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Aaliyah ~ Interview German Mag "Die Zeit" July 2001 (english)

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Aaliyah strikes a pose in New York City, 2001
AALIYAH starts speaking about a dream: I lift off, I feel free. No one can reach me. A wonderful feeling. Still, I'm worried that dream a little. What does he want to tell me? That I would escape from the pressures of success?It is dark in my favorite dream. Someone followed me. Why, I do not know. I'm afraid. Then suddenly I lift off. I fly it. Far away. How do I feel myself? As if I sponges in the air. Free.Weightless. No one can reach me. No one can touch me. A wonderful feeling.Still, I'm worried that dream a little. What does he want to tell me?I would also like to fly in real life sometimes? What? Before the success? From the pressures of show business? No. I enjoy every second of my fame. If I could start my life over again, I would change nothing. Honest.Even as a little girl I knew, I will be famous. On this dream I have been working. Hard. Very hard. I took singing lessons, I took part in school performances. I was doing everything possible to be a good entertainer. After all, a pretty exterior does not make you a star.Neither the music nor the film industry.Looking back, I assume many people, I would have had no real childhood. A lie! My parents are always careful that I had enough time to play. I have not missed anything. Basically, I was a normal girl. Well, almost normal girl. Not every child is given his first concert with nine.To this day I still remember exactly. When I was with my Aunt Gladys Knight in Las Vegas on stage was for me a big wish come true.At the same time I was scared.Fear of the audience. Fear of failure. My shyness inhibited me then. Most of all I escaped me in my dreams.Even today I am a dreamer. A daydreamer. If they support my friends, I digress often. I stare themselves lost in the distance. Where am I? No idea. probably in higher spheres.Sometimes I do it themselves. I'm kind of mysterious We left's. Even my parents sometimes do not know what I think.They probably have come to terms with the fact that I'm introverted.No, an introvert is the wrong word:I have a complex personality. Actually I am a nice, open person.But I draw back often. Others are afraid of being alone I like being alone. At least from time to time. Sometimes I lie in my apartment in Manhattan on the bed. I only see out the window. I dream.In my dream I am in Egypt. The land of my dreams. The culture, the pyramids - that fascinates me. Yes, I'm sure I used to be an Egyptian. The only way I can explain my fascination. This country hit me at once under its spell. Although I knew only from pictures. When I was little, my mother showed my holiday photos of friends. I saw hieroglyphics, pyramids, gods, masks, people, strange ceremonies - I plunged into another world. to explore this world is my biggest dream.One day I will travel to Egypt. I'll be there, where Cleopatra and the pharaohs lived. Too bad that I can not take. If I had a time machine, I would visit the pyramids. Who knows, maybe I would Cleopatra and even good friends. But at least I could feel the old culture first hand and all the experience what I know so far only from books.Egypt My books are my sanctuaries. I read every story about Egyptian kings and queens. Sometimes I look at even just the pictures. I dream that I am standing in front of these imposing structures. Or making a film in Egypt. I prefer to play Cleopatra. If there will be one day a remake of the film, I would like to apply for the lead role. Buy it!Other projects would irritate me. The main thing, I could work in Egypt. This wish, I'm with The Queen of the Damned came a step closer. In the sequel to Interview with the Vampire, I play the Egyptian Queen Akasha. A dream role, added. But unfortunately this film was not shot in Egypt. The second and third part of the action film The Matrix, for which I am right in front of the camera, bring me my dream no closer. This time I'm filming in Australia. A beautiful country, but not just Egypt.But I have a great co-star Keanu Reeves. Certainly many women envy me for this shoot. But I think Keanu just nice. Nothing more. He is as closed as I do. I like that. My dream man? No. I prefer masculine men. Men, where I feel safe. You must be as strong as Egyptian warriors. If I find such a, I'm going to marry him. Like all little girls I've always dreamed of a traditional wedding. With coach and white wedding dress. I am a hopeless romantic. I want a man & children - a happy family.This desire to stand back but it still needs. First, I want to fulfill another dream. No, two dreams. I'll create together with a friend clothing and accessories. Perhaps as early as next year.My second dream is not immediately tangible. Sorry. Firstly, my film career takes precedence. But once I've established myself as an actress, I'm going to take a break. I want to go to college. What will I study? Of course, Egyptology. Another subject would be for me the question. Unimaginable.
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