Hidan is a religious zealot when it comes to his cult-like faith called Jashinism. His entire battle style revolves around obtaining opponents blood for his ritual which honors Jashin, even though it has a tedious number of requirements to perform. Before becoming a Jashinist Hidan defected from his village Yugakure, because it had deteriorated from a shinobi village to a tourist town. Hidan even went as far as to kill his neighbors before leaving. Hidan’s main reason for choosing to become a Jashinist was because slaughtering enemies in battle is considered a sacred act. Hidan seems to draw his self-worth from his ability to fight. When Yugakure decided it no longer needed shinobi, Hidan angrily attacked the village for what he perceived as an insult. He became a Jashinist because it made his violent nature valuable. Like most religious zealots Hidan views others as “ignorant heathens” for not believing in the ways of his religion. In this way Hidan’s religion also gives him a sense of superiority as well as his sense of self-worth. This is seen in the way he insults everyone he meets, even his partner Kakuzu and the Akatsuki leader Pain whom everyone else in the organization respected. Despite his willingness to insult others, Hidan does not take insults well. This is shown by his rage when Kakuzu makes insults regarding Hidan’s fighting style and lack of intelligence. Hidan’s sense of superiority has also led to an arrogance regarding his abilities, such as at the collection office when Hidan told Kakuzu not to help him in battle even though he was outnumbered four to one. To some extent Hidan enjoys inflicting pain on himself, as he is seen laughing and declaring it ecstasy during his ritual. This could be seen as him simply enjoying the ritual as in battle Hidan frequently show displeasure at pain caused by his opponents attacks.