i think everyone feels the winter blues a bit but i thought you might like to know to what extent...

a survey found that winter leaves people feeling demotivated, deprived of sleep and irritable;
-Half of Britons suffer from "winter depression" between September and March
-48% of those surveyed believe they suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD)
-18% of people eat more than usual to cheer themselves up
-16% find it difficult to sleep
-15% believe winter depression makes them argumentative
-January and February are the most likely months for people to suffer from winter depression, followed by December and November.

there is the mentallity behind the winter blues but there's also a scientific reason;
Lack of sunlight reduces the amount of serotonin we produce - which is a hormone that makes us feel happy, sort of like a endorphin

like any kind of blues though the winter blues can be fought and here's 10 ways to get rid of them;

1. try to get as much sunlight as possible during the day

2. eat lots of oranges and try wearing water proof clothing to avoids coughs and colds

3. remember the good things about winter- winter holidays, snow, january sales ect

4. it's common to want more sleep in the winter so have a long bath and a early night

5. try and do as many things as possible that release endorphins and other happy chemicals - exercise, eat some chocolate or have a nice night in with your loved one ;)

6. make sure your warm and cosy by always wearing layers, adding a extra blanket on your bed or even simply just have some nice hot coco

7. Try and spend as much time as possible with your friends or family come rain or snow, remember they probably have the same blues as you

8. Some holiday cheer or some brandy to warm your cockles may be nice in the winter but if your feeling down try and avoid the alcohol also alcohol actually restricts the blood flow and so your more likley to feel even colder

9. Eat a good breakfast and high enery foods so you won't feel as slugish or lethargic

10. most importantly remember spring is just around the corner!