Team Adam Levine's Pip
Team Adam Levine breakout star, Pip, is creating Hollywood buzz with his new summer release of his first official music video, “Hooked," on the VeVo channel.

A native from Marietta, Georgia, Pip caught the eye of fans with his emotionally charged rendition of “House of the Rising Sun,” which secured him a spot on Team Adam Levine during his “Voice” run.

Now, a professional recording artist, Pip is giving Team Adam a good look when it comes to alumni with his new record deal in place and a pop and dance track that is exemplary of Pip's finesse and charisma as an artist in tune with the time.

According to Urban Music Buzz, Pip sat down for an exclusive interview with DJ host, Chris Tian, for a one on one behind the scenes interview of the making of "Hooked, “as well as giving insight into his experience as a member of Team Adam while a contestant on “The Voice.”

Pip’s exclusive behind the scenes interview will be broadcast on Urban Music Buzz this Tuesday August 12th.