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Jamie & Landon - Enjoy The Silence

A Place Nearby- Jamie/Landon

Truly, madly, deeply

Jamie/Landon - You Found Me

keep holding on // a walk to remember

Tonight; Jamie/Landon

Landon and Jamie - The sun is gone...

jamie and landon never gone

a walk to remember - landon and jamie - collide

A Walk To Remember| Jamie & Landon| Never Say Never

Landon & Jamie || Drops Of Jupiter

Jamie/Landon Never Say Never

Jamie & Landon - || Our Love is Like the Wind ....

Landon/Jamie: "Your all I'm reaching for; I know it's already over"

Here without you - A walk to remember

Landon and Jamie- Right here waiting

landon and jamie- someday we'll know

Jamie and Landon ; Blue & White

Jamie/Landon - For Blue Skies

Landon & Jamie - I Will Be

Everything Changes- Jamie and Landon

All at Once - A Walk to Remember

Jamie & Landon ~ Whenever you call

Jamie and Landon - Fix You

Jamie & Landon: Crazier

Could It Be Any Harder II Jamie & Landon

Landon & Jamie - Here Without you

A walk to remember: "Please remember"

Landon & Jamie - Still Here

A warning sign: Landon + Jamie

Landon & Jamie // Like A Bullet Through My Chest

Jamie and Landon - This Is A Call

Landon & Jamie - It's gonna be love

Landon and Jamie-Halo

A walk to remember - Look After You

Cat & Mouse

A walk to remember - hero

Learning to Breathe - Jamie and Landon

Angelo & Ceetrus - Someday We'll Know (A Walk To Remember)

A Walk To Remember-Jamie&Landon Incomplete

Everyday I love you ~ Jamie&Landon (A Walk to Remeber)

A walk to remember- landon and jamie & Last song (comes out in april!) - will and ronnie

walk to remember Please Forgive Me

A Walk To Remember-I Cry (Shyane Ward)

A walk to remember_OnlyHope.

Jamie & Landon || A walk to remember || Because you loved me

A Walk To Remember (Breathe Me)

Only Human - Landon & Jamie

Jamie&Landon-my angel Gabriel

A Walk To Remember

[a walk to remember & tuck everlasting] "viva forever"

[a walk to remember] "dancing in the moonlight"

Jamie&Landon » Gravity.

A Walk to Remember - It's Going to Be Love

Will We Fly - A Walk to Remember & The Notebook

jamie/landon - anywhere but here

jamie & landon; never say never

landon and jamie life is good

but you dont see me..//Landon & Jamie (A Walk To Remember)

A walk to remember - Jamie and landon - bleeding love

A walk to remember - River flows in you (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

A Walk to remember - Jamie & Landon - Even Angels fall

show me the meaning of being lonely

A Walk To Remember / Your Guardian Angel

A Walk To Remember, I Miss You Like Crazy

A Walk to Remember - Jamie and Landon - Keep holding on

A Walk To Remember- Jamie and Landon (Happy Birthday Anni!!)

a walk to remember - Jamie and Landon - your guardian angel

"Breathe" {Landon&Jamie} by Taylor Swift

a walk to remember -somebody will miss you

A Walk to Remember Music Video

[A Walk To Remember] - Anywhere But Here

A Walk to Remember (part 1-9)

Jamie & Landon || Different

Are You Scared? || Jamie&Landon

A walk to remember-Before I fall in love

Jamie and Landon- All I Need

A Walk to Remember- Real life fairytale

You- A Walk To Remember

A Walk to Remember - No Easy Way Out

A Walk To Remember - Here Without You

Landon and Jamie - With Me

Love Story - A Walk to Remember

A Walk To Remember - What Makes You Different

A Walk To Remember - She's All I Ever Had

Jamie & Landon - Over My Head

Jamie & Landon - Whenever You Remember

Bleeding Love - A walk to remember

A Walk To Remember - Angel

Be Like That - A Walk To remember

If Tomorrow Never comes- Jamie & Landon

If You Fly Away Tonight (Jamie and Landon)

Jamie and Landon Tribute- Thank God I Found You

Beauty - Jamie/Landon

Only Hope- Jamie and Landon's Story

A walk to remember - In your arms

Against All Odds - Westlife and Mariah Carey (A walk to remember)

Mandy Moore A walk to remember

A Walk to Remember - Si no te hubieras ido[if you had not gone]

Jamie and Landon | Careless Whisper | A Walk To Remember