Chapter 4

After I pulled a shirt on, I spread out on the king sized bed. As soon as I closed my eyes, Bella's human face came into my mind. Her wide brown eyes with shadows underneath them, her little pointed nose, and her flawed lips. She was perfect the way she was. How dare those bloodsuckers! Why did they feel the need to change her? You can't make perfection any better than it already is! So, by changing Bella, they made her..Different. I miss my Bella, the human. And I'm sure she misses the human me, too. I've never asked, but I'm assuming.
A horrible, yet familiar scent filled my nostrils. Groaning, I covered my face with a pillow. Through the pillow, I could still smell the reeking bloodsucker. Being the man that I happen to be, I jumped up and crossed my arms. I was still half asleep, so I couldn't tell at first which bloodsucker it was. Whoever was there was laying me back down on the bed. The voice made the bloodsucker sound like a woman, so I listened closer. My eyes shut, even thought I struggled to keep them open. Several quiet giggles filled the tiny room.
Though I was absolutely dozing off, I thought I recognized the silvery laugh of one of the vampires. They continued to giggle, so I strained my ears. Bella was there, and so was my little Nessie. Huskier laughs echoed against the walls, as well. Jasper must have been there; every time I began to feel wide awake, drowsiness pulled me under the surface. It was so weird! How can he do that? Edward's husky laugh sounded, making Bella snigger. Sleepily, I threw the pillow. It bounced off of Alice, by the way she exploded into more shrieks of laughter.
"Shut uuuuup," I groaned, barely opening my eyes. Bella, graceful and quick, placed a kiss on my forehead. Alice took my hand in hers, and kissed it tenderly. Nessie waved, I think, but then stomped out with Edward. Once everyone was gone, I sat up. My head spun for a moment or two, and then I could stand up. Groggily, I searched my half of the closet for my phone. I couldn't find it; which means that I have to change forms to communicate with my pack. Seth and Leah would probably be up for some adventure; it's been days since they've been in their wolf form!
Once I was outside, I tied my shorts around my ankle, and switched forms. Seth exploded into his wolf form; he was upset with Leah about something. His thoughts weren't appropriate at all. You need to chill, dude. I told him. He rolled his eyes, shaking his head. I nudged him with my muzzle, and headed away from the cottage. If the Volturi was coming back our way, then we needed to protect Bella! Seth sniggered. Protect her? he thought, grinning. From what? She's a vampire now, genius. He was right, though. But it's so weird, not having to protect her all the time from strange bloodsuckers! I'll miss that..
"Jacob!" Nessie called, her wide eyes darting every which way. "Jakey! It's Renesmee! Are you coming? Daddy wants to talk to you!" Her dimples showed faintly; she was fighting a grin. I know she's seen me as a wolf, but I decided to change forms anyway. I pulled my shorts on, and walked toward her. Leah exploded into a wolf beside me. She ran straight toward Nessie, who didn't stand a chance. I jumped in front of Nessie, pushing her out of the way. Fighting Leah was great, when we're just messing around! But this is real. Hardcore, you know? Leah really wants to hurt Nessie, and I won't allow it...
Leah bit into my arm, allowing all of her teeth to sink into my skin. Seth pulled her off me. I couldn't move; I was frozen on the ground. Nessie was too frightened to move. She glanced warily from Carlisle's house to me, and back again. When I let out a cry of pain, she ran toward the house yelling for Bella or Edward. Blood gushed out of the wound on my arm. I couldn't resist; I flipped Leah off. She snarled, eyeing the Cullen house with resentment. Why would she want to kill Nessie, though? Has Sam been getting to her? I mean, Sam, get to Leah? It's impossible! Isn't it? They hate each other's guts!
Carlisle had his bag of medical supplies with him, ready to treat my arm. Bella was sitting right beside him, watching the blood gush out of my arm. She wouldn't drink it; for one, it would poison me, and two, we wouldn't taste good to them. Edward, carrying Nessie on his back, kneeled beside Bella. He kissed her temple gently, allowing his tongue to paint the surface. She reached up with one hand to stroke his cheekbone with her thumb. It made me sick; I was in pain, and they're being all lovey? Ew.
"You'll be just fine," Carlisle assured me in a oddly soothing tone. "You'll heal fairly quickly." He smiled at me before hurrying into the house. Esme followed in after him; I hadn't even seen her come out! My arm felt dead, so maybe that's why. I was focused on not losing my arm forever. Carlisle said I'd be fine, that I would heal, but doctors can be wrong, can't they? With one last glare at Leah, I stormed into the house. (Bella and Edward had called the bed for some projects. Ew, right?)
Being in a house full of bloodsuckers.
Fun, fun.