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There’s going to be a sold out house at Rådhusteatret on Sunday afternoon, and a 100 young musicians will have a memory for life. At 4 pm things will go off with a bang for the members of Nordby, Ski and Drøbak/Frogn school marching bands. This is the fifth year we will have a celebrity concert. It started with our 50 year anniversary in 2009. Back then Rein Alexander joined us. We felt it worked out so well that we wanted to have more people join us. Ski and Drøbak/Frogn joined us after.

- We’ve had visits from Ravi, Tommy Steine and Marian Aas Hansen last year, says Bård A. Granerud,...
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posted by Fyrwenn
this is found at NOT made/written by me!!! (happy now photos, jeesh -.-')

Rybak sees a talent from afar
Sensational in every sense, the TV project of the STV channel “Singing cities” is getting ready to interest and firmly glue many viewers to the screen in its second season. Straight away the show brought the statue in the entertainment category of contest ” Tele-top-2013″ to its creators. And what a noise the participants have made! I mean, they sang a lot of songs, and the quantity of the the songs were even more during the qualifying stages. And this year we can...
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Somewhere above the ocean
Far from the place we know
There is a tiny castle
All made out of snow

Nobody's ever been there
No one of whom I know
But there is a tiny castle
All made out of snow

(da, da da da da da da)
(da, da da da da da da)

Once in a while, at midnight
Something strange begins
Out comes a little snowman
Playing violin

Playing for all whose crying
Trying to heal their hearts
Once they're tired of living
Violin music starts

(da, da da da da da da)
(da, da da da da da da)

Nobody cares about him
Nobody ever will
He is a little snowman
A lonely one, and still

He's playing for all the sad ones
Trying to ease...
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Years ago, when I was younger
I kinda liked a girl I knew
She was mine, and we were sweethearts
That was then
But "then", it's true

I'm in love with a fairytale
Even though it hurts
'Cause I don't care if I lose my mind
I'm already cursed

Every day, we started fighting
Every night, we fell in love
No one else
Could make me sadder
But no one else
Could lift me high above

I don't know what I was doin'
When suddenly
We fell apart

Nowadays, I cannot find her
But when I do
We'll get a brand new start

I'm in love with a fairytale
Even though it hurts
'Cause I don't care if I lose my mind
I'm already cursed

She's a fairytale, yeah!
Even though it hurts
'Cause I don't care if I lose my mind
I'm already cursed!
Suddenly, I'm famous
And people know my name
I've got a thousand girls just waiting
And therefore it's a shame

That my heart has been captured
By your funny little smile
And finally I'm happy
If only for a while

People call me stupid
For treating you like a queen
But I don't even worry
'Cause you're my unforeseen

And I hope that you'll be with me
If only in my dreams
But here you are, next to me
And you're glad
Or so it seems

And I don't know for sure
Where this is going
Still, I hope for more
And more

'Cause who would know that you
Would treat me like a boy
And I'd treat you like a girl
In this funny little world...
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I won't blame the hurting on you
You left in the sweetest way
I won't say that it's you
Makin' me feel this way

It's the heart and the soul and the body and the brain
Driving me insane
But the wind and the land and the fire and the rain
All will stay the same

I, I, I
Wanna roll with the wind bringing distance to everything
I, I, I

I, I, I
Wanna sit by the fire and glance at the pouring rain
I, I, I
I, I, I

I won't claim it's all 'cause of you
I guess that I played a part
It's just that I never knew
I'd fall for you from the start

There's a hole in the heart and a picture in the frame
Driving me insane
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It started with a call I stupidly answered
You said you got my number from one of the dancers
You waited right outside
You had something on mind
But then I saw your eyes
Your crazy eyes

Now you got me into something very sick and twisted
An evil kind of game I didn't know existed
You traveled overseas
To terrorize me
But I don't understand
Why can't you let me be?

Believe me when I say, you stupid fool
You're scaring me to death, that's not cool
Why won't you leave me alone?
Just leave me alone
You're crazy, leave me alone

I beg of you to stop and think this through
It's time to start up playing with someone...
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Singing oah, I love you, Moa
You're way too young for me
But I don't mind

Never mind what your girlfriends say
Deep inside, I'm quite okay
I may have fooled around once or twice
But I really need you

And it's not like I'm the only guy
Oh, I know how you make them cry
So let's start by being friends
And let this friendship never end

I knew you years ago
What I was, I don't know
But let's just take it slow

Singing oah, I love you, Moa
You're way too young for me
But I don't mind
Don't say maybe, just be my lady
No need to hesitate
'Cause you'll be fine, yeah!

So tell me what I want to hear
No, wait, let's just leave...
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“Alexander Rybak considers Montvydas as one of the favorites and wants to shake his hand”
The winner of “Eurovision” in 2009 Alexander Rybak who will come to perform at the final show of the “Voice of Lithuania” during Easter, said in an exclusive interview to DELFI that he is very interested in the contestants of this year and their songs. He mentioned the representative of Lithuania Donatas Montvydas as one of the favorites.

“I saw the performance of your representative, and as a person he is very similar to the guys from Back Street Boys. But seriously Donatas Montvydas sings...
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Øvre Eiker: – ” Hi, my name is Alexander Rybak. What are your names? I will count to three and then you say your names. One, two, three…”

330 pupils from Vestfossen Children-school shout their names as loud as they can from the tribune-seats at Vestfossen Flerbrukshall.

” Very good! Now we know eachother!” – says Rybak.

It is Tuesday morning and expectant school-children, who have all brougt a pen and paper, hoping for an autograph, will get a small taste of wednesdays concert with Eiker Stringorchestra and Vestfossen girls- and boy-chorps. And of course the main character – Alexander...
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AGE: 23 years.

PROFESSION: Musician / artist.

FAMILY: Single.

LIVES: Nesodden, outside Oslo.

LIKES 1: Jazz, classical, pop. And film.

LIKES 2: “I like when girls touch my upper body when we speak.”

CURRENT: The CD Funny little world.

IDOL: Gene Kelly (because he was such a versatile artist).

FAVORITE MUSCLE: arms and chest.

He lifts his violin, grabs his bow and – bang! The show is running. Gym instructor Alexander whirls, jumps, kneels down. Every muscle is about to explode. Calves, thighs, stomach, back – everything is trimmed at Friskis & Svettis in Oslo.

Alexander Rybak, 23 – the fiddler...
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Cool celebrities should pick on the ones further down the hierarchy. Therefore we let Morten Ramm from “Torsdagskveld fra Nydalen» nag on the fiddle-Jack Alexander Rybak.

How many girls have you actually “said hi to”?
- It is not few enough that I can keep the count, and there are not many enough that it might be fun to keep counting.

You’ve done all that an artist should not do in the media. Why?
- I was overwhelmed by the fact that people liked me, but eventually it was more important to be understood than to be popular.

But people still not understand...
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STRICT ORDER: Alexander Rybak was guest in thursdays program of “Happy Day” and gave a clear order, that Jan Thomas was not to touch his eyebrows.

All Norway’s fiddler, Alexander Rybak, prefers to dress discrete, but loves clothes with Mickey Mouse- motives.

– Stay away from the eyebrows!

Alexander Rybak admits, that he is probably as many other guys, when it comes to styling. – “I am probably one of those, who pretend I don´t care about what I wear, but actually, I spend more time in front of the mirror, than one should think”,- says Alexander.

The fiddler is ready for a makeover...
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Premiere. Both Alexander Rybak and Dennis Storhøi admit they are a bit nervous before the premiere of their Christmas tour with Anne Vada in Lommedalen Church.

- I thought that one was calmer, the more experience you got, but this is not how it is, Rybak says. We meet him, Storhøi and Vada in Lommedalen Church, where they are rehearsing for their new Christmas concert “Vinterbilder”. It is premiere at the church Friday, before they go furter out on tour to several places in «Østlandet» and then to «Vestlandet» and «Trøndelag» (the easter, west, and middel of Norway).
Speaking of...
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"It does not help to try to warm themselves with fur when they are cold towards other living beings" says the artist Alexander Rybak.

More and more people want to show their opposition to fur farming, and it is also well-known artists and cultural profiles. NOAH's campaign has now gathered support from 150 artists, actors, sports sections, fashion sections, writers, comedians, etc. Several of them also make the appeal in NOAH Torchlight against fur 12 november. November.

- NOAH is very pleased that the opposition to fur farming is growing stronger every year. It means a lot that profile individuals choose to take a stand against fur, and do not show up in fur products, but make an effort to combat animal cruelty, says manager and veterinarian in NOAH - for animal rights, Siri Martinsen.
"Irresistable genre cocktail"

Arbout 70 children and young people got to work with Alexander Rybak and ended with a bang.

Since Friday, children and young people from Helgeland, Sweden and Russia worked intensively to put together songs for a final concert on Sunday evening.
Promoter Prima Music School and Violetta Sørensen has worked continuously for 2 months to put it all together.
There have been some tough months until now. It’s a challenge to guide so many children and young people up to such an event. I want to thank parents and Helgeland Sparebank for all the help, Sørensen says.
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"More fun to be a musician than celebrity"

It is not a project, but a dream come true when Alexander will be leading 70 musicians up to the concert in the weekend.

-This is exactly what I have dreamed about. To get travel around and inspire young talent, says Alexander Rybak and let your fingers glide over the piano at Prima Music School.

'Custom youth'

Yesterday he started with 70 young, local musicians, rehearsals leading up to tomorrow's concert in Congress Hall.

-It is not long since I was in Malaysia and played for the important people and politicians. It's fun, but this is better. You come...
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DOKKA: The Tomle-Svendsby sisters and the more than 100 dancers made a big show at the cinema, with Alexander Rybak as a guest artist.

You just have to take off your head gear and bow to the dust over the commitment, the glow, the dance happiness and the scene radiance that was shown during the dance show ‘Fairytales – still dreaming’ . The show has had four packed performances at the Dokka cinema during the weekend, with 1500 enthusiastic spectators. This was just awesome. You have to go far to find something as good as this! The response from the audience after the show was unambiguous....
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For the first time in two years the winner of ESC performed a classical concert.
“This is the first time I do a classical concert since I won the ESC, and I thank you for the support”, Rybak said after the concert. There wasn’t a single tune from Fairytale or a single halling throw in the church last night. Instead there were classical pieces by Vivali, Händel and Tchaikovsky on the set list to the popular violinist. Rybak played from Händel’s Organ concert in F-dur, from Tchaikovsky’s Serenda and from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons*.

Sven Nyhus
And a small Norwegian element, which Rybak...
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Alexander Rybak and Dennis Storhøi have earlier had a huge success with “Fiddler on the Roof”. “Her og Nå” can now reveal that they once again will turn their musical talents together.

Alexander Rybak (25) and Dennis Storhøi (51) have developed a close relationship through the staging of the audience- and reviewer success “Fiddler on the Roof”. Young Alexander considers the theater veteran Dennis as his artistic mentor, and the two have kept in touch since “Fiddler on the Roof”, the play Alexander was honored with the “Hedda” award (best newcomer of the year) for. The...
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