Addi passed out one day. People took her to the ER. The doctors found out she had a brain tumor. They thought she would not wake up. Ryan (one of her best friends) whisptered in her ear that Peter Jones loved her. I guess she hear, there for she woke up. The doctors couldnt do anything because it was to hard to remove, so it would just get bigger and bigger. A couple days later the doctors told her she would not be able to live long because of the tumor.

First of all. She had a brain tumor...Fell and spilt her head open. Was in the hospital..and had a 20 percent chance of living. Before they took her off life support Ryan her best frien whisperd somehting important in her ear. Then she was fine . The doctors thought they fixed the problem. But they did not. She fell asleep, and passed away. She had a claut in her head from the tumor.

On Thurday, November 4, 2010 At the age of 16, Addi passed way.