24 30 Day '24' Challenge

jlhfan624 posted on Sep 22, 2011 at 12:29AM
I better not be the only person to do this!! Basically you just do one question a day and post your answer in the forum. But do them in order, etc.

Day 1: How did you come about being a fan?
Day 2: Favorite season
Day 3: Favorite male character
Day 4: Favorite female character
Day 5: Favorite season finale
Day 6: Best WTF?! moment
Day 7: What did you think of 24: Redemption?
Day 8: Favorite episode
Day 9: What 24 dvd's do you own?
Day 10: Aside from dvd's, do you own any other 24 merchandise?
Day 11: Most emotional moment
Day 12: What season had the best score?
Day 13: Favorite couple
Day 14: Jack's best woman
Day 15: Favorite duo
Day 16: Favorite villain
Day 17: Favorite minor character
Day 18: Least favorite character
Day 19: Unpopular opinion
Day 20: Favorite subplot
Day 21: Jack's most badass moment
Day 22: What are your 24 movie wishes?
Day 23: Favorite actor/actress to appear on the show
Day 24: Favorite quote
Day 25: Was the series finale everything you hoped/expected it to be? Why/why not?
Day 26: Where does 24 rank in your favorite shows of all-time?
Day 27: Least favorite subplot
Day 28: Something you would have changed
Day 29: Best use of the silent clock
Day 30: When the franchise is over for good, how should it end? Jack dead or happy?
I better not be the only person to do this!! Basically you just do one question a day and post your a
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over a year ago PotterForever said…
^^ Edgar will be forever missed
over a year ago jlhfan624 said…
I honestly cried SO hard during my first viewing of that scene that I couldn't breathe. (Same with the series finale.) But my God, that was SO depressing! I think if Chloe hadn't been a bitch to him earlier it wouldn't be as bad...
over a year ago fanfly said…
Day 11: Most emotional moment

For me, it was definitely Tony's 'death' in Season 5. I bawled and bawled. I seriously considered stop watching right then and there. Tony's my second favourite character, after Jack.

Season 5 overall had the most emotional moments, by far. It started off ripping your heart out and didn't stop until you were hollow inside....ahem that sounded really melodramatic. lol
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over a year ago PotterForever said…
Day 11: Most emotional moment

I had a lot to choose from, I was considering going with the Jack/Kim phone conversation from 2x15, but ultimatly I decided to go with the final goodbye between Jack and Chloe in the series finale. That whole episode was really emotional, but that scene was just great. And phenomenal acting from all involved.

Honorable mentions:

Jack/Kim phone conversation (2x15)

Mason's final conversation with his son (2x7)

Palmer's body about to be flown back to washington (5x24)

over a year ago PotterForever said…
Oh and Edgar's death of course.
over a year ago jlhfan624 said…
Day 12: What season had the best score?

Season 1! They are all really good though! It's difficult to tell with seasons 6-8 because there hasn't been an official soundtrack release of those but what I heard in season 6 I LOVED! I almost picked that but then I realized that 1 had such gems as Jack in the Limo, Alexis, Jack On the Move, Up and Down Stairs, & Amnesia. So yeah totally 1!

I mean seriously, listen to that! 24, you overwhelm me by being perfect in absolutely everything.
over a year ago jackb24lover said…
Day 1:How did you come about being a fan?

I was 10 years old,I think it was October...there was season 5 on TV and my parents were really hooked on the series.I was curious to see what it's like to "watch one of the best series ever"At the first glance,I wasnt so amazed but I watched all the episode...and guys...that's it!I love it!But I hadn't realised this was just the begining..4 years gone and I'm still loving u Jack!
over a year ago jlhfan624 said…
Day 13: Favorite couple

I think this goes without saying...it's Tony & Michelle. They were truly the OTP of the entire series. I don't "ship" them per se though. Like I don't NEED for them to be together, because I'm really not that kind of a tv viewer. But they were the best, least irritating couple on the show. Which isn't saying much though. I love when the focus is on every other aspect of the show besides couples. I have shed tears for them though, which is more than I can say for any other 24 couple so there's that.
Day 13: [b]Favorite couple[/b]

I think this goes without saying...it's Tony & Michelle. They were tr
over a year ago PotterForever said…
Day 12: Which season had the best score

Hmmm tough one. I love the score in all the seasons. Ultimatly I'd say season 5.
over a year ago fanfly said…
Day12: Which season had the best score

I'd have to say Season 5 too. Truthfully, I found the S1 score a little obnoxious at times. But every season after that had a great score.
over a year ago HuddyJoy0524 said…
I'm baaaaacccckkkk! :)

Day 11: Most Emotional Moment

There are multiple ones. I actually have never cried before at a movie or television show, but 24 has brought me close plenty of times.

Edgar's death, Bill's death, and Jack/Kim's phone call conversation in season 2 definitely come to mind. I remember when Edgar died and i was just staring in shock. I had just started watching the show and it was so much emotion and done so well... I didn't immediately get emotional but the 2nd time i went back to watch it it was. Bill's death was VERY emotional my mom and sister were crying so much and i was just like sitting there trying so hard NOT to. And Jack/Kim's phone call convo....

But honestly, the part that got me the most emotional the 1st time i saw it was actually Maya Driscoll's death. It's kind of an awkward selection but it was really hard to watch for me. Especially when Erin's standing over Maya's body bag and is like "Good bye baby girl." Maybe it's because Erin seems so cold hearted and then all of a sudden you see this great display of deep emotion and how much she loved her daughter however screwed up their relationship was. This was one of those subplots where it got a lot of crap but i really liked the purpose behind it. But yeah, i had to fight back tears for that one. Hardcore.
I'm baaaaacccckkkk! :)

[b]Day 11: Most Emotional Moment[/b]

There are multiple ones. I actually hav
over a year ago HuddyJoy0524 said…
Day 12: What season has the best score?

Imma go with season 5 :) Sometimes, I just hum the music to myself because i like it so much. Or because ive seen it so much....lol
over a year ago jlhfan624 said…
Day 14: Jack's best woman

How about damn near everybody BUT Renee? Actually, I firmly believe Teri was the love of his life, and will always remain that way but Audrey definitely is a very close second. Teri was the first & only woman who accepted Jack for who he was, never made him feel like scum because of the things he had to do, and y'know they both obviously loved each other very much.

But seriously guys, if I was going to be really honest here - the obvious answer would be ME!
Day 14: [b]Jack's best woman[/b]

How about damn near everybody BUT Renee? Actually, I firmly believe
over a year ago PotterForever said…
Day 13: Favorite Couple

Tony and Michelle. Aside from Jack and Kim's relationship, Tony and Michelle's relationship was the heart of the show. I love their storyline in seasons 3 and 4.

over a year ago jlhfan624 said…
Aside from Jack and Kim's relationship, Tony and Michelle's relationship was the heart of the show.

Jack & Kim's relationship is the SOUL of the entire show tbh! Then I think it's Jack/David & Jack/Chloe, THEN Tony/Michelle.

But yeah, basically you are spot on!
over a year ago HuddyJoy0524 said…
Day 13: Favorite Couple

This is a really tough one especially because it often changes depending on my mood. Basically both Jack and Audrey and Bill and Karen are forever tied. If i was tied up and forced by gunpoint to pick i would probably ultimately pick Bill and Karen, but until that point I'm leaving them at a tie.

Audrey was really the first woman that i saw with Jack because of the way i stumbled upon the show and I fell in love with their chemistry. You can see how much he loves her and she loves him and the sacrifices the two make for each other is astronomical. Many people get on Audrey's case because of the season 4 finale, but it's clear that while she is upset due to the death of Paul that her love for Jack is still clear and prominent. And the risking her life to go to China and find Jack....wow. That's devotion right there. Jack having to give her up in the season 6 finale is heartbreaking and my dream is that the 24 movie will have her well and recovered so she and Jack can get back together. <3

Then, there is Bill and Karen. Again, an odd choice, especially because most people pick Tony and Michelle but there was just something about B&K that made me fall in love with him. I remember catching the tension that existed between them early on and hoped that the tension would turn out to be sexual. Which it was. I think what i love about them is the fact that they are both older and hardened because of opportunities that haven't turned out yet they were still able to find one another. Their relationship in season 6 is realistic and depicts what it would actually be like for a couple to work as they did all those miles apart. I am still EXTREMELY disappointed about the fact that their relationship was not finished in season 7 and left hanging. While we can all assume that things ended up well, the fact that Karen is never mentioned really irks me.
[b]Day 13: Favorite Couple[/b]

This is a really tough one especially because it often changes depend
over a year ago HuddyJoy0524 said…
Day 14: Jack's Best Woman

Hands down, this question goes to Teri. She was his wife, the mother of his child, and the love of his life. If Nina hadn't killed her, I believe that her and Jack would still be together and have a beautiful tween (boy? i think that's what it would have been). The entire reason Jack becomes what he does in the later seasons is this desperate search for justice and love that he was robbed of with her death.

This question is interesting though. If it had read "Jack's FAVORITE my answer would have had to be changed to Audrey, because she is the one that i love the most. However, by using the word BEST my answer changes to Teri.
[b]Day 14: Jack's Best Woman[/b]

Hands down, this question goes to Teri. She was his wife, the mothe
over a year ago PotterForever said…
Day 14: Jack's best woman

Of course the answer to this has to be Teri. If she hadn't died they'd still be together, there isn't any doubt about that. However his second best woman in my opinion is Renee. I know Heather will disagree with me here, but I felt that they had a lot in common. They had both been through simmilar things because of their jobs, both went through a "dark and suicidal" period ect. The only complaint I had with their relationship was it was too rushed.

But yeah, for best woman overall deffinatly Teri
over a year ago jlhfan624 said…
Day 15: Favorite duo

I meant this question more in a friendship way but I guess you can interpret it any way you want, aside from couples of course. I have to go with my bb's Chloe & Jack, but don't think that David & Jack aren't on my priorities either. She was always there for him, hardly EVER let him down, and always had his back. That's friendship. Like hardcore. I crave a friendship like theirs. I miss them. :(
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Day 15: [b]Favorite duo[/b]

I meant this question more in a friendship way but I guess you can inter
over a year ago HuddyJoy0524 said…
Day 15: Favorite Duo

Well I'm definitely going to have to go with Jack and Chloe on this one. There really is no other option. The crap those 2 have put up with for each other and trust each other too the core. Jack may not have made it out of some situations if it wasn't for her. That's the kind of friendship that everyone wants to have. <3
over a year ago fanfly said…
Day 13: Favorite couple

Tony and Michelle of course! I really love them and their story. I don't ship a lot of couples but they're one of them. Their relationship, how it ended and how it affected Tony was epic.

I'm a little behind, so I'm going to play catch up.

Day 14: Jack's best woman

I'm going to have to go with Teri. In spite of their troubles and differences, they really loved each other and were willing to work to stay together. Teri was strong and smart and she gave Jack a home. Something that he hasn't really had since her death.
over a year ago jlhfan624 said…
Day 16: Favorite villain

Hands down, NO contest, this honor goes to Sherry Palmer! It's very popular in this fandom for her to be hated & loathed which I don't understand at all. Yeah, the things she did were pretty atrocious and no, you weren't supposed to like her because of them. The bottom line is that she was a fascinating, well-written, and superbly acted character and every second she was on screen was some of the best stuff television had to offer.

I know I have said this a million times before, but I am SO passionate about this that I just have to again - killing her character was the biggest mistake the 24 writers ever made. If she had been around during season 5, could you IMAGINE her wrath over David's death?! And her teaming up with Wayne & Jack to help take down Logan. EPIC!

She brought a special something to the show, that died a little after her death. The only thing like it was when Olivia showed up for that brief period in season 7. Which is a completely different question.
Day 16: [b]Favorite villain[/b]

Hands down, NO contest, this honor goes to Sherry Palmer! It's very
over a year ago PotterForever said…
Day 15: Favorite Duo

Deffinatly Jack and Chloe. Jack wouldn't have gotten through half the stuff hr went through if it wasn't for Chloe. She always had his back even when it ended up getting her arrested, or in some kind of trouble. The respationship those two had was amazing.
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over a year ago HuddyJoy0524 said…
Day 16: Favorite Villain
Again, this is without a doubt a tie between Nina Myers and Sherry Palmer, the best villains EVER. (P.S. I've been so excited for this question since Day 1 of this challenge :D)

Nina is not introduced as a villain until the end of season 1 which i think is just a mark of her prowess and intelligence. She is able to play EVERYONE, (including Jack Bauer!), and get her mission accomplished. She's evil, I'd say a psychopath, and has no problems murdering someone in cold blood. She has her own agenda set above everyone else's and is therefore loyal to nobody, but can make multiple people believe that she is as loyal as they come. She also knows her physical attractiveness and uses that to her advantage as well. She is also willing to do crazy things to get her way. She's determined, willful, and has a lot of gumption. Her weakness? Jack's undying hatred for her. That's it.

As for Sherry, she is the EXACT replica of what I believe Lady Macbeth would be like. Mother Gothel from "Rapunzel" reminded me of Sherry too (If you don't know what I mean, watch the movie! If you don't know who Lady Macbeth is i facepalm at you). She is the kind of person who seems loving and caring, but in fact, she manipulates you into thinking that she is. Underneath it, she's ruthless and cunning and has her own agenda. AND the awesome thing about Sherry is that she almost succeeds. And when she fails she plays her cards and works her way back up again. If she hadn't been killed I suspect she would still be going. That woman is PERSISTENT. Her weakness? Lying too long to too many people will bite you in the butt.

While the scary thing about Nina is her deviousness and psychopathy, the scary thing about Sherry is there are people just like her all around us everyday. Swallow that one.

Jack Bauer: You don't have anymore useful information, do you, Nina?
Nina Myers: Yes... I do.
Jack Bauer: No, you don't. (shoots her three times)

Sherry Palmer: I was too caught up in the power.
President Palmer: And you're not now?
Sherry Palmer: Of course you know I love it.
[b]Day 16: Favorite Villain[/b]
Again, this is without a doubt a tie between Nina Myers and Sherry Pa
over a year ago fanfly said…
^i facepalm at you LOL

Day 15: Favourite Duo

Jack and Chloe of course. And it's self-evident why. lol
over a year ago jlhfan624 said…
Day 17: Favorite minor character

Going by the list on a 24 link, it would have to be Olivia Taylor. This sort of adds onto what I said about Sherry, in that her manipulative ways were SO good that only Olivia Taylor could have matched them. Sprague did an incredible job with the character, so incredible in fact that I couldn’t hate the character. Though maybe I just saw a mini Sherry. Why do all the good villains have to leave when the really bad ones get almost a full season to their name? *couthDANAcough*
Day 17: [b]Favorite minor character[/b]

Going by the list on a 24 [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/
over a year ago PotterForever said…
Day 16: Favorite Villan

Charles Logan!! He was the best villan in 24, and quite possibly one of the best villans in any television series. Portrayed as weak and inept, originally. However that turned out to be a cover for his true colors. This character had a lot of depth. Greg Itzin did a phenomenal job with this role, and it is a shame he didn't wn the emmy he was nominated for.
over a year ago HuddyJoy0524 said…
^^Agreed. He was TOTALLY robbed. I still remember watching the emmys that year. I was so pissed. Jean Smart shoulda gotten hers too.
over a year ago HuddyJoy0524 said…
Day 17: Favorite Minor Character

This is a really hard one. Because there are a lot of awesome minor characters on this show. A lot. I was thinking Dahlia Hassan for awhile but I think she's major enough to be counted under main favorites. So Imma go with Dina Araz.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this character. She's tough, intelligent, and knows how to be a villain. I mean....when she poisons Debbie and then is just walking slowly down the steps while looking at Behrooz it gives me the chills. And yet, there is some humanity underneath all that for her son and while she is willing to see the U.S. come down in flames she won't let him die. And you know....their terrorist plot fails and both she and Navi dies but at lease Behrooz makes it out. Sooo...I'd call that success.

She was one of those characters that I wish got to be on the show a little longer, there is so much depth to the character and I would have loved to see her interacting with more of the characters. And I think Shohreh should have gotten an Emmy for this one.

Dina Araz: In two hours all the reactors will have gone critical. After that it won't matter what I tell you and he can kill my son. I am only helping you to save his life. I believe in our cause. If you can't save my son, I am happy to see the reactors melt down.
[b]Day 17: Favorite Minor Character[/b]

This is a really hard one. Because there are a lot of awesom
over a year ago jlhfan624 said…
Day 18: Least favorite character

Oh definitely, that would have to be Dana Walsh. Most people actually hated her. I mean, the week that Jack killed her I think several magazine articles cheered it on as the highlight of the tv week. She was just THAT awful. I actually was intrigued by her "Jenny Scott" thing until it was revealed she was a mole. That was just the final straw. She's meek with Kevin, then a few hours later suddenly turns into a badass in cohorts with terrorists? Give me a fucking break!

Keep in mind I don't have anything against the actress. I quite like her, and I think she's got a lovely personality. Just Dana Walsh...dragged down 20 episodes of a perfect television show.
Day 18: [b]Least favorite character[/b]

Oh definitely, that would have to be Dana Walsh. Most people
over a year ago PotterForever said…
Day 17: Favorite minor character

In a show with so many different characters in each season, it's hard to pick one minor character. I think I'm also going to have to go with Dina Araz. She and Charles Logan were my top two choices for "favorite villan," and since I went with Charles on that one, Dina would have to be my favorite minor character. She was an absolutally chilling character. The scene with the poison tea would of course come to mind. What I found the most intiguing about her character was her love for her son. Now we know that she believes in her cause and want to see the terrorist plan succeed, but when her son's life was in danger she was willing to destroy the plan to save him. I think that added a lot of humanity to her character and made her very three demensional. I also think Shohreh did a great job. I actually think she was needlessly killed off and should have stuck around for the duration of the season. You know, season 4 was never one of my favorites, but talking about Dina, and her awesome characterazation makes me want. To move it up on my favorites list.
over a year ago jlhfan624 said…
Day 19: Unpopular opinion

I have a few. One of my biggest ones is that Renee is overrated. I go back and forth between loving and hating her character, because I adore Annie Wersching to death but her hardcore fans make it so difficult. Anyway, she really wasn’t that interesting of a character, at least not as fascinating as her hardcore fans make her out to be.

Another is that I LOVE season 6! Actually, I probably like to go against every fandom’s popular opinion ever (sorta like if everyone says black, I have to say white) and when it comes to season 6, it really pisses me off when I see any amount of hate towards it. I’m already defensive of the show as a whole, but I’m equally as defensive of 6 on its own. The first 4 episodes alone are the series best consecutive openings. Argue this with me, I dare you. I wonder how it must feel to watch something and just pick it apart piece by piece expecting it to be perfect (which 24 is btw). Actually no I don’t, because you guys suck. I have even seen people in forums (yes, IMDB) even say to skip season 6 because it’s not even worth the time. I can’t fathom…

Honorable Mentions
Karen Hayes is of no use to me.
Kim Bauer, and Elisha, are both awesome.
Sherry Palmer is the HBIC!
Day 19: [b]Unpopular opinion[/b]

I have a few. One of my biggest ones is that Renee is overrated. I
MTahmisian commented…
Couldn't agree ore with all of your unpopular opinions, especially on Kim and Sherry 8 months ago
over a year ago HuddyJoy0524 said…
Day 18: Least Favorite Character
This honor, without a doubt, must go to the ridiculous Marilyn Bauer. She has been my least favorite character since she virtually came on screen. The woman is OBNOXIOUS.

She's weak I mean for heaven's sake! People complain that Audrey's weak and she at least initiates getting out of a lot of the crap she ends up in. Marilyn just waits around for other people to save her from situations. It's stupid.

She's a crybabyOh and to add to the above she cries all through the crap that happens to her. Except, she doesn't cry when Graem dies even though he's her husband and the father of her child. Wtf.

She has no personality Nuff said on that one.

She hits on Jack the whole time She is not worthy of Jack. She never was. If Jack was actually good enough for her he would have come back. Obviously, they had a fling but she wasn't important enough. So she needed to GET OVER IT.

She actually adds nothing to the plot except to be a lameass version of Dina and she is a "reactionary" character. As in, she never actually does anything to further the plot the plot happens to her. On a show like 24, to survive you gotta be an initiator not a reactor. And most characters (like Martha) learn that and grow a spine. She failed to do so.

[b]Day 18: Least Favorite Character[/b]
This honor, without a doubt, must go to the ridiculous Marily
over a year ago PotterForever said…
Day 18: Least Favorite Character

Why Dana Walsh of course. What bothered me was that she was portrayed as weak and scared during the whole Kevin Wade crisis, even during scenes where she was a lone with Kevin and his redneck friend whose name I dont remember. But a few hours later, were expected to believe she is a cold blooded killer. Not only that, but she was given a disturbingly large amount of screen time. The first part of her story had nothing to do with the main plot, and yet she got almost as much screen time as Jack. This isnt the only time in 24 that a storyline had nothing to do with the plot, but usually it's happeneing to a character that's important to the story (ie Kim's story in season 2) Dana was a brand new cahracter, and I just found it odd that they devoted so much screen time to her unrelated story. Plus like I said, her being the mole dosen't make any scense. Her character almost ruined season 8 for me, and it was the main reason I didnt like season 8 when I first saw it. (watching it a second time on DVD changed my opinion for the season overall)
over a year ago HuddyJoy0524 said…
Day 19: Unpopular opinion
This is gonna have to be another dual one. I do NOT like Tony or Renee. At all.

We'll start with Tony. The first time I watched all the seasons he was just mildly annoying but then i forgave him because he "died." The 2nd time around however he began to annoy me more and by the time I had gone through all the seasons a few times, he was one of my least favorite characters.

In season 1, all he does is whine about Jack. And he's dating Nina so he continues to be insecure about that all throughout the entire season. It's quite annoying. He does what it takes to put himself ahead and that just really irritates me.

In season 2 he improves a lot and becomes Jack's friend. In fact, that's his best season because once we get to 3 he starts being ridiculous again. The whole subplot with Michelle at the end always makes me mad. Yeah, she's his wife and he doesn't want her to die but come ON. You can't risk the entire country for one woman. I'm sorry, its harsh, but you just can't. And then she leaves him and he mopes around for most of 4. He whines in the few scenes he's alive in season 5 (his character should have just ended there. shoulda just ended). but no. he must return. and in season 7 he turns on Jack who is supposed to be his best friend. NOT cool.

I'm sorry, but i just can't take him. And then there's Renee. Who it's clear from the beginning that she is being created merely to serve as a later love interest for Jack. She has little personality, if at all, and is supposed to be dating Larry but she's a total bitch to him. It doesn't help that he's not that great of a character himself but she could show a little more emotion there.

Then we get her trying to be all badass like Jack in the end of season 7 and in 8 we got her coming back all "wounded" and "tainted" like Jack. Then we get her cutting a guys hand off (errmmm....Jack already did that remember? See? They're replicas. No.) I was so done with her character. And relieved when she died. Yes, relieved.

So there. My unpopular opinions. I don't often state them because they're...well...immensely unpopular. And i run the risk of ranting. Hopefully this post wasn't too bad. xD
[b]Day 19: Unpopular opinion[/b]
This is gonna have to be another dual one. I do NOT like Tony or Ren
over a year ago jlhfan624 said…
Day 20: Favorite subplot

It is easily the Palmer's in season 1! I think everyone in the Palmer family is fascinating (except Sandra who just...ugh) so I enjoy watching every second of them. The fact that Keith murdered the man who raped his sister was intriguing and true to real life - these people & their families running for office are NOT perfect. Everything Sherry does in the first season is essentially to protect her children & herself, and the depth of her manipulation is very spot-on. Then there's the whole deal with Keith's therapist and Carl and the people who were supporting David's campaign trying to keep this information secret. And then...then you have David. The lone wolf, who is just honestly trying to do the right thing and be honest with the public. It's amazing to see David & Sherry go from the "big grumpy bear" to divorce in the span of 24 hours because of their intense differences.

UGH. Moral of the story is this was flawless television. All of 24 is flawless television, but you get what I'm saying.

PERFECTION = You are doing it right!
Day 20: [b]Favorite subplot[/b]

It is easily the Palmer's in season 1! I think everyone in the Palme
over a year ago HuddyJoy0524 said…
Day 20: Favorite subplot
I've actually been dreading this question because it's making me pick between all the amazing subplots on this show and out of ALL of them 95% are my favorite. Soooo.....let's see if i can come to a decision here.
*3 hours later*

Ok. I'm still thinking....

*Another 3 hours later*

Alright. I've come to a decision. I'm going to go ahead and go with the the White House storyline in season 5. This, of course, includes the Logans, Pierce, Novick, Gardner, Wayne Palmer, the Suvarovs, Walt Cummings, and yes even Jack. This was a REALLY tough decision but after thinking about what subplot I could watch over and over without ever getting sick of it, it's this one.

I love the interaction between the Logans and with Martha and Aaron and Logan and Mike...just everybody. They were all just so intriguing. And the dynamics were realistic too. You've got Aaron and Mike who were with Palmer and now they are transitioning to being with a new president and Aaron is figuring stuff out and you have Wayne trying to help out and Martha having psychotic issues (caused by Logan himself no doubt) there's just so much depth to it. Everyone already knows how much I love the motorcade part of this but then at the end when they all come together against Logan....

One of my favorite screenshots of the show is the triumphant looks on Martha and Mike's faces as they watch Logan at Palmer's funeral and his face afterwards as he realizes that it's over and he's being arrested. It's just PERFECTION. And then a lot of the aftermath gets carried into seasons 6-8 and i just love that. SO well written, SO well acted, SO well put together, just sums up the amazingness of all aspects of 24 right there.

Runner Ups:
I am a SUCKER for the White House storylines in general.
*Palmer and his family in seasons 1
*David/Lynne/Mike/Sherry in 2
*Palmer/Wayne/Sherry in 3
*Palmer and Logan in 4
*Karen/Tom/Wayne in 6
*Allison and her family/Ethan in seasons 7 and 8
I love them ALL.
*All goings on in CTU in season 5 (Lynn, Chloe/Edgar, Karen/Bill, etc, etc)
*Nina/Teri/Kim at the safe house
*The Salazars+Jack/Nina
*The Arazs
And so much more :)
[b]Day 20: Favorite subplot[/b]
I've actually been dreading this question because it's making me pick
over a year ago jlhfan624 said…
Day 21: Jack's most badass moment

What the HELL was I thinking when I added this?! Like anybody can be expected to choose from all 8 seasons (and Redemption) just one single badass moment.

One of my favorites though is of course the epic moment in the tunnel in season 8 when Jack is coming after Logan in full sexy gear. OHGOD. When he was digging through his bag and pulled out that mask, I was like "WHAT ARE YOU DOING. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO JACK?!" and then it happened and I was just like "YES!!!" That was actually just really amazing. And then Logan of course just added hilarity to the intense situation. "THAT'S JACK BAUER!" hahahahaha
Day 21: [b]Jack's most badass moment[/b]

What the HELL was I thinking when I added this?! Like anybo
over a year ago PotterForever said…
Day 19: Unpopular opinion

I actually liked the Teri has amnesia story from season one. I thought it nicely showed all the character has been through throughout the day. Also parts of it were scary and foreboding especially when the assasin was waiting ouside for her while she and her friend were in the house.

Day 20: Favorite Subplot

My favorite subplot has always been the Mason story from season two. Mason was a very unsympathetic character in season one, but by season two he really comes into his own. His storyline was beautifully written and fantastically acted. I especially love the scene where he says goodbye to his son. His great storyline led into one of 24's finest hours, the one where Mason takes the plane carrying the nuke down. He redemmed himself for his actions in season one, and turned out to be one of the greatest and most memorable heroes in 24 history. Just a fanstastic storyline.
over a year ago jlhfan624 said…
Oh God I agree with you about Mason! He's my second favorite subplot. That shit was just so....heartbreaking! And Xander just pulled it off so excellently.
over a year ago HuddyJoy0524 said…
Also agree. I never liked Chappelle but I've always loved Mason. I didn't even really have a huge problem with him in season 1 either. There's always been something interesting and sympathetic about him.

Day 21: Jack's Most Badass Moment

Alrighty, I'm gonna be super cliche here and go with "I'm gonna need a hacksaw." But vampire Jack in season 6 is a close runner up.

I think the reason I love these moments so much is that they took me completely by surprise. Like....they bring Jack back and want him to help out at CTU and he's just like BAM take the guy down and turns to Mason and Michelle all serious and they're like WTF?! (and we are too) I remembering watching this particular part with my sister and mom and we all looked at each other like ahhhhhh he's seriously gonna chop that guys head off?!?! it was great.

Then there's vampire Jack which i also distinctly remember because it was one of those where i was sitting there like how in the HELL is he going to get out of this one?? and then he bites the guys neck like a BAMF. I mean....it was genius. Jack has done some super awesome stuff but these 2 definitely stood out for me.
over a year ago jlhfan624 said…
Day 22: What are your 24 movie wishes?

First of all, I want there to even be a movie at all! After that #1 priority, I will state the few obvious things:

1. Kiefer HAS to be Jack. None of this bs where they get a different actor to play the same character. No.
2. Mary Lynn has to be in it.
3. Lots & lots & lots of action! Make it R-rated! None of this PG-13 shit. It's 24...it belongs on the big screen and it deserves an R rating.

After those, I have some ideas of what they could do but I wouldn't be upset if none of these happened.

1. I'd like for it to be in the USA. GO BACK TO DC!! Although with Jack running away at the end, it's probably more realistic that he'd hide out in another country. :(
2. I want Jack to say FUCK. Like a million times. Since 24 was on primetime television for 9 years, they had language barriers. But I fear that since he's grown so accustomed to saying 'DAMMIT!' that it will be all he says.
3. Vegetative state or not, leave Logan out. Have Tony make an appearance (his story wrapped up rather nicely, but I'd still like to see him again). Bring Audrey back.
4. Give us another strong, moralistic President like David & season 7 Allison.
5. I want Jack to have a (male) partner like Chase was in season 3. He can't always be a lone ranger.

Like with the show, I think they need to have mostly small names and no huge named stars. Kiefer alone can carry this movie if he has to, but I know that I've read somewhere that they don't want to have to rely on Kiefer to sell the movie since it has to appeal to people who aren't familiar with the show. All I ask is NO A-listers. I really would like Liev Schreiber to be in it. Random, but I think he's awesome. Maybe as a villain?

Anyway...I trust that Kiefer would never get involved with the movie if it didn't stay true to the show. I'm guaranteed to love it regardless.
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Day 22: [b]What are your 24 movie wishes?[/b]

First of all, I want there to even be a movie at all!
over a year ago HuddyJoy0524 said…
Day 22: What are your 24 movie wishes?

I actually don't have too many. But the ones I have i feel strongly about.

1) Chloe and Aaron HAVE to be in it. In some form. Chloe is Jack's closest and most trusted friend and Aaron ranks right up there. Both of them are amazing characters and could add so much to the plot.
2) Bring back Tony and Audrey too. As much as I hate Tony, I think he could really make for a good storyline (as long as its done well!) Also, Audrey needs to come back as well.
3) The movie needs to be kept to some sort of real time format. I know they have to get rid of that strict format for the purposes of a 2 hour movie but the ticking clock still needs to be there and an occasional reminder of how much time has past. If they change it to a "12 hour" thing and have another movie for the other 12 hours i would not complain :)
4) The villain HAS TO BE AMAZING. Like I want a twisted, conniving, well acted, well written cruel one. A really good, good villain. I'd be ok with a Logan type villain as well but that aspect is so important to me.

Other wishes:
1) A good president
2) Agree with Heather, no A list actors please! I don't want people seeing the movie because some random famous person is in it. They should wanna see it because it's Kiefer and because 24 is AMAZING.
3) Flashbacks to clips from the show. Not long ones but just brief, like references. I think it would be so cool and something special that all 24 tv show fans can share (and get others to go watch the show that haven't!)
4) CTU please? In some form?
5) Any other returning of characters from limbo would be awesome. 24 limbo is not a fun place to be stuck in forever :p
6) They should stick to the U.S.
over a year ago jlhfan624 said…
Day 23: Favorite actor/actress to appear on the show

KIEFER! Duh! Like there is any other. I was a fan of his before the show started, and he was my main motivation for watching it. His career had kinda sunk for awhile there and then the opportunity for 24 came along, and he has always been grateful for that and I believe he always will be. Since he's pretty much a sort of "underground" A-lister now, he's still very humble about it. You can tell how genuine he is if you watch the opening to the series finale where he link. I don't know guys, it's like I'm seeing his super stardom with 24 through his eyes and just explaining it. (He was the highest paid dramatic actor on television for a reason you guys...)

AND ON TOP OF THAT (yes there's more) he is SO sexy, and funny, and confident, and so sweet, and he's got enough balls to go on live television wearing a dress because he lost a bet. Manliness personified.

I have gone from thinking he was a good actor to thinking he's just the best. He does dramatic television like nobody else before or after him, and he will always be a legend. Forever lifelong stan.

“That’s a season wrap for Kiefer Sutherland!”

Day 23: [b]Favorite actor/actress to appear on the show[/b]

KIEFER! Duh! Like there is any other. I
over a year ago PotterForever said…
Day 21: Jack's most badass moment

For me it would have to be a tie between him taking on the Drazens at the end of season one, and him taking on Fayed's men, and than hanging Fayed with a chain during day six. Both of these moments represent Jack's ability to preform as a one man army. He single handedly took out everyone in the vicinity both times. And bear in mind the people he took out were heavily armed. But he managed to take out every frigging one of them! Two words: Bad Ass. Two epic scenes. Honorable mention has to go to the "Im gonna need a hacksaw" line, and of course the vampire bite from the beginning of season six.

Day 22: What are your 24 movie wishes?

I have a few:

-Mandy returning one last time
-A conclusion to the Alan Wilson storyline.
-Aaron Pierce. I want to see him in the movie
-Id like Tony to come back and redeem himself by helping Jack take down the baddies
-A conclusion to Jack's overall arch. One final mission he has to complete, and than he can be happy with his family
-An explanation to what happened to Wayne Palmer
-An explanation to what happened to Behrooz (but I doubt that will happen)
-Chloe has to be in it
-I also want to see Jack happy at the end
over a year ago HuddyJoy0524 said…
Day 21: Favorite Actor/Actress to appear on the show

This is a hard one because prior to 24 i didn't know who any of the actors on the show are. In effect, many of my favorite actors from 24 came to be my favorites because I first saw them on the show. So it's kind of cool in that 24 introduced me to a lot of great actors that aren't A list and that were still amazing. As for picking one, I don't think I ever could. However, I will highlight some major ones:

Jean Smart: I became a die hard fan of hers after seeing her as Martha Logan. I starting looking into other stuff she'd been in and discovered "Designing Women" now one of my favorite shows and "Bringing Down the House" now one of my favorite movies.

Shohreh Aghdashloo: This woman is freaking amazing. And she proceeded to guest star on some of my other favorite shows like "House" and "Law and Order SVU." I also watched the "Lake House" because of her. She's one of those people I hope narrates more programs/books on tape I could listen to her for hours. Love her to death.

Kim Raver: TOTALLY went through a Kim Raver phase. Searched for her on Sesame Street (has anyone actually found that, btw?) Very underrated actress especially because she's been in some shows that have bombed out/not done so well. Doesn't stop her acting skills though!

Zeljko Ivanek: As Andre Drazen he was pure genius but as other parts he's played....(Damages comes to mind) this guy blows my mind. The emotion that he can carry in every muscle movement is astounding. Definitely top notch.

Cherry Jones: TOTALLY went back to watch all the M. Night Shyamalan movies she's been in after she was Allison Taylor. I actually knew of her beforehand but didn't know I did. So much talent; so underrated.

Kiefer Sutherland: I mean, duh! Gotta save the best for last of course! ;) He is still like my #1 i would kill to meet him. Not only an amazing actor but known to be a good man. (And he's in horror movies, how great is that?!)

MORE than honorable mentions (in no particular order):
Mary Lynn Rajskub
Gregory Itzin
Jude Ciccolella
Penny Johnson Jerald
Dennis Haysbert
Sarah Clarke
Jayne Atkinson
Tamara Tunie
Glenn Morshower
over a year ago jlhfan624 said…
Day 24: Favorite quote

Aside from the obvious "DAMMIT!", I guess it would be this one. He's so quotable though, I love all his little smart/badass quips to terrorists. But I mean he's perfect so yeah.

"Of course I have regrets, Senator. I regret losing my family. My wife was murdered because I was responsible for protecting David Palmer during an assassination attempt. My daughter can't even look at me. Every day I regret looking into the eyes of men, women and children knowing that any moment their lives might be deemed expendable in an effort to protect the greater good. I regret every decision or mistake that I might have made which resulted in the loss of a single innocent life. But do you know what I regret the most? Is that this world needs people like me."

Day 24: [b]Favorite quote[/b]

Aside from the obvious "DAMMIT!", I guess it would be this one. He's s
over a year ago HuddyJoy0524 said…
Day 24: Favorite Quote:
This is another easy one: Aaron's speech to Logan in season 5.

There is nothing you have said or done that is acceptable to me in the least. You are a traitor to your country and a disgrace to your office. And it is my duty to see that you are brought to justice for what you've done. Is there anything else, Charles?

This speech was just so amazing to me because Aaron is one of the most respectful characters on the show and never questions his place. But in this one instance, he disgraces Logan in every way possible with just a few words and shows not only his distaste for Logan but how completely he feels about everything that has happened. I remember watching this and my jaw dropped. Then I cheered. Aaron is just one of those silent heroes on the show who finally got his moment to speak up.

Runner Ups:
David: This is probably the last time we'll ever speak. Jack you do understand when you hang up, for all intents and purposes, Jack Bauer is dead.
Jack: I understand. Mr. President, it's been an honor.
David: Same for me, my friend.

Jack: I never thought it was going to be you that was going to cover my back all those years. And i know that everything that you did today was to try to protect me, I know that. Thank you.
Chloe: Good luck Jack. (Pause) Shut it down.

Jack: That's the problem with people like you, George. You want results, but you never want to get your hands dirty. I'd start rolling up your sleeves. I'm gonna need a hacksaw.

Mason: You still have a life, Jack. You wanna be a real hero? Here's what you do. You get back down there and you put the pieces together. You find a way to forgive yourself for what happened to your wife. You make things right with your daughter, and you go on serving your country. That'd take some real guts.

Sherry: David, you just don't walk away from me! I am talking to you, David! David!

Melanie: You're Daddy's little girl. You get everything handed to you.
Kim: Shut up. I have been listening to this crap all day, about how I get everything I want, and how my life is so great, and everybody else's life sucks. Well you wanna know something? You don't know anything about me! Last night, I was kidnapped, tied up in the back of a trunk, and then I got to see your friend Dan get shot in the head. You take all the bad luck you've had in your entire life; it wouldn't fit into half of what's happened to me in the past twenty-four hours. So messing me up may not be as easy as you think. But if you wanna try, bring it on. Here, outside, anyplace you like.

Bill: You have NO idea what you're dealing with you little ass kisser!

Barry: Listen, we're in a crisis situation here, okay? Tempers are bound to flare, let's just everybody breathe.
Chloe: What's with you and the breathing? Is that your solution to everything?

Bill: Chloe, we're in active code. We don't have time for your personality disorder!

Karen: Did someone push you down the stairs?
Tom: No, I tripped over your ineptitude.

Evelyn: You look beautiful, Mrs. Logan.
Martha Logan: I look like a wedding cake. Let's start over.

And so many more....
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over a year ago PotterForever said…
Day 23: Favorite actor/actress to appear on the show

Keifer. Although there are a lot of great actors and actresses to appear on this show. I love Dennis Haysbert's performance. Espcecially during the scene in season two where his cabinet is trying to remove him from office. ("Is my voice shaking?") Yes, he was fantastic. But overall, I'd have to give it to Kiefer. The man can say so much in a scene with no dialogue, just through facial expressions. Really excellent actor.

Many runners up, Dennis Haysbert as I've mentioned, Shohreh Aghdashloo, who also did a great job, and many others.

Day 24: Favorite Quote

George Mason: "Don't wait around for your life to happen to you. Find something that makes you happy and do it. Because everything else is all just background noise."

As I was reading through all the quotes you guys put, I was about to choose one of them. My favorite was Heather's:

"Of course I have regrets, Senator. I regret losing my family. My wife was murdered because I was responsible for protecting David Palmer during an assassination attempt. My daughter can't even look at me. Every day I regret looking into the eyes of men, women and children knowing that any moment their lives might be deemed expendable in an effort to protect the greater good. I regret every decision or mistake that I might have made which resulted in the loss of a single innocent life. But do you know what I regret the most? Is that this world needs people like me."

A lot of great qoutes in this show.
over a year ago jlhfan624 said…
Day 25: Was the series finale everything you hoped/expected it to be? Why/why not?

Yes and no. Mostly no though. I had kinda hoped it would end with a cliffhanger, so as something to give us to go on and contemplate while waiting for the movie but again, I realize that since they want to appeal to a larger audience with the movie they couldn't very well have done that. DAMN THESE MOVIE RESTRICTIONS.

I had hoped that Jack would live and I spent the full 2 hours (I watched it on tv, it was a 2 hour finale) on the edge of my seat just WAITING for them to pull the final trigger on Jack. I had expected it because I was like 'Oh well this is it, so they're going to go out with a bang and just kill Jack.' Disregard the fact that I already knew they were planning for a movie, I go into every situation expecting the worst anyway.

ANYWAY back to the finale...the actual very last episode of the show and not just the 2 hours, I was overall satisfied with it. Taylor backed out of the peace agreement as she should have, and I enjoyed watching Logan scramble & flail about as he always does wondering what to do. The writers should have just had him finish himself off though, and not just put him in a vegetative state. Lame.

It still annoys me that the final few minutes are SO similar to season 4's ending (which is far superior in every way), but I LOVED Chloe & Jack's conversation though. It was obviously something thrown in at the last minute, but like that really matters. I prefer David/Jack's conversation though because it wasn't cheesy, just completely genuine and heartfelt. I'm still very sentimental over Chloe/Jack and I will always shed a river of tears whenever I watch him thanking her.

And the final clock? Brilliant. Just brilliant. SO happy they didn't use a silent clock though because that would have been the end of me. Something about those silent clocks makes everything so much more emotional.
Day 25: [b]Was the series finale everything you hoped/expected it to be? Why/why not?[/b]

Yes and no