Christmas Day has finally arrived, and the foursome, Alice, Ralph, and Nicholas' parents woke up and turned on the radio to hear the Beatles' Christmas message. The announcer said, "And now, live from the Broadcasting House in London, this is BBC Radio 1's Annual Christmas Message!" With that, all of London and the rest of the United Kingdom stopped to listen...

"Good King Wenslers last looked out, on the feast of Steven. As the slow ray round about, deep and crisp and crispy. Brightly showed the boot last night, on the nasty cruel Henly Hall and David Lloyd, Betty Grable, too!"

"Hello! This is John Lennon speaking with his voice. I hope you're having a wonderful time today. This is our first time to broadcast our message in a major radio station, and we're lovin' it! I'm sure you'll have a crackin' good time, too! So, Gary Crimble and many Rudolphs, and I'm handing you over to Paul."

"Thanks, John. Paul McCartney's the name, playing bass is the game! I'd like to say that it's such an honor to be speaking to you all from the BBC. We want to thank everyone, especially our ever-loyal fans for their continued support. We hope to tour the country again soon. In the meantime, enjoy the festive spirit! Now, here's George."

"Thank you veddy much, Paul. Hi, there! I'm George. George Harrison. We all know that every person loves getting new presents each Christmas. However, you must also remember that it is more than just gifts. It's about being with your loved ones, and it brings hope, joy, and love. That, my friends, is the true reason for the season. Let's all keep that in mind. All right! Ringo, it's your turn."

"Thank you, George. Ringo Starr here! Y'know, my favorite part of Christmas is seeing so many bright lights. For me, they really make the wintery sceneries lively. I'm sure they do for you, too! In closing this part, I'd like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. See you soon!"

"All right, mates. There you have it. To conclude this message, we want to say that our wish for this Christmas and the New Year is peace, love, and understanding everywhere. So, from the four of us to all of you...Happy Christmas! Happy Christmas! Happy Christmas!"

The message ended with the announcer saying, "This has been BBC Radio 1's Annual Christmas Message. Thank you for listening!" Afterwards, everyone clapped and Rosie turned off the radio. Meanwhile, in the Broadcasting House, the DJ congratulated the Beatles for delivering the message. He said, "Bravo! Bravo! That was bloody marvelous! Thank you so much again, mates!" John replied, "It was our pleasure, chap!" Paul added, "We had lots of fun, too!" The DJ then told them that he will be sending a message to his colleague about its broadcast. This made the band smile and bow in appreciation. Soon, they returned to the dorm with a smiling Rosie opening the door. Rosie said, "That was such a magnificent message, and the best one ever, too!" George replied, "Thanks veddy much indeed, darling! It was such an honor delivering it." Ringo added, "And the DJ was so proud of us!" Nicholas replied, "I'm glad to know that, mate!" Buzzy said, "All right, so, shall we start the Christmas party?" Everyone shouted, "YES!" And with that they took photos, opened their gifts, and had the feast. It was a truly remarkable Christmas for the foursome, Alice, Ralph, Nicholas' parents, and the Beatles.