclear bomb blows up in Valencia, and yet somehow hours later that same bomb is no longer a problem, just as Jack is shutting down and crying. In this season, Morris gets tortured, we have Noah Daniels, annoying Sandra Palmer as a human rights lawyer, a weird and half baked assassination attempt on Wayne Palmer, Bill Buchanan (one of the best directors) is fired. Surprise, Jack's evil brother and father were behind the days' events and infiltrated CTU with Cheng Zhi, Jack's Chinese torturer who somehow faked Audrey Raines' death, now announces he has her and attempts to start a war. One of the saddest things is that in Season 5 everyone died, and then in Season 6 more people die and now there isn't many strong or interesting characters to care about. Audrey Raines returned after being captured and severely tortured by Cheng Zhi and then Audrey's father, James Heller tells Jack that he wants Jack to cut all ties to Audrey and to never see her again and everything with Heller and Audrey isn't that great. Jack eventually concedes and the season ends with him staring out at the ocean, broken and lost. Those are the downsides of the season for me which play a big part of why it's last on my list, plus I hated the finale and really the last couple episodes. At the start of this season, I was initially excited with a President Wayne Palmer, (who unfortunately is nothing like his brother David because Wayne relied too much on his advisers to be effective enough) and also the first four episodes were amazing! But I did enjoy some things about this season. The biggest one was that Morris and Chloe O'Brian were both at the top of their games and made the decision to remarry after it was discovered that Chloe is pregnant with their son, Prescott. I enjoyed Jack's story (before the Audrey part), I enjoyed Tom Lennox, Wayne Palmer, and I liked the suitcase nukes and Jack's brother being bad and CTU getting infiltrated, I liked Abu Fayed, the Russian stuff and even Charles Logan and CTU was fun most of the time, I guess I loved the first half and wasn't a huge fan of the second. Overall this season has its good points, but couldn't come close to the awesomeness of the previous or later seasons.

8. Day 8-

Much as I absolutely loved this season, I liked some of the others better. Season 6 is great, but there is a bug space between it and this season. Jack is happy for once and with no charges hanging over him and no one after him. He is playing with his granddaughter, Teri (named after his deceased wife) and is planning to move back to L.A. with his beloved daughter, Kim and her family, until a criminal informant who Jack used to know, knocks at his door with information regarding people who are trying to assassinate foreign President Omar Hassan, who is in the U.S. for peace talks with United States President Allison Taylor. It is revealed that Hassan's brother was a critical part of the attack and there might be a mole inside the brand new CTU New York. President Hassan eventually gives himself up after a dirty bomb almost went off and he eventually gave his life for the thousands of New York citizens who wouldn't have survived the bomb. We see Chloe and the President and the latter's advisers as well as being introduced to CTU director Brian Hastings, and agents Cole Ortiz, his fiancee (also analyst) Dana Walsh and Arlo Glass. We also meet the Hassan family and Russian agents. Mid-season we see suicidal ex-FBI Special Agent Renee Walker, Russian President Yuri Suvarov and evil Charles Logan, who drags down Allison Taylor with him into cover-ups and crime--- all for a peace agreement which doesn't succeed. One of my favorite characters, Renee Walker is murdered, which sends Jack spinning out of control, a fugitive on a killing spree to avenge Renee, who he had just started a romantic relationship with. This season ends with Jack a fugitive from his own country with a heart-breaking goodbye to longtime best friend Chloe O'Brian, Logan's attempted suicide and Allison Taylor remanding herself to the Attorney General. I liked this season because of some of the fantastic characters it brought back and added, the ending, Chloe O'Brian, and Jack's ending rampage, especially Iron Jack, Renee Walker and the Russians and well as the threats, and mole plots. Unfortunately a few subplots were annoying I didn't really like either Hassan brother, I hated Jason Pillar, Charles Logan and the first half of the White House stuff was just boring as well as Renee being blamed by  Rob Weiss, who I originally had liked, but that was just weird (some minor things were annoying as well) and the whole Logan-Taylor thing was ridiculous, frustrating and out of line with Allison Taylor's character (she sent her own daughter to jail, for crying out loud!).

7. Day 7-

At first, I wasn't wild about this season, but as I thought about it and re-watched some of it, I realized what a great season it was. It had a few issues and things I wasn't crazy about. First of all political correctness almost stifled parts of it. CTU is disbanded and Jack is on trial for torturing terrorists, (really a witch hunt) after evading the subpoena in Redemption (a movie made which is a prequel to this season) and the FBI just isn't CTU, plus all the agents are very anti-torture and Janis Gold has got to be one of the worst and whiny characters ever. Introduced is 24's first woman President Allison Taylor, who although seems conscientious, just irritates me at times and makes me long for now dead President David Palmer. Her husband's side plots at times got annoying and her daughter is power hungry, but made for an interesting character. Overall it was a great season, bad guy Jonas Hodges who was played by Jon Voight was unique and cool villain and Renee was one of the best characters introduced in a long time. Some familiar (and awesome) characters also reappear, previously thought dead and is now bad Tony Almeida keeps you on the edge of your seat. Other favorites Bill Buchanan and Chloe O'Brian and of course Jack Bauer are all there too. The 2007/2008 writers strike really proved a boon to 24 as this was one of the best and most coherent seasons in a while (Especially with their not-so-great 6th season). There wasn't much I didn't like this season, I liked the first half a little better, but the last half was good too, The White House infiltration was AWESOME, Tony and Renee were awesome characters and the plot rocked! Overall I really enjoyed this one and the prequel movie really made this season a great one to watch again and again.

6. Day 9 (Live Another Day)-

This special 12 episode continuation aired in 2014, 4 years after the original series ended and takes place in London, England with Jack (still a fugitive after Season 8) getting captured by the (American?) CIA in London, so he could break out someone they had captured and were torturing old pal Chloe O'Brian who is dramatically changed after the death of her husband, Morris and young son, Prescott in a car crash. She is also a fugitive because she is working with a Wikileaks-like organization called Open Cell and she has released (among other things) tons of Department of Defense documents to the general public, ones that put agents in danger, around the globe. It's led by bad guy Adrian Cross and is a group of hacker misfits that newly gothic looking Chloe fits in with just fine. But she helps Jack after they find out there might be a threat to old friend President James Heller's life. Margot Al-Harazi is one of the best terrorists in a while, in my opinion. She is merciless and hacks into drones to put them under her control and has a personal vendetta against the new President and she just freaks me out, especially after she attempts to murder her own daughter. She also has a radicalized daughter Simone and son Ian who help her to carry out her nefarious schemes throughout the season. We are re-introduced to some old favorites, James Heller (now President with Alzheimer's), and Jack's old girlfriend Audrey, who is disappointingly now married to her father's chief of staff, the frustrating Mark Boudreau, who is trying to get Jack turned over to the Russians, who want Jack's head after Season 8 when Jack killed evil Russian ambassador Mikhail Novakovich. Awesome Jack-Bauer like Kate Morgan is the best new character, but Jordan Reed and Erik Ritter were good too. CIA director turned bad Steve Navarro was REALLY a good character, but he didn't have enough screen time. Adrian Cross was also a good character who scared the crap out of me every time. Audrey died and Jack's old nemesis Cheng Zhi is killed by Jack (a huge highlight) after he ordered Audrey's heartbreaking death. This was a GREAT season and the twelve episodes made for a tighter plot and no boring side plots. The season (and the series?) ended with another sad goodbye to Chloe as Jack was taken away by the Russians. Why can Jack never have a happy ending???! Jack is back and it's AMAZING!

5. Day 1-

Where it all began...This season has all the original 24 staples, a CTU where half of them agree and help out Jack and half don't, the original iconic mole(s), Presidential candidate (or President) who is heavily involved, power hungry characters who never agree with Jack, a terrorist threat with personal connections, Jack's a fugitive for some hours, explosions, unexpected, life-changing twists, great cast of's all here and it's unforgettable. It starts out peaceful and quiet at midnight on the day of the California Presidential primary with Jack playing chess with his rebellious teenage daughter Kim after he moved back in after being separated from his wife Teri for awhile. Kim sneaks out to go meet some guys with her friend Janet York, the two girls are kidnapped and given to Ira Gaines, one of the bad guys involved in trying to assassinate Presidential candidate Palmer's. Teri Bauer goes out and tries to find her missing daughter along with a man who says he's Alan York, Janet's worried father. While Teri is looking for the girls, Jack is called into his office, CTU (Counter Terrorist Unit) and receives information about a possible assassination attempt on African-American presidential candidate David Palmer's life. Senator Palmer also has a wife Sherry, daughter Nicole and son Keith who are involved with internal issues that could derail the Senator's campaign. Jack is the CTU Director as well as a field agent and has a close partner, Nina Myers, who is second in command and Jack's closest confidante. Other main CTU operatives include Tony Almeida, George Mason and Jamey Farrell, the last of whom Jack is told is the only one he can trust. Jack starts by shooting George Mason with a tranquilizer dart and blackmails him for crucial information on the David Palmer hit. Many twists and turns become apparent and a mole is revealed as Jamey Farrell, who it looks like committed suicide after being in Tony and Nina's custody. Palmer's assassination is avoided and he and Jack become fast friends, a bond which lasts until Palmer's death in Season 5. Interesting fact I learned was that originally only the pilot was accepted by Fox and then 13 episodes and so Jamey was revealed as the mole, Teri (who had been kidnapped later) and Kim Bauer were rescued and Ira Gaines was caught in episode 13, to wrap it most of it up so it could serve as a series finale, just in case it wasn't renewed for the remainder of the original 24 episodes, which it obviously was. The second half is very pronounced and starts off shaky, Teri gets amnesia, which is somewhat weird and Kim goes to jail and then gets kidnapped again. One of the most important subplots is David Palmer's son Keith is accused of murder (it was accidental) of a boy who raped his sister, Nicole. His wife Sherry seems like a sweet, supporting mother and wife, but really is a power-hungry, political, scheming woman who will stop at nothing to be first lady. David realizes this and divorces her at the conclusion of the season, leaving a mortified and angry Sherry seeking revenge in the near future. Nina is revealed to be the big mole and tells Jack that Kim was killed by her second group of captors, (she's obviously not and the second group of captors was the Drazens, who want revenge on Jack and Palmer, because of a disastrous past mission in which both were directly involved). An angry and heartbroken Jack goes in, kills them and figures out Nina's the mole. But before he can get to her, she attempts to escape and kills Teri in the process, just before she is stopped and taken away to prison. The season ends with a silent clock after Jack is seen cradling his dead wife and sobbing. (This was called the second-most shocking death in TV history and is a rare moment when Jack breaks down and cries or is emotional.) This was a great season overall, great characters, plot and plot twists and set the tone for the groundbreaking series.

4. Day 2-

Day 2 was suspenseful and captured my interest from the beginning. It started with a broken Jack with an extremely fractured relationship with his daughter after his wife's murder. Kim now works at the Matheson family home as a nanny to their daughter, Megan, who has an abusive father. Kim takes her away only be to chased down by her father Gary, who claimed Kim was kidnapping his daughter. Kim and Megan go to CTU only to be evacuated and then watched CTU be blown up, Megan eventually goes to the hospital and Gary takes his daughter back, Kim enlists the help of her current boyfriend Miguel and the three escape in Gary's car, only to be arrested for kidnapping and murder. Meanwhile, a broken Jack Bauer agrees to help CTU after President David Palmer personally requests him to assist them after intelligence is received on a known terrorist in the country and subsequently a nuclear bomb planned to go off that could possibly kill over a million people. Jack is then spurred into action and kills a federal (horrible guy) witness to go back undercover with some guys who had thought he ratted them out years earlier. It's a successful ploy and he is securely undercover, trying to get to the head honcho who might have information on the impending attack. To maintain his cover, Jack had to partially assist in blowing up CTU, although he tried to warn the White House. But Jack finally got to the man he wanted, who locked himself into a safe room, but eventually let Jack in, only for the man, Joseph Wald to commit suicide soon after. Jack discovered in horror that Nina Myers (who killed his wife) had supplied the plans for CTU's destruction and was involved. Another crucial plot involved US citizen Kate Warner and her family. It's younger sister Marie's wedding day and it looks like Marie's middle eastern fiance Reza Naiyeer has terrorist ties, but it is later shown that it is really a radicalized Marie. Kate helps Jack identify and capture her sister, after a little urging. The nuke is eventually dropped in the Mojave Desert as a suicide mission. Jack gets on the plane and says a tearful goodbye to his daughter who went through a bunch more problems since her arrest and eventual escape (including being a hostage and confronted with a cougar, which contrary to many people's opinions IS NOT that bad) and Jack is willing to die, until George Mason (now a great guy who was exposed to weapons-grade plutonium and doesn't have long to live) takes over and sends Jack out with a parachute and crashes the plane himself, after uttering my favorite quote in all of 24. It becomes apparent afterward that the U.S. is being forced into a war with three innocent countries because of a forged recording that benefits a man with oil interests in the Middle East. Jack gets tortured and is clinically dead for about five minutes and then is back in action and he and Sherry Palmer (who was also involved because she wanted revenge on David Palmer) took down the perpetrators. Even with Jack's heart issue, this was one season that relatively ended happily (also 3 and 7 ended well, all others end badly for Jack). This season introduced Michelle Dessler who married Tony after the days' events, (she is totally awesome) it also got more in depth into great agent George Mason and Tony became the director after George died and was pretty awesome in his own way. I loved everything about this season so much!

3. Day 3-

Originally my favorite season this season was amazing, but...with the exception of the first 2 or 3 episodes which were kind of slow, those sadly puts it a little lower on my list. Jack starts out by working at CTU as the head of Field Operations, Kim Bauer (whom I liked) is here, but she is working at CTU which keeps her away from boring side plots, but also keeps her relevant and interesting. Chase Edmunds is dating the pretty blonde and is a great field agent and a partner to Jack (like Batman and Robin) pretty much a younger version of Jack himself. It's a shame he was just written out since I believe he would have made a great permanent addition. Michelle and Tony are married and happy at CTU Los Angeles, which Tony is now in charge of. David Palmer is President for the last season (he doesn't run for reelection) and Wayne Palmer, his brother is introduced and well as Sherry's third and final appearance (unfortunately). All are crucial to solving the events of the day, personal and otherwise. A body infected with the Cordilla virus is received at Health Services and somehow the Salazars (Jack previously went undercover and put the older brother Ramon in jail) are involved. But in one of the most unexpected twists it turns out to be an elaborate sting operation planned by Jack Bauer and fellow agents Tony Almeida and Gael Ortega to break Ramon out and then enter the Salazar brothers (Ramon and Hector) into dealings to buy the real virus with an undercover Jack helping them so CTU could get control of it and take the dangerous stuff off the market. Things are put into a tailspin when old nemesis Nina Myers returns and is involved in bidding for the virus for a second potential buyer, a bet which she eventually wins by a small margin. Jack then has to figure out how to gain her trust for the virus while David Palmer is dealing with internal re-election issues against later President John Keeler and his issues with a backer and his manipulative ex-wife.  This episode marks the day when both Nina and Sherry are killed as well as Tony going to jail for trying to save Michelle from Steven Saunders who had the virus and let some of it off in a hotel, in which most of the guests and Gael become casualties and Michelle realizes that she is immune to the deadly virus and has one of her first kills in 24. Jack is briefly director after Tony steps down before he is fired for a nasty heroin addiction which started when he had to maintain his cover with the Salazars for his country, but also to get rid of the pain in his life that haunts him since the end of Season 1. I just wish that at least Sherry hadn't died as I think she could have had cool roles in the following seasons, especially when her husband was killed and Charles Logan (the President!) was involved! The action and awesome plot twists keep you watching and the acting by all is just so awesome, Ramon Salazar is a great bad guy, add newly introduced Chloe O'Brian, Chase, the Palmers, Nina and the CTU gang and you've got an amazing season of 24!

2.  Day 5-

Another awesome season of 24 and most people's favorite is Season 5 which also won 24 an Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series and a slew of other awards, including Best Actor for Kiefer Sutherland (which was well deserved). The first half was shocking, to say the least, and probably some of the best 24, and the second half was great too, just a few things were slightly irritating to me. First of all, I hate borderline incompetent, evil President Logan (which is what it's supposed to be, because he's a scumbag and that's the emotion the rest of audience probably had), even if he is a great part of the plot. Lynn McGill's sister's subplot in the first half also annoyed me on a re watch, because I know how it affects the lives of my favorite characters. Yet this season was really awesome and never seemed to slow down, and I seriously considered putting it as my favorite. Within the first 10 minutes Former President David Palmer was assassinated, Michelle Dessler died in a car bomb and Tony Almeida was critically injured. After faking his death at the end of Season 4, Jack is Frank Flynn, a construction worker, who comes out of hiding when he gets a call from Chloe who is being hunted down by David Palmer and Michelle Dessler's murderers. Jack rescues her and learns he is being framed for his friends' murders and that it's linked to him faking his death 18 months earlier. He has deal with Audrey and Kim's shock at finding him still alive and learning that Kim and Chase broke up and that she is now with her creep of a shrink. He gets involved with a airport hostage situation in which the terrorists escape with Sentox nerve gas, which is or almost is released at various locations and almost gets released into people's homes. Tony 'dies' and Jack's old mentor has a huge part in all of it. CTU was one of the locations that the gas was released and Chloe has to watch Edgar (whom she forgot about) die in front of her eyes (This is definitely one of the saddest deaths in all of 24). and she goes into shock. Morris O'Brian, Chloe's hilarious ex-husband is introduced as well as Sean Astin's Lynn McGill who also dies when the gas was released into CTU. There are a few odd subplots before in the second half, it's revealed that weaselly President Charles Logan was behind the days' events. Jack tries implicate him through a recording and James Heller, (Audrey's father and Secretary of Defense) impedes their efforts. We get to see Secret Service agent Aaron Pierce in action as well as First Lady Martha Logan, who has mental issues, but who also courageously defies her husband and becomes a key part in his eventual arrest and impeachment. The Logan twist was well played out as no one really saw it coming and yet it made perfect sense. We also have CTU Director Bill Buchanan back and the start of Tony's revenge for his wife's cruel death, (whom he had reunited with and who was also pregnant with their first child).  After all the hardship, it looks like it could finally be a happy ending for Audrey and Jack until he gets captured by Chinese at the last minute (Logan's order), who want revenge for the events of Day 4. This season was an amazing season, but not first on my list, thanks to three awesome characters dying and too many missed opportunities.

1. Day 4-

No season of 24 is flawless, but this one was pretty near perfect to me. Day 4 began with Jack, who was fired from CTU in Season 3, thanks to a nasty heroin addiction which he began to maintain his cover with the Salazars. He is now working with the Secretary of Defense, James Heller, he also started a relationship with Heller's daughter, Audrey Raines who is separated from her husband, Paul who doesn't quite realize that's over. While Audrey and her father visit her wayward (later revealed as gay) brother, who is determined to rebel against his father and speak against him at a rally in Lockheed. Jack visits CTU for a budget meeting and gets himself sucked into the events.  At one point, after locking himself in with a suspect, he finds out, to his horror that James Heller is the target, but he is too late to save Heller and Audrey, all their Secret Service is killed and they are captured. In this season you also see the Araz Family (Navi, Dina, and Behrooz) who are a part of a terrorist cell directly connected to the multiple attacks that occur. But eventually Navi Araz tries to have his son, Behrooz killed because he doesn't believe he is loyal to their cause, Dina saves him and escapes, much to the rage of her husband, they are eventually found by Jack, a broken Tony (after he went to jail at the end of season 3, he had drinking problems and Michelle left him) and other agents who convince Dina to help them as Navi captures Behrooz. Nuclear plants (104 of them) are at risk and one does meltdown on San Gabriel Island, far from LA (of course). Michelle is the acting director (after Erin Driscoll steps down) when she comes back to CTU and Bill Buchanan is introduced as from Division. Thanks to Jack and the rest of the gang they stop Habib Marwan and his cohorts who was behind everything that day. In order to bring things to a successful conclusion Jack and a small group break into a Chinese consulate and casualties occur, this ends in Jack faking his own death with the help of Chloe, Michelle, Tony and ex-President David Palmer Jack saves the day, along with the awesome new characters Edgar Stiles,who is a lovable analyst, Curtis Manning, a awesome field agent, Bill Buchanan, James Heller and Audrey Raines who are introduced to make 24 even better in future seasons. This season had just a few minor things I didn't like such as the whole Chinese consulate thing, which was really awesome to watch, but makes me sad, seeing how it eventually affects Jack's life and the lives of his friends which is probably why it's hard for me to watch. Chloe's firing also bugged me and finally Charles Logan becoming President and totally screwing up everything because of his pride and ineptness made me too frustrated. But this season had a ton of awesomeness and the best group of characters in my opinion, since all the greats were pretty much in it. This season just about had it all!

What did you think? Would you rate it differently? What's your favorite season? Feel free to comment down below! I hope you enjoyed Ranking the Seasons of 24!