Pairing/fandom: Damon Fizzy and Cyr. Yes they are Youtubers and real people. No you do not have to know them to understand this. No you will never be able to look at them the same again (maybe).
Warnings: I think this is obvious. Don't like smut or slash, don't read. It's as simple as that.
Background: Meh, it's AU in case you were wondering. You'll see why..

Cyr groaned as he rolled over in the bed, wincing at the spasms of agony coming from his head. Biting his lip to avoid screaming at the pain that resulted from trying to sit up, he sat blinking in the darkness of the room, hearing only the faint hum of a generator and the beeping of a monitor. Sighing, he reached for the lamp and flicked it on, illuminating the cramped space in dim yellow light. He bleakly registered the spindly table cluttered with cards, the vase of drooping flowers on the other side of the room, the musty drawn curtains, and the sagging chair next to the door. His mind was swirling, and suddenly his stomach was gripped in a powerful spasm. He retched and vomited, his head swimming and side burning. Yellow lights flashed in front of his vision and he collapsed onto the pillow, succumbing to the swirling blackness.

When he next awoke, the room was clearer, drenched in white light. The curtains were open, and blinding sunlight was shining through the window. He sat up, wincing once more at the stabbing pain, and ran his fingers through his shaggy dark hair. He blinked, trying to figure out why his vision was so blurry, and spied a pair of black-framed glasses sitting on the night table next to the lamp. He slipped them on and slowly, the room came into focus. At the other end of the room, a clump of people stood, clearly not realizing that Cyr was awake. He blearily tried to place them, but to no avail; there was something blocking his brain from thinking properly, and it wouldn’t budge. He must have cried out, because moments later he was staring straight into a set of clear blue eyes. He swallowed loudly; in the foggy confusion clouding his brain, he couldn’t remember if he was supposed to have feelings for this boy, or even who he was. But why were his eyes so blue?
    His stomach clenched in knots, he resisted the urge to vomit again, and sank down into the pillows, trying to act normal. The blue-eyed one, whose short brown hair looked rather nice, Cyr thought, in this light, smiled and sat down on the edge of the bed. The others encircled him, beaming; Cyr mumbled something, trying to push out of the haze surrounding his mind. The boy looked first to Cyr, then to the others; he flashed them a meaningful glance and they slowly backed out of the room.
    Cyr blinked up at him, still trying to dispel the fog, but failing. He coughed loudly, looking away to keep from staring into the other boy’s blue eyes. The boy seemed to notice this, because he smiled, putting a hand on Cyr’s shoulder.
“Dude, you’re finally up! We were so worried!” Cyr just blinked, the confusion reflected in his brown eyes. The boy laughed. “You gonna say something, Cyr?”
Cyr sighed as he tried to figure out what the words meant. Cyr. Sounded..familiar. With a jolt, he realized it was his name.
“Where--who am I?” Cyr stammered out, ashamed at the stupidity in his voice. What kind of first impression was that?
The blue-eyed boy laughed. “Vincent Cyr? Hospital room 240? Ring any bells?”
Cyr shook his head, befuddled. Maybe if he wasn’t so taken on this boy’s hair, his piercing blue eyes, his gentle face, he might have an easier time focusing. “Wh--who are you then?”
    Once again, Cyr cursed himself, wishing he didn’t sound so useless, so stupid.
“Um..Damon? Damon Fizzy? Dee-fizzy? Remember me?” The boy, Damon, stared at him with a mixture of shock, confusion, and disbelief. Cyr stared right back. Damon sighed.
“You seriously don’t----SHIT. Shit, shit, shit!” The change in his expression was clear as he realized what was happening. Cyr noticed a wet glistening in Damon’s eyes before he sunk his head in his hands, cursing under his breath. “Fuck---no---Cyr---it can’t--NO!”
    Damon lifted his head; the tears streaming down his face glinted in the light. Cyr sat back into the pillows, confused beyond all measure. “Cyr! Cyr!” Damon was sobbing, shaking Cyr’s body. Finally, a trickle of understanding came to him.
    “Dude, I’m not dead, you know.”
Something he said must have struck a chord with Damon, because he grinned, throwing his head back in joyous laughter. Then, abruptly, he stopped. His face hardened, grew grim, but Cyr couldn’t help noticing a wild flash in his blue eyes that was not there earlier.
    “Cyr, do you remember me?” Damon’s voice was desperate. “Do you remember anything?
    Cyr strained, pushed against the heavy fog, his head throbbing, but to no avail. He shook his head slowly. Damon sighed, a tear trickling down his face. “So it’s true,” he whispered, more to himself than anyone else. “You do have amnesia.”
    Suddenly, it dawned on Cyr. He knew this Damon guy. Somehow, sometime, they were friends. Or maybe more than that, he wasn’t sure. He didn’t know the details, or what had happened, but somehow, he had forgotten. He sat up abruptly, his head swimming and vision flashing. A fire had ignited in Damon just then, a wild blaze that reflected in his eyes, his face, his mannerisms. Cyr, too, felt that fire. His blood bubbled and burned as a sudden heat coursed through his veins; he was looking at Damon in a different way than he had before. He coughed.
    “Uh..Damon? How exactly did I get amnesia?”
Damon frowned. “Vlogging. You tripped down the stairs and cracked your head open,” he announced, his voice devoid of emotion despite the obvious tremor. Cyr sighed.
Damon was about to answer, but he stopped and, without warning, thrusted Cyr’s neck towards his and kissed his lips. Momentary shock registered in Cyr’s dark chocolate eyes, but he embraced the gesture, kissing back passionately. Somehow, this felt natural to him, even if nothing else did.
    Damon slowly broke away, and Cyr smiled. The warm pleasure of the kiss was beginning to fade away, leaving him yearning for more. But Damon wasn’t planning on satisfying Cyr’s craving any time soon, because he slipped off the bed and stood up, avoiding Cyr’s hungry gaze.
“I should be leaving,” he said matter-of-factly, beginning to edge towards the door. “You need your rest.”
“No!” Cyr cried out suddenly, his foggy mind desperate for human contact. He reached out for Damon, who sighed and, feigning reluctance, strolled back to the bed. He sank down next to Cyr, who rested his head in his friend’s lap, suddenly exhausted. Damon leaned back, chuckling, and ran his fingers through Cyr’s shaggy dark hair. Although messy and disheveled, it was impossibly soft and shiny, slipping through his fingers like black fine-grained sand.
Damon cupped Cyr’s face in his hands and kissed his lips, feeling Cyr’s unshaven jaw, his soft hair, his slightly chapped lips. Cyr closed his eyes as waves of pleasure washed over him and embedded his fingers in Damon’s brown hair. When he opened his eyes again and slowly pulled his lips away, he noticed the slight flush on Damon’s cheeks, the broad smile on his face, his glinting diamond earrings. He adjusted his glasses slightly, trying desperately to ignore the feelings coursing through him, the blind desire for more that his body screamed out. He couldn’t become aroused. Not now.
“You feeling any better?” Damon asked, winking. Cyr laughed.
“Much.” He kissed Damon once more, the passion and intent blazing in their eyes. Before they could do much more, they were interrupted by the creak of the door. A squat nurse waddled in, eyes widening when she saw the two lovers on the bed. Damon and Cyr broke apart, staring at the nurse, who quickly backed out of the room, red-faced and coughing loudly. When the door had slammed shut, the two didn’t resume immediately, but lay back and stared up at the slowly turning fan on the ceiling. Cyr gave a dry laugh.
“What the fuck?”
Damon grinned. “The look on her face!”
    Cyr slid closer to Damon until their bodies were pressed against each other. Cyr’s skin tingled with the warmth of Damon’s body, and he once more had to fight the burning desire coursing through him. This time, however, he did not succeed.
    An inkling of surprise registered in Damon’s face as Cyr, delirious with pain and passion, pressed his mouth to Damon’s lips. Damon didn’t protest, though, as emotions surged through his body. The room faded away, or maybe Cyr faded from the room. He wasn’t sure, but he was floating on a fiery cloud of passion and desire. He felt Damon’s tongue enter his mouth, probing, and Cyr’s fingers echoed the motion, but in other parts of Damon’s body. Damon was moving down to his neck, now, sucking and nibbling. That’ll leave one hell of a hickey, Cyr thought, but he put reality aside and focused on the moment, the passion, the emotion.
    As they kissed, grinding their bodies together, Cyr felt a sudden surge of longing, and he was reaching for Damon’s shirt before he could stop himself. It took some fumbling with the buttons before Damon noticed. Shock registered in his eyes and he pulled away abruptly, face blank. Cyr felt a shudder of shame and fell backwards, cursing himself. Tears stung his eyes as the reality of what he had done sank in. Stupid, stupid, stupid.
He felt Damon’s soft hand on his cheek, but didn’t look up. He couldn’t bear to stare into those shocked blue eyes. “Too far,” Cyr moaned under his breath, shaking Damon’s hands off. “Too fucking far. I’m an idiot.”
“You’re not.”
He looked up at this, to find Damon smiling, understanding. He lunged forward
to kiss him again, but remembered himself and pulled back. Damon shook his head, and pressed his mouth to Cyr’s. The tides of shame and regret had turned for Cyr, washed away and replaced with burning pleasure. As his mind drifted and his eyes squeezed shut, he felt hands reaching for the bottom of his shirt. He squirmed slightly when Damon’s fingers brushed against his “danger zone”, but allowed him to pull the shirt over his head. Sighing, sucking at Damon’s neck, he once more fumbled with the buttons of Damon’s shirt. This time, the other permitted him to unbutton the shirt and Damon shrugged it over his shoulders, tossing it to the ground next to Cyr’s and beginning to work on his pants. Cyr’s pants were easy, since they were only loose pajama shorts, but Damon’s were less cooperative. It took a bit of fumbling on Cyr’s part to undo the belt, but at last, the two were refreshingly naked.
    Without clothes, the kiss took on a whole new level. Cyr didn’t protest as he was rolled onto his back, straddled by Damon’s bare legs. His body exploded with pleasure as Damon’s lips moved further and further down his body. He groped blindly at Damon’s body, finally finding a nipple and taking it between his lips, earning a small noise from Damon barely audible over Cyr’s own moans. As Damon reached the target area, sensations stronger than Cyr had ever felt coursed through him, and he couldn’t help but cry out. Damon didn’t seem to hear, though, and he didn’t notice Cyr quickly growing hard. Well, he probably did, but he didn’t care. Finally, Cyr’s hands found Damon’s own member and he carefully explored the area, first with his fingers and then his mouth. Cyr slipped the head of Damon’s erect cock between his lips, feeling with his tongue, trying to ignore the jolting sensations coming from down below where Damon was doing the same thing. Sliding the shaft into his mouth, sucking furiously, he widened his legs to allow Damon more room. Suddenly, a strong, wet feeling came over him, and the pressure lightened as Damon let go.
    “Did I just cum?”
Damon coughed and nodded. “Dude, really? We haven’t even started yet!”
Cyr laughed, but the laughter soon caught in his throat and was replaced with a moan as his cock once more entered Damon’s mouth. The feelings were too powerful this time, and he forgot to perform the job on Damon, consenting to close his eyes and moan as the sensations washed over him. As Damon sucked still harder, Cyr clawed at the sheets, bucking his hips wildly. Finally, he slowed down, heart pounding. “D-Damon?” Cyr’s voice was a small whimper; his muddled, passion-induced brain couldn’t handle much more. Damon released Cyr’s cock from his lips.
Cyr stared up at his friend, brown eyes wild and pleading. “Please...fuck me?”
Damon shook his head slowly. Probably the painkillers had screwed with Cyr’s brain, because he’d never seen him like this. Cyr blinked at him, slipping one of Damon’s nipples between his teeth and sucking vigorously. This earned a symphony of moans from the boy, and Cyr was rewarded when a lubricated finger---when had he gotten out the lube?--was slid into his opening. He let out a rather undignified squeal as another finger entered, his lips trailing down Damon’s chest and his spine arching in a way that shouldn’t have been anatomically possible. After a bit of sliding and prodding, Damon’s fingers slipped out of Cyr, to be replaced with the cock itself. Cyr had to keep from screaming with pleasure as Damon thrust into him. He was still on his back, and had his legs over Damon’s shoulders to allow him more room. He moaned and screamed at the feelings burning through his body, as Damon thrust harder and harder, sending waves of pleasure crashing over him. Hips bucking wildly, he felt his glasses slide off his face and clatter to the floor, but he didn’t care, clutching to the closest available object--Damon’s arm--to steady himself. He screamed in pleasure as Damon gave one last thrust and slid out of him, falling back onto the bed panting.
“M-more...” Cyr begged, but soon he saw why Damon had stopped. It was then that he noticed the camera, mounted on the wall and trained towards them, and heard maniacal laughter coming from somewhere he couldn’t see. He rolled over onto his stomach, propping himself up on his elbows as his head swiveled wildly in search of the source of the noise. Damon glared at the camera.
“Fuck you, Stefan!”
More laughter. This time it sounded like more than just one person. “No! You fuck me!” Stefan shouted back. More laughter.
    “Dude, I think he’s a little busy...” Damon recognized that to be Greg, and he cursed himself for not noticing the camera earlier. Cyr just blinked in confusion, still breathing hard. Damon jumped off the bed, pulling on the first clothes he could find, which happened to belong to Cyr. More laughter. Damon was fuming, his face turning a darker and darker shade of red.
    “Stefan! You’d better not put this on Youtube!”
The others cackled with laughter. Greg shouted again. “Too late, bro!”
Damon glared. “Fuck you all.” He collapsed onto the bed next to Cyr, who rested his head in Damon’s lap, and the two momentarily forgot they had an audience, curling up together and drifting into sleep.
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