Adventure Time With Finn and Jake "I Remember You"; Ice King, and Marceline.

Flair128512 posted on Oct 16, 2012 at 09:58PM
I watched this video a few times, to understand exactly what the connection between these two characters really were. I came to this conclusion:
The Ice King and Marceline are one of the most emotionally affected characters through out the adventure time series, due to the mushroom war. If you have seen the episode, you have heard the notes that the Ice King had written to Marceline, and you saw the ending clip, of which the Ice King, (Or Simon) gives Marceline a new best friend, Hambo. I was curious of why Marceline had such strong feeling for such a minor happening, but after a while I thought I began to understand.
The two characters obviously had a past before that clip, a strong relationship, almost like best friends. The Ice King's crown was beginning to take him over, as seen in last year's Christmas special. I thought of the crown as some form of drugs, as he had said it was taking him over, and he is losing himself, and he is afraid that Marceline will lose him too. But that clip symbolizes, that after the war, when billions were dead, and just before the Ice King became who he is today, he did what he did. What I felt happened, is the Ice King told her through this, "Don't be afraid, Hambo can take care of you now. I am so sorry I can't look after you, but there is nothing I can do. I love you, and good luck." Marceline held on to the doll until the day that her boyfriend Ash sold it, which left her in tears.
I believe these two characters have a long past, and I feel that this episode was extremely heart warming. Please! Give me your thoughts!

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over a year ago Wildvine said…
I agree completely. This was one of the most emotional episodes to date. I was so mind blown that the Ice King and Marceline knew each other after the mushroom war that i obviously missed some of the finer cues. But reading what you say makes perfect sense and makes me want to cry again. Now see, this is what the haters don't get. Adventure Time is not just comedy, it has deep emotional stories as well. This was well thought out and written, i look forward to your future posts on this show.
over a year ago waymonn said…
I think that your explanation is kind of correct.
I don't think they've met before that simon/marcy clip where he gives her hambo.
He was obviously distraught when he saw her for the first time, which you can tell by his emotion and the symbolization of a little girl crying alone. I'm pretty sure that was probably their first encounter, and Simon wrote those letters and notes after that encounter. Their relationship probably built after that.

And I believe viewing the crown as a curse, a parasite, an enigma that is taking over him slowly and losing his mind.
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over a year ago MaynardO said…
This still didn't tell me what happened between Simon and Marciline
over a year ago mrrain said…
here r the basics behind it marynard ice king new marci before the war but he put on the crown and it was making him forget marci so he gives her the stuffed animal that's the basic idea