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JRitter-fan said …
Best show ever! It's definitely my favorite dhow, only when John was on there. He definitely made the show! Once he passed, the show was never the same. rip John... Posted over a year ago
TeamSeverus said …
It's so sad that John Ritter died all those years ago. But still one of the best shows ever until John Ritter died. Posted over a year ago
Persephone713 commented…
I know, I cant believe he died. Some of the most iconic and best actors have already passed away. I guess its like that song " Only the good die young" or younger and I remember seeing re runs of three's company and seeing John on there. Great actor. over a year ago
moviequeen said …
R.I.p. john Ritter Posted over a year ago
AustinDrake commented…
For the whole 3 years, this show never failed to give good laugh for everyone. It’s a great sitcom for those who seek great humors and jokes! I commend Disney production of producing this show and making the Hennessey family the craziest and funny family in the television history. I love their characters. So genuine yet wacky! Since I barely catch the reruns of this show, I made a purchase at which delivered me a great collection with the whole episodes of the entire 3 season of this show. So nice to see this show again especially Bridget whom was my fave character! over a year ago