This gift basket was donated for a fundraiser for the charity TEAMSTACIE. It includes; EPISODE #1 SCRIPT AUTOGRAPHED BY THE PRODUCERS, HAT, BOOK, SIXE LARGE T-SHIRT, AND COFFEE MUG. The charity was set up for Stacie Schifino who found out she has breast cancer in 2009 and has been going through chemotherapy and radiation. All money and items donated go directly to Stacie to help pay for medical bills. You're welcome to check out her website that her many loving friends made for her by googling TEAMSTACIE. There's information about her as well as video and press coverage of the Los Angeles fundraiser which brought out many friends and celebrities to help out this special person. All items were donated from the celebrities in the music and movie industry or their friends not a memorabilia store, therefore there isn't a certificate of authenticity, sorry. THANK YOU!