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The fans pick: Flame Princess
Flame Princess
The fans pick: Marshall Lee
Marshall Lee
The fans pick: Princess Bubblegum opposite
Princess Bubblegum opposite
her boyfriend
Finn, Jake, Fionna & Cake
Marceline and Marshall Lee
The fans pick: Marceline & Princess Bubblegum
Marceline & Princess Bubblegum
Finn & Jake
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Adventure Time With Finn and Jake Wall

astigpinoy said …
>watching "the comet"
>sees martin go cosmo

good gravy Posted 1 day ago
DerpThatHerp commented…
This is the best reaction for an episode, ever. 1 day ago
makemesmile1000 commented…
XD 1 day ago
dadadas said …
I feel like Adv time has plot holes sometimes. Like the plot story between Marcy & Ice King in " I remember you " - it should have logically happened like hundreds or even thousand years ago, not until season 5... So unless Marcy hadn't cared about IK for an extremely long time then the episode " I remember you " should have been an "in the past" episode. Posted 5 days ago
dadadas commented…
like a flashback story 5 days ago
True-Finn-Fan commented…
She did lose track of her moral code... according to her first appearance. 5 days ago
redpanda commented…
^yeah, those fries hit her hard 2 days ago
pbadventure18 said …
I'm alive I'm alive...after a shitload worth of practices and dance routines mixed with tests I'm still alive..and my reward? = More tests..TT^TT

Probably won't be on as much like before, but I'll be in the RPG :)
Men gonna miss le pepol T^T Posted 15 days ago
True-Finn-Fan commented…
such is life. 14 days ago
makemesmile1000 commented…
^^If you mean being a fan of something, just enjoy it and you're already a fan. If you mean becoming a fan in a Fanpop club, click the green button at the top of the club site. 4 days ago
pbadventure18 commented…
^maybe he was being sarcastic? meh 4 days ago