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Adventure Time With Finn and Jake Guide Article

When You Know That You're an Adventure Time! Fan

Guide by DragonFang145 posted over a year ago
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You know that you're and A.T. fan when you: Dress up as Finn or any other A.T. character for Halloween.

When you: know all the words to every song.

When you: sing the theme song every time the show comes on.

When you: yell, "Adventure Time!" when someone asks you what time it is.

When you: go out and buy a dog just so you can name him Jake.

When you: rant on and on about A.T. to anyone who will listen.

When you: practically pee your pants when you find new A.T. merchandise for your collection.

When you: acually have an A.T. collection.

When you: swear on Finn and Jake like you're swearing on your life.

When you: treat non-A.T. fans like they have the plague.

When you: beat up some random guy because he looked like the Ice King.

When you: have so many A.T. action figures and plushies that they amount to a whole Land of Ooo.

When you: save your allowence just so you can get the monthly A.T. comic book issues.

When you: own all the complete seasons.

When you: watch one episode every morning because it helps you start your day.

When you: absolutly refuse to do anything if your parents won't let you watch the episode to start your day.

When you: force your parents to put an A.T. decal on the car.

When you: can't even see your bedroom walls anymore because it's been invaded by A.T. posters.

When you: almost go into cardiac arrest because you missed an episode.

When you: think, "Wait, that last one doesn't count because I, like, NEVER miss an episode".

When you: have a computer that's flooded with A.T. pics, vids, and wallpapers.

When you: refure to Pen Ward as "Creator of all things Holy".

When you: try to do a fist dump with Finn and Jake through the TV screen only to realize that it won't work.

When you: die a little bit inside when you think of A.T. coming to an end one day.

When you: learned Korean so you could understand Lady Rainicorn.

When you: nearly cried when you heard that LR was pregnant.

When you: know all the names of the princesses and how many there are.

When you: qoute A.T. constantly.

When you: sing the songs constantly.

When you: have a Finn/Fionna hat.

When you: wear your A.T. shirt so much that it's literally falling apart at the seems.

And lastly: when you're a true Adventure Time fan... you know.
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Totally agree! XDD
posted over a year ago.
user photo
i do all these i almost wrecked the house when i didnt watch ignition point
posted over a year ago.
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Oh dang it! I knew I forgot something, well you can just fill in the blanks sense there's probably way more stuff that fans do that's not on the list.
posted over a year ago.
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dadadas said:
What about not forget to check your fan club, create pop qiz and question , upload new images, vids everyday? What you wrote just only one side of a fan, in my opinion, a true fan dont need to do all those stuffs but when people ask him/her what is his/her fav TV shows, he/she will say adv time even though he/she is more than 16 years old and when people says something bad about adv time, he/she doesnt even care about it...
posted over a year ago.