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Alan Rickman looks back on a decade of dark magic



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Great of luck to him. I hope Harry and/or Alan wins an Oscar. They deserve it. GO HARRY POTTER
posted over a year ago.
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Thanks for sharing the link.

When Alan explains that he played some scenes in a certain manner, even opposing the director's choice, it comes to my mind the way he looked at Harry in each scene he is with the boy.

He looked at him and for a second or two, he seemed to think "He's got his mother's eyes. Lily's eyes", just before reverting to his sneering, snarking and scathing ways of talking.

Even in the scene in OotP, during the Occlumency lessons, when he was about to brutalize Harry before chasing him out of his office, he watched the boy right in the eye, and there again, he thought about Lily's eyes. I was under the impression that every time he wanted to almost slap or kill the boy because of his resemblance to James Potter, he would stop at the last second because of Lily's eyes - his love for Lily, something that nobody knew about until the last book was out, except Alan himself.

Great article for a great actor and his wonderful acting. Hope he'll get an Oscar - that would be deserved.
posted over a year ago.
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waimea said:
Very perspicacious of you Lady. And I'm hoping for 'at least' an Oscar nomination for cripes sake (pulling for Maggie too - both so deserving).
posted over a year ago.