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Aaliyah Style: Which Liyah's sunglasses you love the most ?

76 fans picked:
Age Ain't Nothing But A Number era
AALIYAH era: Gucci Sunglasses
One In A Million era
AALIYAH era: We Need A Resolution video
AALIYAH era: SkyRock Radio/MTV Stripped Interview
AALIYAH era: Blues & Soul
AALIYAH era: MTV Awards
AALIYAH era: MTV: Janet Jackson Icon
 Nevermind5555 posted over a year ago
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Nevermind5555 picked AALIYAH era: Gucci Sunglasses:
I love all of them! Aaliyah's image was so unique and sunglasses were a main part of her signature style!
I love her Gucci sunglasses, she looks so hot in it, I love the blue one from SkyRock as well. She was no doubt a trend-setter <3
posted over a year ago.
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oneinamillion22 picked One In A Million era:
i Love them all i was tied by "age aint nothing but a number" and "one in a million", but the "One in a million" was hot!!!:) Love babygirl!!
posted over a year ago.
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victoriousgirl picked AALIYAH era: MTV: Janet Jackson Icon:
I love all and I always wanted to try on all her sunglasses but mostly the "AALIYAH era: MTV: Janet Jackson Icon"
posted over a year ago.