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Adventure Time With Finn and Jake Fan fiction Article

Finns song to Princess Bubblegum ( TOTAL FANFICTION!!)

Fan fiction by chillyneon posted over a year ago
fan of it?
This is 100 percent fan fiction. It will not be on the show unless I e-mail it to the creator.

Hey PB
How's it goin?
Since weve ben hangin out
i've ben showin
lots of feelings for you
but now there gone
and I hope you understand
in this song
i've got my mind on someone else,
shes got a heart of fire
and im not tryin to bein a liar
my feelings for you
have gone away
so lets remember those happy days,
when I still had fe-e-e-lings for you......
when I still had feelings,for you.

Hope u like :D
Pure fanfiction
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its cool
posted over a year ago.