2AM’s Jinwoon recently revealed quite an experience!

For the May 7th edition of KBS’s “I Recieved an Order”, the participants were divided into an MC team and an idol team to have a “Knee Race”. Basically, the object of the game was to crawl on your knees and try to pop the balloon on your opponent’s back.

For this event, Jinwoon and comedian Lee Soo Geun competing against each other, each trying their hardest to pop the balloon.

Despite his past knee injuries, Jinwoon gave it his best. However, Jinwoon’s pants suddenly started to come down during the event, thus, he ultimately lost to Lee Soo Geun. Jinwoon was barely able to avoid further embarrassment as he quickly pulled up the pants that fell down to the middle of his thighs. Using this as an opportunity, Lee Soo Geun quickly popped the balloon on Jinwoon’s back.