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Cryin out

Please, I need help! I´m really lonely and not with the reltionship kind, but more with really alone! My only friend is someone on a website, I don´t know her or anything about her, she´s my best fiend, but I really want some friends I can connect with in real life. I seriously don´t have any, there are some people who you can call ´friends´ but they´re people I never dream of sharing my opinions or secrets. My sisters all have friendS and often bring them home, while I´m usually in my room. I´m also afraid to open up to anyone, I don´t get around much cuz we moved into a new place last year, and I don´t know too much of anything, less of any clubs. I can´t talk to my parents, cuz they´re religious and would tell me to talk to the church or to God. Since I now they´re answers by heart, (they never say anything new) I need help from someone else. There are so many times when I read stories about friends hanging out and\or see people AKA my sister(s) go to sleepovers or fun days...I don´t want to complain or anything, my internet friend is really cool and has mostly same interest like me, but still...So, any ideas? Please? =(
Cryin out
 SaturdaySurpris posted over a year ago
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annabethxchase said:
i know how you feel. me and my best friend fell out and i have no one. im alone at school and my best friend is also someone on here i dont know. so dont worry, your not alone.

the best thing i can suggest is to talk to people at school. i know its harder for some but even if its just talking to the person sat next to you in a class. get to know them and they may share the same interests as you. just keep talking to this person and as you get closer youll be able to invite her round for dinner and sleepovers (this is what i did to make friends with my ex-best friend). dont be afraid to open up to people you trust and dont be afraid to go up to someone new and start a conversation.

ive been doing this for a week so i know it helps and i hope it helps you too. you can always inbox me if you need someone to talk to <3

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posted over a year ago 
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