Disclamer's note: Dear reader,

This is the story of how my favorite anime show Naruto shippuden,comes out of my dream. I don't own any Akatsuki,they belong to Masashi Kishimoto.

From, Tanahi Hatake

Chapter one: THE AKATSUKI

I was just siting there at my desk designing some Akatsuki characters, for Masashi Kishimoto. He sent me a letter and it said that my Tanahi character was a great idea. And he was really happy about it. He said that he sensed that I may have what it takes to be a voice actress,one day when I graduate from high-school.

Anyway,it is Valentine's day,and I made the Valentine's myself. I made a very special one for my friends. Sam, and Samantha lopez. They are twins.

I gave everyone my cards and when the bell rung, to go home,I got fourty Akatsuki Valentine's. I ran home and closed the door. Waiting there was my kittens. Kisame,and Itachi. They are friends,though Itachi hates me. I smiled and Kisame, walked up to me, and rubbed his head on my leg,and started purring.

I walked into the kitchen,and fed both of them. I looked in the playroom and saw my dogs, Hidan,Kakuzu,and Tobi, asleep.

I walked in my room,and fell on my bed. Then I fell asleep. I had a dream about being in the Akatsuki. Then my dream faded. I didn't know why.