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Multi-Cinderella • "Sometimes fantasy is better than reality..."


Cinderella (Hilary Duff) - Keep Holding On(Lyrics)

A Cinderella Story- Far Away

Cinderella story-Feeling You

Breakeven - Cinderella Story

Cinderella story - story of a girl

A Cinderella Story

A cinderella story

Cinderella Story - touchdown kissing scene

Cinderella Story

Thanks For The Memories - A Cinderella story

a cinderella story- come down to me (austin/sam)

♥ Cinderella Story ♥

A cinderella Story..It's you I have loved

A Cinderella Story- Beautiful Soul

A Cinderella Story - Ever Ever After

A Cinderella Story- Strong Enough

A Cinderella Story - Nothing Els Matters II

A Cinderella Story - Dare you to move


A cinderella story- You and me (lifehouse)

Cinderella story- She will be loved

A Cinderella Story - Best Day of My Life

Cinderella Story-I'll Be

A Cinderella Story - She is

A Cinderella Story - listin to your heart

A Cinderella Story - Because You Live

A Cinderella story- Stand by you

A Cinderella Story-One Last Breath

Cinderella Story - Falling for you

A Cinderella Story - Far Away

Sam & Austin (A Cinderella Story) - You belong with me

A Cinderella Story - Now You Know ( Hilary Duff)

A Cinderella Story FULL MOVIE

Austin "Sam I'm ready"

Sam&Austin - Run Don't Walk

A Cinderella Story "Incomplete"

A Cιи∂єяєℓℓα Sтσяу Aυѕтιи & Sαм

Feels Like Tonight - Austin and Sam from A Cinderella Story

Me Against The World- Sam Montgomery

Perfect -Sam Montgomery

A Cinderella Story SAM - Behind These Hazel Eyes

A cinderella story - Break Away Artist: Kelly Clarkson

Beauty From Pain

Sam says GOODBYE - A Cinderella story

A Cinderella Story: Austin/Sam- This Is Me.

Sam/Austin Beat of my heart

She Could Be- Sam/Austin

A Cinderella Story - Austin & Sam

"All That I Have." - Sam/Austin

A Cinderella Story - austin & sam - a new day has come

Sam and Austin - Desperately (A Cinderella Story)

A cinderella story - "The play"

A Cinderella Story Scene


A CinDerella StOry:AuStin & Sam =)

A Cinderella story- trailer

Cinderella Story - touchdown kissing scene

Feels Like Tonight - Austin and Sam from A Cinderella Story

A Cinderella Story - Samantha and Austin

Sam/Austin/Shelby Who's that girl?

This is the Story of a Girl--A Cinderella Story

A Cinderella Story [ Sam Montgomery ] *Stand in the Rain

Cinderella Story~You Belong With Me

Cinderella story-hear me you

Cinderella story -dance scene

Cinderella story clip 9

Cinderella story clip 12

Cinderella story-austin and sam talking

Cinderella story

A Cinderella Stoy - At the game + kiss

Don't Forget.. Austin ;; Sam//Austin

Austin x Sam-Far Away[A Cinderella Story]

Got Me Going Crazy- Sam/Austin

Austin and Sam - Coming For You/This Is Me

A Cinderella Story - Sam & Austin

A Cinderella Story - Sam & Austin


sam & austin

Sam and Austin- Almost here

Sam and Austin - My happy ending

Cinderella story | Sam & Austin - May Angels Lead You In

Austin & Sam - The Best Day Of My Life ( A Cinderella Story)

Sam&Austin-The Way I Loved You

Christmases When You Were Mine- Sam/Austin

Forever and Always- Sam/Austin

[A Cinderella Story] Sam/Austin - Love Story [Taylor Swift]

A Cinderella Story-Dance

Sam/Austin - Love Story ♥

A Cinderella Story - Sam & Austin - Because You Live

Old Blue Jeans- Sam/Austin

A Cinderella Story - Austin and Sam: Heartbeats

Sam & Austin - A Cinderella Story . They'll never know

A Cinderella Story (Sam/Austin)-Black Keys

You Belong With Me ; AUSTIN & SAM

A Cinderella Story--Hilary Duff-behind the scenes

A cinderella story-May angel lead you in

A Cinderella Story - Samantha and Austin

Sam and Austin- A Cinderella Story