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I'm a 15 year old girl and I've been struggling with this for a couple years I've read so many articles about figuring out if your biography and taken a countless number of those stupid tests on the internet that are supposed to tell you if you gay straight bi or anything in between and I just can't work it out so this is my last resort so I geuss I'll start at the beginning ..... when I was in year 7 I was a bit of a loner I'd just moved school and I hated it there anyway towards the end of year 7 I made friends with this girl well call her sasha so anyway sasha and I got really close we'd talk about anything from music to relationships to depression to juice boxes and I was just so grateful to have her as a friend anyway I knew that sasha was bi and that she had a girlfriend who we'll call Beth so we'd often talk about our relationships I was dating a guy at the time who I'm still good friends with so towards the end of grad 7 start of grade 8 sasha and Beth started to have some problems and broke up I remember feeling bad for her but also kind of happy I started imagining what it would be like to hold her hand or kiss her and started having daydreams about her and development a major crush on her and then in the middle of grade 8 I moved aback to my old school which I was super happy about but also sad about leaving sasha I still had a crush on her and would think about her all the time I started to question my sexuality then in the end of grade 8 I had and still have 2 celebrity crushes one is dylan o'brien and the other is shay Mitchell which I thought was kind of weird but I just think she's so pretty and I love her character emily and she's just so hot I havnt really hard many other crushes except on a boy in my class in grade 3 I've also Haas dreams about girls and doing things with girls but never about boys but I've had 2 boyfriend's and I find dylan o'brien super hot I think I'm bi but I'm not sure I've considered and almost come out to my friends more than once because I'm not certain about my sexuality and I keep second guessing myself like one day I'm sure I'm bi and the next I'm like nope I'm straight but most of the time I'm just confused

Basically I Haas a crush on my friend I wanted to hold her hand and kiss her and was kind of happy when she broke up with her girlfriend my celebrity crushes are dylan o'brien and shay Mitchell I think there both hot I've dyed 2 guys had a crush on a guy in grade 3 and have had sexy dreams about girls please help !!!!!!!!!!!!