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Opinion by smckinlay2 posted over a year ago
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1)Because of the looks they gave each other while Jamie sang
2)Belinda could see the looks between them
3)The way he looked Landon at her after she said “thank you”
4)Landon was listening to her talking about the Star frame
5)Landon said “laugh it’s a joke”
6)Landon knew a lot about her
7)Cause Jamie doesn’t care what people think about her
8)“Your act only works on an audience”
9)She gave him a lift
10)“Befriend someone you don’t like”
11)“I’d tell you but them I’d have to kill you”
12)Landon asked her for help with his lines
13)She asked him to promise not to fall in love with her
14)Because he was curious of why she was by herself in a cemetery
15)Landon felt bad after saying in your dreams
16)She thought she’d seen something in him
17)Landon was looking for her yearbook picture
18)She was looking at him helping the kid
19)The look in the hallway
Review by LisaForde posted over a year ago
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I got this on Dvd last year and I was watching it. It is a very sad film. The story begins where a popular guy named Landon Carter has to do community service after a prank goes horribly wrong. He meets this geeky girl named Jamie Sullivan. But what he doesn't know is that she has leukemia. Of course he falls for her and the story goes on. Mandy Moore was excellent as Jamie , and Shane West who acted like a total jerk yet you start to like his charcther as the movie progresses. My fav scene ah its gotta be the one where he kissed her when she finshed the song Only Hope how cute. Also I like the ending


He marries her in the end where her mother got married . And 4 years later Landon who is now in medical visits her dad and he says that Landon was Jamie's miracle. Of course in the end he says You can't see the wind but you can feel it.