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Softball_Hailey said …
One of the best movies ever made. I have watched it over 35 times and it still never gets old. Especially the part with the Jimmy Dougan and Umpire fight! LOL Posted over a year ago
elstef said …
I just wanted to say that, I know it was supposedly left open to interpretation if Dottie dropped the last game ball on purpose, but I firmly believe that she did. Even as a kid I suspected it. The whole movie she tries to make Kit feel better, and she clearly felt sorry for her when the little freak was having a nervous breakdown because she was losing the game. p.s. if you cant tell, I really dont like Kit. She spends the whole movie whining, and then after she "wins" the game she looks Posted over a year ago
elstef commented…
so smug. I wanted to smack her so bad. over a year ago
superwalrus said …
produced by none other than penny marshal, ms laverne dafazzio!! Posted over a year ago