Is AJ the figment of some Manga-geek’s adolescent imagination? She exudes the perfect girl-next-door vibe, is a self-described video gamer, enjoys wearing Catholic schoolgirl plaids, and possesses the physical skills of a gymnast.

Although she stands a petite, 5-foot-3 frame, AJ is a fierce competitor with an energetic, high-flying style that poses a threat to any Diva. This proud New Jersey native first introduced herself to the WWE Universe on the third season of WWE NXT. She finished in third place, however, AJ won many fans with her lucha-inspired move set and indomitable fighting spirit.

Since debuting on SmackDown in May 2011, AJ has crushed on Daniel Bryan, while getting crushed by the likes of Natalya and Beth Phoenix. But with BFF Kaitlyn in her corner, AJ gave the “pin-up strong” movement a run for its money, as she’s quickly found her groove in the big leagues of WWE.