It's been four years since Jamie passed away. I sat in Reverend Sullivan's house on the couch. Or to be more specific, my father in law's house. He and I talked for a bit about how I was accepted to medical school. Then all of a sudden he said to me.

"I have something for you." He left the room and came back with an envelope for me. It was addressed to me in Jamie's hand. "She wanted you to have this a few years after she passed." He explained. I handled the envelope carefully, it was a bit brown with age, but still neat and crisp. "I'll go make some lemonade and give you some time to look at it." My father-in-law stood up and went to the kitchen, leaving me in peace.

I stared at the letter for a few moments, hardly believing what I had before me. A real letter from Jamie. It was like an extra present from Christmas that wasn't found until May. It was so like Jamie to think of something like this. I carefully open the envelope and pull out the letter. It was written in black ink, and it was definitely Jamie's handwriting. It said:

Dear Landon,

I hope you've been doing well, and by now you probably have gotten into medical school. I had no doubt that you wouldn't have. You are always able to do whatever you set your mind to. The spring play was proof of that. At first you wanted nothing to do with running lines, but eventually I saw a change in you and you started actually wanting to get your lines right.

It really stuck out to me how you were able to receive my father's permission to date me, let alone marry me. You and him didn't used to get along so well. I'm so grateful that now you both are friendly to each other now. I don't know if I would have been able to marry you if my father didn't approve, even though I loved you. So thank you both for putting aside your differences and getting along.

I know that we both knew that I didn't have long and our time together would be brief. I wish that we could have grown old together, and raised a family. Before I knew I had cancer and before I liked you I thought about my future kids. I wanted to adopt as well as have my own. I even came up of names for my future children. I wanted to name my first child after my mother or my father, depending on if it was a boy or girl. I also liked the names Hope, Rose Elizabeth, Trevor, and Michael John. I'm sorry we were never able to raise a family like we would have wanted to.

I'm still scared of not being with you, but I know that I'm going to see you again eventually. So please don't worry or be too upset. I'm in a better place now. I love you.

-Jamie Carter

I stare at the letter in wonder as I try to hold back tears. I love her too. Even though she's gone, and it wasn't the life we wanted, we knew it was the life we were going to have and I'm grateful for our time together. I know that she's still there and watches over me. We're never truly separated. I know that I'll see her again.