As we left the apartment building the sun hit us like a beam of light. I look to the side, I saw Jason putting his hand in the face of the sun like he was going to die from it.
“Are you okay?” I asked concerned that it was to much for him. He looked down at me and smiled. “Ya I’m go, I just have to get my sunglasses on. My eyes are just really sensitive to the light.” I nodded waiting patiently for him. He slipped on a pare of black sunglasses. The kind you see know a days on celebrities when the go out. “Nice.” I said with a warming smiled. He looked back down at me and smiled.
“Give me your car keys.” My eyebrows pushed together a little discussed at they way he said it. I crossed my arms over my chest waiting. He rolled his eyes at me. “Sorry, Can I please have your car keys?” he asked holing his hand out. I smiled and slapped them into his hands.
We chris-crossed each other to get to are seats in the car. He started my car and smiled. I smiled unconvincingly. “What?” “You do know this is a fast car, right?” I thought about what he met but I didn’t get it. “Ya that’s one of the reasons I asked for it from my parents.” I looked at me like I had a thousand heads. “WHAT?” I said with a little smile across my face. “Nothing, I just have a feeling that tonight when I tell you how I do all this unexplainable stuff your going to be more interested then scared.” He smiled at me one more time before he stepped on the gas.
We were headed on to the board walk right up against the beach. “What are we doing here I thought you wanted to show me something?” he looked at me and then back at the road. After a couple of seconds he started looking for something. “What type of bathing suits do you wear?” I know I was looking at him like he was insane but in my book he was past that. “Yeah.” Was all I said. I felt that if I asked more he would just get pissed off so I kept quiet.
“Kay were here.” I looked at the name. “Summertime Summerwear.” I whispered to myself. He grabbed my hand an led me to the entrains. “What are we doing here?” “You need a bathing suit.” We were walking towards the end of the store he had picked up a bunch of bathing suits on the way to the back. He stopped in front of a dressing room and was about to shove me into one. “But I have one.” He raised one eyebrow at me. “Ya one… plus it’s dirty.” I just rolled my eyes and grabbed what was in his hand.
I walked out in a bikini that was black and blue and tied at the top. I didn’t really like any of the other ones so I just told him they didn’t fit. “I’m glad the other ones don’t fit that one looks great on you.” if I was dreaming it sounded like he was flirting with me. “One I don’t have any money with me and two were you just flirting with me?” he rolled he’s eyes and pushed me back into the changing room. “I’ll pay for it and no I wasn’t it just looks really good on you.” I didn’t believe him but I didn’t say anything further.
I wore It out of the store under my clothes. When Jason was done paying for it was stepped out into the blazing heat again. I guess it was a good thing that I was wearing a bikini because of the heat I was able to take off my t-shirt.
“So was that the place you wanted to show me or was that just one stop on the way?” he lifted hi hand onto the back of the seat to get comfortable and looked at me. “That was just one stop now were going.”
A couple minuets of being on the road we were on the highway near the beach. “How far away is this place?” “Not much further.”
We stopped at the front of the beach. I got out and before I could take one step towards that gorgeous beach Jason was right behind me. He was grabbing my arms and held me agents his chest. He was freezing but it wasn’t bothering me as much as it did when we weren’t in the blazing sun. we just stared at the ocean for a while.
“What are you doing?” he put a silk cloth over my eyes. “Trust me if you think this is beautiful your going to love the place I’m taking you to.” He whispered in my ear.
We walked a while and nothing felt different then before till the little peace of light that was shining threw the top of the silk fabric disappeared and it got colder. He moved his hands down to my hips so his bare hands weren’t on my skin. I could still hear the sound of the waves crashing up onto the shore. We walked more into the darkness and a little light started to show threw the top of the silk fabric again but it wasn’t as bright it was calmer.
“Okay, are you ready?” I knew there was nothing to be scared of I couldn’t taste it or fell it nothing my nerves weren’t speaking to me nothing. “Yeah.” I said with a smile about to hit my face.
He silently removed the silk cloth from my eyes. I blinked a couple time so my eyes you adjust to the light. Right on the sand was a picnic blanket with candles all around the little cave. “
This is my favorite place to come and relax. I figured you’d like it to… you know when you need some where to write and your apartment doesn’t work at the moment.” I turned around to face him. “Your were right this place is amazing.” The cave was beautiful just the way the light bounced of the walls. It was wet and a little cold but the vanilla in the air made it more serene.
“Does any one ells come to this beach?” he nodded his head. “Do you want to see the ocean.” he said not really asking more like telling me what he was going to do. He grabbed my hand and we ducked under the rocks and walked to the edge of the beach.
I threw my shoes at the top of the beach. I lifted up one foot and slowly put my toes into it. I’d never seen such clear water before in my life. I did the same with my other foot. The water wasn’t as cold as I thought it would be, but it could have been the fact that Jason’s touch was colder than the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans were. I slipped off my shorts and threw it with my shoes.
I walked into the water knee deep, then I took my hair out of the bun it was in, I looked back at Jason who was smiling at me and then dove into the water. It was warmer as you stayed in it longer.
After a couple seconds of being under water I came up to get a breathe. I looked back over my shoulder to see Jason but he was gone. I turned around to dive back down and he was right in front of me again. I smiled at him as he sank slowly into the water like an elevator going down. He got deeper below my legs so I couldn’t see him. Apparently I wasn’t fast enough for him, he grabbed my left foot and dragged my down. He caught me so I wouldn’t go to far down. He had me on his chest and I could stay down there all day with him because know matter how close I was to him he wasn’t cold at all. Actually warmer then human body heat.
He pointed to go back up and then come back down. I nodded and did what he asked. I dove back down after getting a big gulp of air in my lungs. He was there waiting. I wasn’t going to asked how he was able to stay down so long with out needing to breath I guess that was one of the things he was going to tell me tonight so I wasn’t going to bother with asking and wasting a breath.
He took one of my hands and dragged me deeper. As we got deep I remembered my dream but I felt safe with him so I didn’t question anything that was happening. It had to of been at least a couple minuets how was I staying down so long?
At end of this cave he pointed into it. There was the most beautiful crystals I’ve ever seen in my life. He reached in and pulled on out. They looked like they were glowing but I knew it was just because of the sun. he pulled out a bag from his jean shorts pocket. He grabbed one then I grabbed one and put them into the bag. We grabbed all of them.
We swam strait on the bottom the ocean floor and right before we were going to go to the surface. There were a pile of clams from what I could see. He pointed to them and I grabbed some with him. He smiled and pointed towards the surface.
I gasped for air. I was realizing that when I was around Jason I was able to do things that most people can, but he was the one to do most of that stuff. I turned towards the shore I hadn’t realized we had swam so far out but it didn’t get that deep at how far out we were. He was still holding onto the bag of clams and jewels. “Come on lets swim back and see how much money we just found.” I smiled and dove back under the water.
We reached the shore and we were still under water it was about up to my waist if I stood up. But I love the fact that I could stay under the water so long. It was amazing the feeling. I walked up to the shore and I stayed in the water laying on my stomach and Jason grabbed a towel and sat right in front of me. He dumped out the bag and I hadn’t really been paying any attention to how much we grabbed but it was a lot.
Jason would pick up on at a time “One for Anna one for me, one for Anna one for me.” he repeated him self till there were no jewels left. “
“What’s so special about the clams.” I held one up and threw it back down into the pile. “WHATS SO SPECIAL ABOUT THE CLAMS?” he played around with me. he grabbed one and opened one up but I looked away. “Grosse there’s something in it.” “Okay I took it out look.” I turned my head and in his hand was a pearl a beautiful white pearl. “Wow that’s Oh my gosh. What do we do with them” He took out a small little bag and put it in it. “First we get all the pearls out of the clams then put them in the bag then we go to a jeweler and if they say it’s real they’ll give us money for them.”
I couldn’t stand the gross slimy thing inside it so I let him do it. I wasn’t paying any attention to the time I was having fun so I was fine waiting to hear about how he did any thing.
The sun was going down and we just sat at the edge of the water watching it go down. It went down faster then it usually does but that could have been because I didn’t want it to go down.
“Thank god that think went down, I thought I was going to die.” My eyebrows touched together confused at why he said that. “What was that for? It was beautiful.” He stood up and whipped off the sand that was stuck to his legs from sitting down so long. “Yeah to you humans it’s nice. It hurts me in a way.” I stood up and did the same.
I grabbed my stuff and headed to the car. “What? Don’t you want to know how I do all the nonhuman stuff.” I stuff everything in the back seat. “Right now? No. Right now I want to go home and you disappeared so I can do my stuff.” I slammed the back door and stepped forward a little. “I DON’T EVEN KNOW YOU. GOD I’VE NONE YOU FOR ALL OF WHAT A DAY? LEAVE ME ALONE.” He looked shocked and I could see in his eyes that he was torn by the fact that I didn’t want him. But I shouldn’t I don’t know this guy and I trust him like I’ve none him all my life maybe more. “Look if you need a ride home I’ll give you one.” He pressed his lips together and looked at the ground. He hesitated for a moment and then in less then a second he was standing right beside the passenger side door and then got in. He looked at me for a second and looked back at the water. “Are you sure you don’t want to know?” “Yeah, I’m positive well not right know.”

I parked right in front of my apartment. “Are you sure you don’t want me to drive you home?” “I don’t really have a home, my home is the world. Ever since my parents left me I was forced to go to a foster home and I didn’t like that and I’ve never had enough money to buy a place to live. But I guess it’s a good thing I don’t sleep and my foot is right here free.” I wasn’t really surprised with any of this I was so use to hearing these things that I didn’t ask myself questions any more.
“Do you want me to walk you to your door?” “Sure that would be nice.
The walk up the stairs and to my door was quit. I got to my door and took my key out to unlock it. I stopped for a second and turned around to face Jason. “Look I’m sor…” I was cut off by something cold something sweet. He lifted his face from mine. I didn’t know what to do I’d never been kissed like that before in my life. “Sorry. I should be going.” I was still frozen were is stood.
I grabbed his arm before he was to far away from me. “No need to say sorry.” I leaned up and kissed him passionately on the lips. I don’t know why I did. I wanted to regret what was coming but I didn’t. In my head I just told myself that I’ve none this guy since I was born. Even though it was the truth but in my world it was.
He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He took his cold hand away from my back for a second to open the door and push it open. He walked inside and I kicked the door shut with my foot.