It's way hours in the morning, at the start of another day and already things are a mess; people are dying and others having sex. That's right to the last part and that would involve President Hassan's daughter and Tarin; The President's once personal adviser. I don't know how some find the time in the midst of a crisis? Probably love takes your mind away from everything, and she surely didn't want to have her fathers voice in her head before she met up with her boyfriend, then considered a fugitive. It's also funny how her loyalty changed from her father to her boyfriend in the matter of a few hours. That just goes to show how much the heart could play with your head.

President Hassan had a lot more on his plate; firstly discovering his brother tried to have him assassinated and then to be killed later the next day. That's a lot for one person to tolerate. I didn't believed his brother would have made it out alive anyway, that scene where he tried to run away was pathetic on his part, as though he deliberately tried to have himself killed. I suppose his recklessness was pointed out the moment he tried to run away, barely knocking his partner; then considered his enemy, unconscious. The attempt to have these guys threaten civilians on US soil was also a no-brainier. I kept thinking to myself the stress each President on 24 has been burdened with. Even President Taylor had her share of downfall, if not as the President, but in her family life.

Jack Bauer is also in a similar stance, regarding his family life. So long as he signed on to become a protector for his country, his family has suffered the loss of his presence in their lives. Kim has grown understanding of his duties, but what would his grand-daughter believe as she is growing up. She can surely be proud of her grandpa, without having to hear the details of the pain he endured over the years. Another continuation from 24 was the apparent intimate connection between Jack and Renee. When he referred to getting together, somehow cocktails wasn't the first thought that came to mind. Can Jack and Renee really have something that the viewers are completely in the 'dog house' about? We have to continually be reading between the lines and the extra stress on "I meant what I said before" being repeated several times over. What does it all mean?

Aside, let's give a round of applause for Hastings who is finally showing who's boss. Renee was actually a cheap shot on their part to lay the wrecked on the already damaged; how insensitive. This also proves that Hastings could be stepping up and wondering, where are Walsh and Ortiz? They have obviously been gone for an hour or more, getting rid of bodies non-the-less. So my speculation last week came to life. It leaves me wondering, what really was the point to this bogus storyline; to break up Walsh and Ortiz? Why not just use Glass to do that, only that would not be as interesting. I only hope the writers aren't placing story-lines for the sake of interest and no point to the plot.

This hour still acts as a build, used to create a sense of curiosity until the real excitement begins. I only want Ortiz and Walsh to wrap up things and head back to CTU, probably I even want this Bauer and Walker thing sorted out. It's funny, a few hours ago, Jack was eager to get on a plane to meet his family and now he sending Renee off to his hotel room? I wonder where he would find the time, surely 'hotel' should have raised some flags and Renee looked a bit too eager, something is definitely up?




Four Stars

Grade B-