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True-Finn-Fan said …
My only criticism of the miniseries Stakes is that no resounding change has occurred. everything ended as it started only with a slight change of heart in one character. that's all... not that dynamic or impacting, it literally doesn't affect the rest of the series at all since it went so in a loop. I kinda wish that she remained mortal though, that would have really surprised me. But everything went as expected. Posted 1 day ago
DerpThatHerp commented…
#StillHaventWatched 1 day ago
makemesmile1000 commented…
I think it has something to do with the Wheel of Fortune, or fate. No character can really escape it, no matter how much they wish to change. 1 day ago
DerpThatHerp commented…
^ikr :D 13 hours ago
pbadventure18 said …

I'm back..well not really..I haven't seen any new episodes at all. Like at all. Anything after the candy kingdom got taken over by a druglord..yeah nada XD Just finished exams and have a few hours until science camp. XD

So what's new? Posted 3 days ago
DerpThatHerp commented…
I didnt study for exams xD. Havent got a interview with the teacher. Im all g xD.~D 3 days ago
True-Finn-Fan commented…
^Winging it. 2 days ago
DerpThatHerp commented…
^Exactly. 2 days ago
makemesmile1000 said …
Guys, I'll have to say that I really like the direction "Stakes" is taking. Very well done. Now I'm hoping to see other characters' backstories done in a similar fashion.
Also, the antagonists in the miniseries have a Tarot card motif. I can't be happier. Posted 6 days ago
IsabellaFanboy commented…
*no idea of what u said* :DD 5 days ago
DerpThatHerp commented…
^*me either* :D 5 days ago
makemesmile1000 commented…
^^^The gnome. His name is literally The Fool. 3 days ago