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ChuckyLover1 said …
I love this show, because out of all the cool experiences I have seen these people go through with the paranormal, really makes me think there ARE demons and angels out there, you just can't see them.
And just to see these specific people go through and suffer what they do and then have a mind of their own to share it with us, is amazing, sometimes I wish I could have a time to experience things like this, but I can't but someday I will look more into it. Posted over a year ago
missing_99 said …
Good news! Season 5 of A Haunting debuts on Destination America on October 12th, 2012.

link Posted over a year ago
ChuckyLover1 said …
Sometimes When I watching A Haunting series... I think to myself, are these stories really true? Or are they about people just telling straight out lies just to be scary and fill us with thrill, I don't care if they are fake or not, they're still good shows.. just not quite sure if they're real but I love ghostZ!!! Posted over a year ago