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Hold On { Alex & Izzie }

Izzie & Alex l How long will I love you?

Thousand years { Alex Izzie } part 2

Satellite Heart

Alex and Izzie - Good to you.

Alex izzie { Don't you away from me }

Izzie & Alex // And now I sit back and wait til' you say you're sorry.

[one more fucking love song i'll be sick.]

Alex and Izzie - Breathe in Breathe out

Izzie/Alex - "If it wasn't so worth it, this wouldn't be"

Izzie & Alex - Crazy

IZZIE & ALEX - I got tears, that are scared of the facts

alex+izzie | rush back to the start

Alex and Izzie | So cold

Izzie & Alex " Remember this time.."

Alex & Izzie-Goodbye my lover

Grey's Anatomy - The Story of Alex and Izzie

Izzie y Alex /Never say never/

Izzie y Alex No Matter What.

come back when you can ♥ alex&izzy

Izzie & Alex / Right where I belong

Alex/Izzie; Arizona/Callie - Shattered

alex+izzie | I'm not perfect but I keep trying [for lostalongthewayy]

Alex & Izzie | till I met you, I used to think I just wasn't a good guy.

Alex & Izzie | We found love (for elepatro)

Alex & Izzie - I've got tears that are scared of the facts

Alex+Izzie__Heart Your STEALING

izzie&alex | you can't cheat your first kiss

you are my heaven | alex + izzie

Grey's Anatomy // Alex & Izzie - Breathing

losing your memory | alex&izzie

Grey's Anatomy Weddings // Grow Old With You

Multi-Couples | From LA to Rome

Greys Anatomy Izzie y Alex 5x22

multicouples 'taylor swift medley'

Izzie and Alex "U'll think of me"

Grey's Anatomy - Alex and Izzie - Only human

Grey's Anatomy | Broken | Alex & Izzie

Alex Izzie || Don't Let Me Go....


Grey's Anatomy - Alex and Izzie - We are

Izzie and Alex

Izzie, Alex, George - Nobody's perfect (season5)

Invincible - Alex & Izzie

Izzie and Alex (Just a kiss)

Grey's Anatomy - Izzie and Alex

alex & izzie - you found me (reupload)

Alex & Izzie | Heart Skipped A Beat

MakeAWishCollab - It Is WhAt It Is (Multi - Couples Collab)

Multifandom *I shot for the sky* [for my 130+subbers ThankUღ]

Multifandom - I break down as you walk away (collab with Neuetes86)

Alex Izzie \\ Illuminated

Grey's Anatomy - Izzie & Alex - Turn to stone

Grey's Anatomy - Izzie & Alex - Someone like you

Izzie e Alex - 2x05 - Incredibile!!

Izzie e Alex 6x03

Alex (and Izzie) - The Man Who Can't Be Moved

all izzie & alex kisses || season 2 - 6 ||

the scientist || Alex & Izzie

so far from me

Alex Izzie II Just A Dream II

I was waiting for you ☆ Alex/Izzie

Alex Izzie \\ Grande

Multicouples: River Flows In You

Multifandom: Just A Dream {COLLAB WITH JORINDE}

1 mês de namoro - Izzie and Alex.

Alex e Izzie - 2x10.wmv

Alex Karev- If It Means A Lot To You...

! OMG 2000+ Subbers YAAYY \\ 23 person collab

Meredith/Derek&Alex/Izzie - Illuminated

alex and izzy by lauren

Multifandom Couples || Lovers at a Great Divide

alex & Izzie Blind

Katherine Heigl & Justin Chambers_No Regrets

Alex & Izzie - Vol2.

Alex Izzie || Seson 6 Minap

izzie&alex ││come back when you can

Alex/Izzie ~I still remember~

Izzie and Alex - Chasing Cars

alex and izzy // i can't live without you.

Alex & Izzie - Underneath It All

It was only just a dream (alex + izzie)

Alex & Izzie - We got through it.

Multicouples Collab *Stay*

Multifandom - But not together

Grey's Anatomy | The Matador

Multifandom Couples - Just A Dream

Alex e Izzie 5x24 - Svegliati,svegliati,svegliati

Izzie and Alex - For the First Time

Happy Ending \\ Alex Izzie

Alex & Izzie || ♥MARRY YOU♥

Alex&Izzie/Meredith&Derek - Into my bloodstream

Alex & Izzie - You Found Me

Grey's Anatomy Alex Izzie

alex&izzie | preview - miles from where you are

Alex & Izzie | My Love

Alex&Izzie 'You can't play our broken strings...'

Wedding fom Alex and Izzie - Just the way you are

Alex & Izzie || Don't Forget Me

Izzie & Alex - Vermilion