Akatsuki Chatroom 2


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Deidara: I'm sick of being a guest on this site...
Kakuzu: But getting a star membership costs $30
Hidan: So what? You have enough ####ing money we could get it.
Sasori: Hidan you need to be more careful with what you say! A mod
can come anytime
Hidan: So? what if they do?
Sasori: You'd get banned
Deidara: If we get star membership we wouldn't get banned. Just ignored
Hidan: Plus you have a profile, we could get cool usernames.
Kakazu: I'm not ####ing buying it
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Kakazu: oops.
Kakazu has been banned
Hidan: LOL
Mod763: If I see a word like that used again you are banned
Deidara: Tobi went to SixFlags and he rode the kindaka and came out crying.
Hidan: Kakazu is scared of that ride everytime I ask him to go on it he finds
some stupid excuse. BUT IM HUNGRY! WE JUST ATE!!! Ect...
Sasori: That rollercoaster isn't fun... You have to keep your hands down.
Deidara: Sasori No Danna is scared!!! XD
Sasori: I am NOT!!!!
Mod763: LOL!
Mod763: No, he is not doing anything wrong.
Deidara: I'm bored... who wants to eat Kisame's parents 2night!
Sasori: In seaweed?
Deidara: Yup.
Sasori: I'm in!
Hidan: ditto.
Mod763: I stayed up too late.
Sasori: Good 2 know. 0.o
Hidan: I'm gonna buy star membership now
Deidara: Me 2
Sasori: I'm with ya.

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MJSnake: I have star membership.

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MJSnake: What The ####? why did everyone leave?
MJsnake has been banned
Mod763: ;3

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