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Opinion by iluvtheoffice12 posted over a year ago
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first of all i would like to say thnk u to all u fanpoppers out ther i have talked to several of u about this and u have been very suportive and comforting and im sure any1 tht reeds this will be to. i made this spot for people tht need to get things off their chests can so here we go....

when u wer here i loved u,i miss u more thn ever and i want u bak more thn anything ,the scars show my pain L.B. R.I.P. i mis and love u forevr linzi

her name was lyndsay

she was the most amazing person ive ever met open to all ways of life and all opinions she was beautiful smart funny and she loved to party. i was totaly in love with her but she had a boyfriend already and im not the kind of person tht trys to steal peepls girl friends so i was her friend waiting to see if the relationship would last i spent almost all my time with her but thn the day before laybor day she got into a carcrash and she broke her neck she died instantly.... i nevr got to tell her how i felt about its the worst feeling ive ever felt in my whole life her i miss her so much!!! and im feeling like ill never love th same again.
Guide by tinkerluvr posted over a year ago
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If you are a new user, fanpop may be confusing at first. But here are some tips for the new, confused user:

Number 1: Have fun:
Fanpop is for fun. Join a spot, create a spot, Just have fun. Fanpop is a stress-free site, so don't worry about anything.

Number 2: NO SPAM!: Don't be an internet troll. Only get one account, and be nice to other people.

Number 3: Contribute, contribute, contribute.
Contribute images, videos, links, articles, and more! If fans like what they see, they may become a fan of you.

Number 4: Expeirienced users:
Look out for expeirienced users, and contact them when you have a question about fanpop

Number 5: SEARCH!: search for any topic you are interrested in, example, if you like pizza, search pizza! if you can't find what you are looking for, create a spot.
Just go to fanpop home and click on create a spot!

Number 6: be careful of what you say.
Be careful of giving out personal info, and don't say mean things.
Article by Shandy posted over a year ago
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Coffee beans
This is an email that my mother received and I thought that I'd share it with all of you.

A carrot, an egg and a cup of coffee.

A young woman went to her mother and told her about her life and how things were so hard for her. She did not know how she was going to make it and wanted to give up. She was tired of fighting and struggling. It seemed as one problem was solved, a new one arose.

Her mother took her to the kitchen. She filled three pots with water and placed each on a high fire. Soon the pots came to boil. In the first pot she placed carrots, in the second she placed eggs, and in the last she placed ground coffee beans. She let them sit and boil, without saying a word.

In about twenty minutes she turns off the burners, fishedthe carrots out and placed them in a bowl. She pulled the eggs out and placed them in another bowl. Then she ladled the coffee out and into a bowl.

Turning to her daughter, she asked, "Tell me, what do you see?"
Opinion by IsabellaAzuria posted over a year ago
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Just thought i would have to be creative after i shocked you with "My black life" it's never right to think as i did there

10 ways to feel better:

1. Write all your worries on a paper / or little papers then make a little paper ball and throw all of your worries against the wall - until you feel better
You can also burn the paper

2. Spend a weekend with your elder sibling or your best friend - do whatever you want to do - maybe something you always wanted to do and let your friend/sibling tell you how great you are

3. Play darts with the picture of the person who hurt you and if you want you can allow others to play with you

4. Take a long walk in the forests - only you - so you can think about everything or just enjoy the nature and the beauty of life

5. Change something! Get yourself a new style - for example a new haircut

6. Do something that's crazy in a positive way - something you would actually never have done
Opinion by Sephisis17 posted over a year ago
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Hey everyone! Recently, A soap box was added to this spot. My black life by user IsabellaAzuria, told us what she fells inside. Whoever, I think our problems can ne solved easly if we have help. So to help IsabellaAzuria AKA Vanessa, I'm going to dedicate this poem that I wrote about 2 months ago, to her. To show her that life has collors and it is not black.

Life is a gift
A rare one    
I got to live every second
Since the time you are born

You got to live it not to waste it
This is the only one you have
There’s no re-born or re-incarnation
If you don’t know how to behave

Life is short
So live it good
Whatever is your mood

Don’t be shy have some fun
So your life will shine
As brighter as the sun

Sephisis17 AKA Vitor Martins
Opinion by IsabellaAzuria posted over a year ago
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I was born
though i shouldn't be
I should have died
I would have died
but i didn't

It would have been better for me to die
and leave this world behind me
it's full of liars and fear

I nearly died twice
Why didn't I?
I would feel so much better now

I would never have been betrayed
by three guys
I would never have seen my mom
lying on the floor and trying to kill herself
I would never have heard my parents
having huge arguments everyday
I would never have known what it's like
to live without money
I would never have been the daydreamer
everybody makes fun of

But then I thought god would have mercy
he sent me one of his angels
I thought he was meant to be my true love
and I was on cloud nine
but now
this cloud is breaking as well
and i fall through it
I'm in hell now
but I'm not dead
Opinion by knifewrench posted over a year ago
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Ok, here's my problem:

- I've been keeping The Fable Spot completely updated on the latest news on Fable 2

- There is a new user by the name of "Hulu" (his/her username is even in a fancy green font)

- The video player which he/she posts his/her videos from is also called "Hulu"

- This user has been reposting my videos with only two keywords ("ign" and "hulu")and the video player is only viewable to those who live in America

This has been happening on quite a few other spots, but I feel kind of awkward about complaining to Dave about it because (judging from Hulu's fancy username font) Hulu has probably got some agreement with Fanpop. None the less I am cheesed of at Hulu reposting my videos which he/she could see were already there if he/she move their eyes down about three inches.

Could do with some help as to what to do next.
Fan fiction by Cinders posted over a year ago
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Preface: I wrote this a few years ago. It can be found on my link profile. Since it deals with heavy issues, I just wanted to share.

Also, for those of you unfamiliar with Seattle, the Aurora Bridge is nicknamed "Suicide Bridge" because of nine people who jumped in 1972. The troll described actually sits under Fremont Bridge, not Aurora.

Epiphany On the Aurora Bridge

There's a troll lurking under the north end of the Aurora Bridge. It glares with its hubcap eye southward at- what? The end of the bridge. All it sees are the cars that drive by it. And the people who jump.

We think we're unique, you see. A little too unique. We do this to connect with those who leapt before us; the spirits of tormented creatures, who were too skinny from anorexia, or two cut up from scars on their arms, or too sunken from insomnia for the troll to want to eat. We are… an unattractive sort. We feel ugly. The poison on the inside oozes out through our pores, our ears, our nostrils, our eye sockets, and taints us. We are the unlucky ones. No one understands us. It's...
Opinion by amazondebs posted over a year ago
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i think everyone feels the winter blues a bit but i thought you might like to know to what extent...

a survey found that winter leaves people feeling demotivated, deprived of sleep and irritable;
-Half of Britons suffer from "winter depression" between September and March
-48% of those surveyed believe they suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD)
-18% of people eat more than usual to cheer themselves up
-16% find it difficult to sleep
-15% believe winter depression makes them argumentative
-January and February are the most likely months for people to suffer from winter depression, followed by December and November.

there is the mentallity behind the winter blues but there's also a scientific reason;
Lack of sunlight reduces the amount of serotonin we produce - which is a hormone that makes us feel happy, sort of like a endorphin

like any kind of blues though the winter blues can be fought and here's 10 ways to get rid of them;
Opinion by dazl posted over a year ago
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Drinks can be spiked in two seconds
Inspired by Cinders soapbox on this spot. This is to show you why though.

I hail from Ireland- the unofficial drinking capital of the world. Therefore, most of my socialising centres around the pub, and the club.

Its not that I am a massive drinker, you know, the kind that tries to suck up alcohol from the carpet following a spill, but I do drink. And I do go out.Which is why I know first hand the dangers of leaving a drink unattended.

It doesn't matter what you are drinking, be it whiskey or water,NEVER EVER LEAVE IT UNATTENDED.

Its really common to spike a drink with a Mickey Finn in Ireland, especially in clubs, where its easy to lose track of a drink. I don't know about other countries.

Why is it dangerous? You don't remember anything after you take it.

I'll give you an example.
A friend I went to school with left his drink unattended for a minute. When he came back, he finished his drink. Within two hours, his friends had to bring him home.
Guide by Cinders posted over a year ago
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My favorite drink of the moment.
First of all, let me say that alcohol is one of the finer pleasures in life. Hell, I always have a bottle of Bailey's on hand somewhere in my house. But I've been thinking about responsible drinking lately, and how a lot of people, especially younger folks like me, think they know what that means, but... don't, at least, not really.

Now, you may think, "Responsible drinking tips from a nineteen-year-old American?" Well, yeah, I see where that might come off kind of amusing, but I've actually had a lot of experience with alcohol. So really I'm more like a nineteen-year-old Belgian when it comes to drinking (coincidentally, Belgium is where I started drinking, at fourteen).

My experience includes the following, from bad to tame: My uncle's stepson died of alcohol poisoning at a fraternity party. My very good friend had to get his stomach pumped after alcohol poisoning on his eighteenth birthday. I have been black-out drunk, but only once before. I've taken care of drunk people, very often.
Opinion by ztara posted over a year ago
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He had just snorted a line of Horlicks, (he was an idiot)
On the 21st of June 2007, my best friend killed himself. He shot himself in the head after suffering from depression for what he said was 'as long as i can remember'. I'd known the guy from when i was three and i miss him like the devil. He was called Joe Spencer Garrard. But for the last few years he dropped the spencer bit, (his bastard dads name). I grew up with the guy and was with him on the last day. Hence i feel almightly responcible, and i know people have told me there is nothing i could have done but i do. As we grew up together we used to play out in the woods alot, Joe was an out door person, he liked to mess around, we both did. But since he died i feel like my childhood is over and i must grow up. =[ So faithful fanpop friends, my guts are on display to you lovely lot.

i am lost and every day a part of me wants to not be alive anymore, I have tryed talking to people on Suicide fourums, people who have all expirienced things like this but it just feels like they are regurgitating the same stuff from person to person, im seeing a shrink (docter) about my depression but i wont go on Meds.
Fan fiction by Cinders posted over a year ago
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I wrote this a while ago, and since it seems to be nothing but a series of advice, I figured... what the hell? I think I was listening to LeAnne Womack's "I Hope You Dance" at the time because that's what it sounds like.

When you look up at the sky, don't do it just to see if it's raining
When you find it is raining, don't run indoors and hide
When you get your hopes too high, don't say you're overrated
When you walk down by a river, don't be afraid to get your feet wet
When your fire goes out, don't blame it on the wind
When you watch the sunset, don't think the day is over
When you reach out to help, don't be deterred when you're turned away
When you feel that nothing's right, don't be afraid to make it OK
When you love someone, don't ask them to love you back
When you sing, don't forget to sing it loud
When you smile, don't forget to be proud
When you dance, ignore your two left feet
When you close your eyes, don't forget what you see
Article by Cinders posted over a year ago
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When I was just six months old, my parents, who work for the State Department, moved to Washington DC to do their periodic check-in with Big Brother. They lived in a town called Reston, Virginia, which had plenty of swimming pools, one within walking distance of our house.

My brother, Steve, was about five years old at the time, and loved the water. So, it happened, did our neighbor's son, Mac. Mac was about a year older than Steve, and the two took to each other immediately. Steve even joined the swim team with Mac, and was over at his house often.

Eventually, though, my parents' job called them away from DC and back overseas, and it was with a heavy heart that my brother left his first best friend behind. But Steve is resilient, and bounced back quickly in Lisbon, Portugal. And we came back to DC in the summer to visit often enough.

In on September 30th, 2001, when Steve was just starting his Freshman year in college and Mac was nineteen, a link stole Mac's consciousness for a long time. And it wasn't even his...
Opinion by amazondebs posted over a year ago
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okay so i know nobody likes going first so i thought since i made this spot I'll have the first moan lol

my problem is actually quite unique although i know some of you out their will be able to relate to it
actually to be more specific how unique my problem is under 50 people in the UK have it

as for what it is, well it has some fancy medical term for which i would have to go and look up but in lamens terms i have a tumor that has been growing since birth in the middle of my brain. Which trust me does sounds a hell of a lot worse than it is and fortunately it's not cancerous (well they're 99.9% sure it's not anyway)

now even though it's being growing since birth it only started to effect me a couple of years ago as it's still about the size of a marble. The problem is it's gotten to be a possible threat and they may have to operate the options are
operate and risk a 9% chance of dying or
don't operate and probably go blind (the doctors aren't really sure about this so there's a chance i might not)
Opinion by amazondebs posted over a year ago
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firstly just a little bit about why i've created this spot

i love to help people with anything weather it be finding an episode of Buffy for someone on fanpop or lending a friend some money,
and having come to have made quite a few friends on fanpop you guys are some of the most helpful and nicest people I've met.

I message quite a few people regularly and I'm not going to mention their names because you know who you are but I've quite a few heart felt conversations both giving and recieving advice about a fair few different problems and i think it is much easier to speak openly with people when you don't know them and your not face to face, so this spot is basically for anyone who wants help or advice on any kind of problem day or night

now i know a lot of people might feel self conscious about posting their problems on here so I've created a forum where people who want to help can add their names to the list and then someone who wants advice though a message can send a message to a person off that forum, the link to which is below