A Long Time Ago in 1927 it was a Shiny day, they had this beautiful town called Nome, when it's winter sledge dogs raced across the shining snow into the finish line it the town.

When it was spring a young half wolf half dog came out to play, her name was Aleu.
"Come on farther!" She said "Lets go exploring!"
Her farther walked up to Aleu, his name was called Balto.
"hang on Aleu, i didn't have rest last night" yawned Balto.
"Your hopeless" cried Aleu and then she ran away, Balto followed her. After a few minutes later Balto lost Aleu.
"Aleu, where are you!" Balto cried, "It's Dangerous out here in the wild, you can easly get killed!"
Aleu heard Balto but she still carried on running.

When it was sunrise Balto was tierd by finding Aleu so he went back no Nome to look for help.
Meanwhile Aleu took a break from running, and suddenly she saw a old wise grey wolf.
"Greetings Aleu, Im Alpha" said the old wise grey wolf.
"Hey, h-h-how do you know my name?" asked Aleu.
"magic," answered Alpha "come and follow me."
"oh um, ok" said aleu.
The two wolves walked into a deep dark cave.
"you can sleep here tonight because you look tierd and hungry," said Alpha "i will bring some food."
"Ok, thanks" said Aleu.

Meanwhile, Balto was at town looking for help.
"i will ask my wife, Jenna to see if she will help and then ill find the two polar bears Muk & Luk" said Balto.
When he went to Jenna she said that she will help, then they went to muk & luk and then they said yes.

To Be Continued...