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A walk to remember Only Hope

A walk To Remember-Jamie & Landon

A Walk To Remember - :( Sad

Love Song Requiem || Jamie & Landon

Love Story [A Walk to Remember]

Love Story || Jamie & Landon

Jonny Was//Headbopper

A Walk To Remember - Even Angels Fall

Walk to Remember(Im in LOVE with you)

A Walk To Remember, I Miss You Like Crazy

a walk to remember - cascada

A Walk To Remember ~Continued~

A Walk To Remember - The End reedited

Short Behind the Scenes of A Walk To Remember

A walk to remember - the weakness in me

The Calling - For You [A Walk To Remember]

A Walk To Remember- Whatever It Takes

A walk to Remember - Time to say Goodbye

A Walk To Remember - Incomplete

a walk to remember "Because you live"

A Walk To Remember - Best Scene

A walk to remember- What I like about you

Your Guradian Angel - "A Walk to Remember"

Landon & Jamie: Only Human

Faith and Desire [Jamie & Landon]

Jamie&Landon Learning To Breathe

Jamie and Landon Make This Go On Forever

Jamie & Landon - Decode

Jamie & Landon

Jamie And Landon, A Walk to Remember "Dare You To Move"

Jamie & Landon - That's When I Love You

Jamie N Landon [Breathe]

Jamie And Landon - Run

Jamie and Landon || Tears Of An Angel

Jamie & Landon; For you only.

Jamie & Landon. (A Walk To Remember) - Off I Go

A Walk To Remember jamie & landon (When You're Gone) Avril

A Walk To Remember- Jamie and Landon- Never Gone

Jamie/Landon: Whoever She Is.

Jamie/Landon - A Thousand Miles

Landon and Jamie - Cry

Jamie/Landon- Just Jamie

May angels lead you in - A walk to remember (Jamie/Landon)

What Hurts the Most-Jamie\Landon

Jamie & Landon - Only Hope

A Walk to Remember- Shattered

The Notebook/A walk to remember: Collide

Jamie & Landon: (( Shattered ))

Jamie and Landon - Bedshaped "I'm sick"

Jamie & Landon || Complicated

Jamie&Landon: Breathe Me

Jamie & Landon | Noah & Allie || She Is The Sunlight

it's only love, it's only pain.

letters from the sky // a walk to remember

A Walk To Remember & P.S. I Love You - Tears Of An Angel

Jamie & Landon : I Still Miss You

Noah/Allie & Landon/Jamie

Hear You Me.

You Belong With Me (A Walk To Remember)

Crazier, A Walk To Remember

I'm scared of not being with you

till I loved I never Lived enough

Breathing Space - Jamie and Landon (A Walk To Remember)

A walk to remember-While you loved me

When You're Gone - Jamie and Landon

Jamie and Landon- Kiss the girl

Jamie and Landon- Amazed

Jamie and Landon "A walk to remember (how to save a a life)

A Walk to Remember-"Livin' Our Love Song"

"The Last Song Ever" - A Walk to Remember

I Still Miss you - A Walk to Remember

A Walk to Remember Music Video - Take Me Away

A Walk to Remember - Lifehouse (You and Me)

A Walk To Remember - It's Gonna Be Love

No promises--A walk to remember

A Walk to Remember- "Dont Stop Beliving"

Mary's Song - A Walk To Remember

A Walk To Remember- Only Hope ( Switchfoot )

Walk to Remember Fanvid- Here I am

A Walk To Remember Redemption

Jamie and Landon - Keep Holding On

walk to remember ave maria [landon and jamie]

Landon and Jaime - Only Hope

A walk to remember - Hero


A walk to remember - First you will smile, and then you will cry.

landon&Jamie beautifulsoul

jamie&&landon burned

AWTR - Never Say Never

Tounge Tied - Landon/Jamie

Jamie/Landon "What Hurts the Most"

A Walk To Remember: Everytime

Landon & Jamie: Forever

A Walk To Remember-I Need You

Landon & Jamie / Allie & Noah - Titanic piano

Jamie/Landon - colorblind .preview.

Landon & Jamie AWTR Wherever you will go

Love Song Requiem[jamie&landon]PREVIEW

A Walk To Remember( Fan Vid)