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rzeidan123 said …
Then Taj and Taryll prented to be body guards and acted cool and all that with sun glasses and put their hands in the air while Tj and I walked away singing. At the near end of the song. Tj and I were like Paris London Rome LA sinya Barisaris Hollywood. Weeeeeeeeeeee New York city. Waaaaaant it aaaaaaaaaaaaa all Posted over a year ago
rzeidan123 said …
I had a dream Tj and I were singing I want it all from I school musical three. Taj and taryll pretend to be bodyguard acting cool and all that with sunglasses on. Then prince came out of no where and took a picture with me. Taj and Taryll took Prince away and were about to take Tj away too. Tj was like I with her don't stop me I'm not a paparazzi. Then Tj and I were like magazines yes please gotta be celebrities. Posted over a year ago
rzeidan123 said …
I had a dream I was in a talent show. Prince Paris blanket, tj,ur anut Janet and Omer were in the show too. I was singing thriller the one Demi lovato rewrote after ur uncle micheal s death. It's a little differnet. Paris and ur aunt Janet were my back up singers and prince blancket Tj and Omer were my back up dancers. They were not in zombie customes. When the dance came up. I stop the song and u all dance too different beat tune and charagerphey Posted over a year ago