After the party, the foursome, Alice, Ralph, Nicholas' parents, and the Beatles walked back to Trafalgar Square to watch the Dancing Lights show. Lots of people came there to watch it, too. Among them was the DJ whom the Beatles befriended and helped, and standing next to him was his colleague and his family. He was on crutches and wearing a leg brace. However, this didn't stop him from enjoying Christmas. When the DJ saw the band again, he introduced his colleague to them. He was very happy to meet the Beatles themselves and told the lads, "I'd like to thank you all so much for filling in for me in the Christmas message. I really appreciate it." George replied, "Our pleasure, mate. We're always ready and happy to help." The DJ said, "Say, would the four of you like to work as radio DJs in Radio 1? You can be hosts for a daily noon sixties music show." The Beatles thought for moment. Finally, John replied, "Sure! We'd love to do that. We can call our show, 'The World According to the Beatles!'" Paul, George, and Ringo nodded in agreement. The DJ replied, "Jolly good! That's a wonderful name!" His colleague replied, "Indeed! The four of you can also broadcast the annual Christmas messages from now on. Anyway, I'm a co-host of my friend's show, and I also fill in for him whenever he is sick or injured." Ringo replied, "Certainly! We love doing our Christmas messages very much." This made the two DJs smile. Paul then said, "Well, it was lovely talking with you both. We will start our new job in the second week of January. See you again next year, and Merry Christmas!" "Merry Christmas to you, too!" Replied the DJ. Soon, the show started. Everyone was mesmerized by the bright, twinkling lights. Christmas songs and bells rang through the air. As they watched in awe, Rosie said to the lads as she stood close to them, "Merry Christmas, Beatles." They smiled at her lovingly and replied, "Merry Christmas, Rosie."