Finn and Jake~~the last battle with Ice king and the firey kiss

Hail was falling out of the sky rapidly, hurting the people of ooo. Finn and jake had just returned from their fight with a bunch of trolls. Jake looks up at the sky and gwets clonked on the head with potatoe shaped hail.

"What the heck?" jake hissed while looking at the hail.

"You think its evil hail?" finn asked jake pulling him up..Jake is quite for a minute and begins to think about this situation.

"it might be ice king." jake replied. "He must be having his tantrums, should we go kick his butt." out of no where, a fire knight shows up on a fire horse. Finn and jake are puzzled by this sighting and begin to remain silent.

"I am looking for finn the human and jake the dog." The fire knight annouces drawing his firey sword.

"who wants to know, man?" jake said while twisting his hands into odd shape.

"The flame princess has been catured by and ugly old man dress in a ridiculas outfit." the fire knight draws back his sword.

"Ice king?!" Finn screams. relizing the tense anger he had for ice king. instead of kicking his butt, he wanted to kill the ice king.

"We ask of your help to retrive her and bring her home." The fire knight pauses. "with out her, the whole fire kingdom will soon perish."

"we accept, knight!" From there the knight leaves. Finn and jake look at each other and nod. Jake becomes huge and finn climbs on top of him and make their way to the Ice king's lair. On the way jake could feel the anger that finn was feeling right now. He knew that finn had like-like the flame princess and couldn't stand to see her hurt. He picks up his pace.

At dusk, they make it to the ice king's castle that looked it was more evil than it was before. Finn grabs his sword and sharpens it.

"Finn, she'll be alright." jake reminded finn. finn had paid no intention to jake and kept on sharping his sword. Finn stops and kneels away from the ground.

"lets go, jake." Jake nods and lifts finn into the window where it looked like a light was coming from. In the castle, Ice king was no where to be seen. but in a fire proof cage, flame princess was screaming for help. Finn rushes to get to her but is eletricuted back from a barrier. Ice king arrives with a taco in his hand holding gunther.

"oh hey finn and jake, whats shaking?" ice king says while taking a bite into his taco. Jake then puches ice king and pumles him to the ground. Finn grabs his sword and aims it at ice king's neck. "

you know whats going on, Stupid!" finn yells at ice king.

"oh you mean, that princess over there? oh yeah. She's hot finn, literly..i burnt my mits trying to touch her" ice king says while holding up his hands.

"How dare you touch her!" finn screams while clutching his sword.

"oh i get it finn, your in love with that princess." Ice king smiles wickedly. finn begins to blush and looks at flame princess. she blushes too. Ice king then zapz them with ice trapping finn and jakes feet to the ground. Ice king then aims his hands at flame princess.

"so you would care if i did this?" ice king zaps flame princess with and ice capsule sending her in pain. Finn's eyes widened and begins to move to break him self from the ice.

"or this?" Ice king then takes a hose and throws water on her, she turns purple and her fire is out. she kneels to the ground coughing. Finn screams and breaks from his prison and waves his sword at ice king. Jake then breaks free trying to break the barrier surronding flame princess.

"I will kill you ice king!" finn screams at ice king immortaly wounding ice king. Ice kings eyes become red and he grows 50 times taller then his normal size, and his voice deepens.

"really finn the human?" Ice king's castle roof is broken, winds and ice all from the sky putting everyone in ooo in danger. Ice king throws huge ice capsules at finn and jake. Jake manges to get the barrier broken and flame princess free. jake shapes him self into a barrier for flame princess and finn.

"finn! we have to destroy the crystal on his crown, it has all his powers that he stole." finn turns around and hugs flame princess. She looks at finn sadly.

"but my sword isn't that powerful..." finn replies.

"finn, you must know what i must do..." flame princess replies sadly. finn eyes become wider, and tears are seen.

"I won't let you!"

"what choice do we have? i'll use the last of my power and fues it with your sword."

"you might die, flame princess.." finn replies sadly. he nods sadly and hugs flame princess...he stares into her eyes and kisses her. he then sees flame princess crying fire tears. In a moment Flame princess disolves into dust and finn's sword becomes firey. He looks at ice king.

"this is for you flame princess!!!" finn screams while throwing the sword towards ice king's crown. The sword hits the stone in the middle. the crown it self breaks... during this, ice king begins to fade into ice crystals. Ice king then vanishes. His castle begins to melt.

"finn we have to leave now!" jake yells. Finn nods grabbing gunther and climbing on to jakes back leaving the castle. they land in the snow and finn looks at the space where the ice kingdom once stood. In the distance, there is a light. A red-orange light. Finn and run after it. and over metled water that was turning into steam...was a fire baby. Finn relized that was the flame princess, he picks her up.

"finn, doesn't she burn?" jake asks.

"no, jake...she's just warm." finn holds the baby. "we should bring her home right now, jake."

jake becomes big again and finn jumps onto jake....and they turn there direction the fire kingdom...

~~~to be continued~~~