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The fans pick: I hope so! I love them together!
The fans pick: OMG! I adore it!
The fans pick: "You are such a mess,ade"..."will you be my valentine?"
The fans pick: I hope so...
I hope so...
Are you Serious?
The fans pick: Yes, but I won't make it/don't know how to.
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smckinlay2 said …
they ended up together <3 Posted over a year ago
beautifuliar said …
I want Silver slut to leave for good, I can't see this skank on my screen. She stole Navid from Ade just to cheat on him later with Liam. Disgusting hypocrite. Words can't describe how much I hate her. She tries to ruin both best couples on the show - NavAde and Lannie. Nilver and Sliam will always suck. Posted over a year ago
luisz9 said …
I lost all my hopes , silver being pregnant , an engagement at the end of the season , they screw this great couple . Posted over a year ago
beautifuliar commented…
why you say Silver is pregnant ? so far i heard it was just pure speculation. Silver has to deal with possibility of breast cancer or something and she'll be afraid she can become sterile. I heard nothing about baby coming, it just doesn't make sense. Engagement is for Naomi and PJ. But if I could I would write Erin Silver off for good, she's beyond disgusting skank over a year ago